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10 Beautiful Tropical Photos to Capture in Your Trip

22 October 2020

Soak up gorgeous beauty of the tropical nature far and near 

What do you associate the tropics with? For some of us, a tropical region is a delightful paradise where we can taste nectarine drinks and exotic fruits. For others, the tropics are the best place to marvel at breathtaking and awe-inspiring nature. 

Almost everyone of us dreams about seeing this part of the world at least once in a lifetime. Let’s imagine that you’ve finally reached the tropics. What an excellent opportunity it would be to imprint these picturesque sceneries in your memory with the help of a photo camera! 

But before you grab your camera and rush into shooting everything you see, it is a good idea to decide which objects are worth your attention. If you do a bit of research, you’ll find numerous of them: from mesmerizing nature to cute birds. Read our article about 10 photos of tropical nature and get inspired! 

Beautiful Tropical Photos in Your Trip with Ragnar
  1. Cute Tropical Songbirds

When you’re on your tropical cruise, one of the first things you hear is loud yet beautiful birds’ chirping. This enchanting voice puts a magnetic spell on you so that you can’t stop listening to it. And we bet you’ll be curious to find out who is the owner of this charming signing – canaries or finches? Whoever it is, you shouldn’t miss a unique chance to capture scenic photos of these tropical birds. 

Photo of Cute Tropical Songbirds
  1. Mesmerizing Rainforest Landscapes 

Tropical rainforests have numerous undiscovered miracles. In dense jungles, tiny hummingbirds dance around the exotic bushes of flowers, and blue butterflies fly over them. What a fantastic fairytale is it, right? You shouldn’t miss a chance to capture this mystery on your camera. Look at these eye-catching photos of the tropical rainforest here. You can have the same in your collection! 

Scenic photos of tropical birds
  1. Exotic Tropical Flowers

The tropical nature is abundant. It delights human eyes with its magnificent views and colorful flowers. If you take a precise look at everything that surrounds you, you’ll find a huge variety of orchids, gingers, and other blossoms that fascinate photographers. It is definitely worth crossing almost half of the world to see this gorgeous beauty and take photos of incredible tropical flowers. 

Photos of incredible tropical flowers
  1. Beautiful Tropical Beaches

Turquoise sea water that playfully blinks in the sun and the sound of crashing waves – a day spent on a tropical beach is similar to a heaven experience. Endless coastal stretches located on far-flung islands must be excellent scenes for your photo composition. It doesn’t matter where you are – on Bora Bora or Bali – your time there will be memorable. And don’t forget your camera to take photos of tropical beaches. Who knows, maybe one of your shots might win the travel photo contest from National Geographic.

Photos of tropical beaches
  1. Amazing Rainforest Monkeys

Seldom can we find the place like the tropics where so many awesome animals live. So, if you’re an avid photographer who loves capturing wildlife, you should include this region in your list. Also, tropical rainforests are a cradle for numerous rare species of monkeys like golden lion tamarins and pygmy marmosets. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to take pictures of these lovely tropical animals on your camera. 

Pictures of lovely tropical monkeys
  1. Wonderful Tropical Butterflies

When we look at tropical butterflies, it’s hard to imagine that these colorful beauties were ugly. Imagine yourself to be a curious explorer like Indiana Jones, who searches for golden treasure in the Amazonian hardwood. But instead of that, you encounter something magical on your way – a ‘tight-knit’ group of tropical butterflies. What an ideal moment of capturing a photo it might be for you, right? 

Photo of Wonderful Tropical Butterflies
  1. Astonishing Tropical Fish

Coral reefs have rich and diverse habitats in the tropics. And it’s also a perfect place for capturing photos of tropical fish. Just transport yourself there, diving into the deep shelves of blue water, there are a lot of things to marvel for you. Do you remember a colorful clownfish Nemo from a Disney’s cartoon? So, you might see it in the tropics as this kind of a tropical fish loves flitting around the reefs. 

Photos of astonishing tropical fish
  1. Mighty Tropic Thunder

Striking thunder is a harbinger of swirling and rainy storms in the tropics. It ruins everything on its way. Maybe a coming arrival of a tropical thunderstorm might inspire you to take nice photos so that you can add them to your collection and impress your friends. But you should also bear in mind one thing that storms are quite unpredictable quests in the tropics. It’s even difficult for meteorologists to oversee when they arrive. 

Mighty Tropic Thunder - nice photos
  1. Majestic Tropical Waterfalls

Nowhere can we find so many waterfalls like in the tropics. These natural wonders look majestic in photos, standing like graceful monuments. Just imagine what an impressive photo you may have! Cascading waterfalls down the Amazon river and you’re standing at the edge of the mountain observing this beauty. Some of your friends might think that you’ve become a tropical adventurer who explores all hidden miracles of the tropics. 

Majestic Tropical Waterfalls - impressive photo
  1. Colorful Parrots

Parrots aren’t the only attributes of pirates. These colorful birds are iconic in the tropics. From cute lovebirds to beautiful cockatoos, you’ll see a variety of parrots there. But macaws must be easily noticed by tourists due to their large size and loud voices. They are well-adapted to life in the tropical rainforest, thanks to their long tail. Macaws communicate within a flock producing vocalized echoes in the rainforests. There is one interesting fact about these parrots – some of their species can mimic human voices. 

Photo of Colorful Parrots in the tropics

Travel Around the Tropics With Ragnar! 

The journey around the tropical areas must be an unforgettable experience for you. The tropics have numerous wonders that will leave unforgettable memories you’ll nurture for the rest of your life. Plunge into this exciting experience and discover all hidden gems of the tropics with Ragnar!

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