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10 Amazing Animals Living in the Tropical Rainforest (With Photos)

22 October 2020

The Amazon Basin is sweet home to numerous species. Nearly 1,300 types of birds, 7,000 insects, and 427 mammals found their delightful haven there. The affluence of yummy fruits, plants, and insects creates a perfect habitat for these wonderful creatures. 

Once you’ve got to the tropics, you’ll be amazed how many unusual animals live there. From perilous anaconda to cute pygmy marmosets – it seems such diversity of species can hardly be found elsewhere. 

So, if you plan to visit the tropics and marvel at its fascinating wildlife, read our list of tropical rainforest animals. 

Cute animals in the tropical rainforest | Ragnar blog
  1. Sloth – An Adorable Tree Dweller 

Lying lazily on treetops, these tropical rainforest animals rarely move. Instead of swinging from one branch to another, sloths would rather sleep or munch on leaves. These lovely mammals can live on little food due to a low metabolism rate. Also, sloths are slow. They are even slower than turtles. In a single day, sloths travel up to 40 yards on average, while turtles – nearly 50 yards. 

Sloth – An Adorable Tree Dweller | Ragnar blog
  1. Capybara – A Friendly Rodent From South America

Hardly can you find a bigger rodent than the beaver. Capybara is twice larger than this amazing animal. It’s the biggest on the planet. Like beavers, capybaras are excellent swimmers, and they can stay underwater for up to 5 minutes. These mammals also get along well with the other tropical mammals. Capybaras are good friends with squirrel monkeys, who love riding on the backs of these easy-going rodents. 

Capybara – A Friendly Rodent From South America | Ragnar blog
  1. Golden Lion Tamarin – A Royal Amazon Heir

Fluffy golden mane is really what these tiny monkeys can be proud of. Like lions in Africa, tamarins have become flagship mammals in the Amazon Basin. These beautiful monkeys belong to endangered animals in the tropical rainforest. Far in 1972, about 500 species of golden lion tamarins lived in the Amazon area. But with the fast-growing construction and increased traffic that demolish tropical rain forests, the population of golden lion tamarins decreased by 100 in 1995.

Golden Lion Tamarin – A Royal Amazon Heir | Ragnar blog
  1. Toco Toucan – A Mascot of the Tropics

It’s the biggest toucan species based in the Amazon Basin. Toco toucans weigh about 20 ounces and have a size of 25 inches. You may easily recognize them by a colorful beak they have. Some indigenous tribes believe that these beautiful birds have a sacred eye that connects gods and humans. Toco toucans are native animals in the tropical rainforest, which might be one of the reasons why they can be the mascots of the tropics. 

Toco Toucan – A Mascot of the Tropics | Ragnar blog
  1. Jaguar – A Gracious Hunter

Toco toucans are not the only animals that are seen as divine by native amazon tribes. Jaguars are worshiped as well. Some see these animals as conduits between the spiritual and real worlds. The reason is that jaguars are powerful yet nimble hunters at night. Thanks to this trait, amazon tribes revere them as mighty deities. 

Jaguar – A Gracious Hunter | Ragnar blog
  1. Scarlet Macaw – The Biggest Parrot

Scarlet macaws are the largest parrots in the world. Their size from tail to beak is about 33 inches. But it’s not the only of their distinctive qualities. Scarlet macaws can boast of having red-coloured plumage with brightly blue feathers. This makes a perfect camouflage for them to live in the tropics and hide from insatiable predators. 

Scarlet Macaw – The Biggest Parrot | Ragnar blog
  1. Tapir – A Solo Traveller of the Tropics

This tropical rainforest animal can be rarely seen in the wild. Tapirs prefer to live alone, traveling vast distances in the Amazon area. Adaptable to various habitats, these wonderful mammals can be found in savanna, swamp, and moist regions. Although tapirs are quite big (between 29-42 inches), they are defenseless against jaguars, alligators, and other predators. 

Tapir – A Solo Traveller of the Tropics | Ragnar blog
  1. Poison Dart Frog – A Hidden Tropical Danger

When you travel through a dense rainforest, it is better to steer clear from exotic plants as they can be dangerous for you in the tropics. So often poison dart frogs sit under their leaves. They aren’t only tiny (1 inch in size) but also change their skin color to protect themselves from predators. Other than that, these tropical frogs are poisonous and dangerous for humans. Don’t let the appealing look of this animal cloud your mind as its poison can kill up to 10 adults!

Poison Dart Frog – A Hidden Tropical Danger | Ragnar blog
  1. Monarch Butterfly – A Marvelous Beauty 

Monarch butterflies are real beauties. With their large yellow wings laced with black stripes, they fly over exotic tropical flowers in search of nectar. Being native insects in the tropics, monarch butterflies are famous for migrating long distances. Sometimes they can reach up to 3,000 miles. Impressive, right? 

Monarch Butterfly – A Marvelous Beauty | Ragnar blog
  1. Boto – An Amazon Dolphin 

When rains hit South America in spring, the Amazon river overflows its banks. During this period, highly expected guests arrive – botos. These river dolphins smile like their close marine relatives. Although they look alike at the first sight, they have some differences.. Botos have long noses that resemble beaks and round foreheads. This might sound surprising, but most males are pink-colored. 

Boto – An Amazon Dolphin | Ragnar blog

Explore the Tropical Rainforests with Ragnar! 

Animal life is abundant in the tropics. When you arrive at this place, you realize how diverse and amazing this world is. By embarking on your tropical cruise with Ragnar, you’ll discover all hidden gems of the Amazon rainforest. Reach out and we will provide you with unforgettable traveling experiences! 

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