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5 Catchy Photos of the Arctic Nature You Can Take During Your Expedition

4 June 2020

Experiencing the northern polar area can’t be so memorable without admiring the charming and mesmerizing Arctic nature during your expedition. Magnificent views of icy shorelines, endangered wildlife, and eye-catching Northern Lights – all that looks impressive, right? 

Why don’t you take your favourite camera and capture photos of these unbelievably beautiful Arctic miracles? 

So, read our article to learn what you should shoot to make your traveling expedition unforgettable!

Photos of unbelievably beautiful Arctic miracles

1. Marvelous Arctic Wildlife

The Arctic Polar Circle has strikingly wonderful wildlife like – polar bears, snowshoe hares, reindeer, arctic foxes, snowy owls. All of them are well-adapted to live in icy-cold yet harsh weather conditions. And all of them preserved this mysterious uniqueness of Arctic nature that always delighted the human eyes. 

So, what should you shoot once you’ve embarked on your arctic tour?

Let’s kick off!

Snowy Footprints Left By Polar Bears 

One of the most impressive arctic photos you can have in your collection is a footprint – a snowy trail remained after a polar bear. By leaving a paw sign on snow, these mammals communicate with each other. To get more ideas for your photos, have a look at outstanding arctic pictures of a polar bear’s route captured by a Canadian photographer – Paul Nicklen. Impressive, right? You can have a similar one!

Outstanding arctic pictures of a polar bear

Cute Snowshoe Hares and Adorable Arctic Foxes

Imagine jumping hares or running foxes on snowy white powder. Looks impressive, right? If so, the Arctic is an excellent place for that! The soft blowy wind that plays insanely with snowflakes creates a mysterious yet captivating scenery, resembling a hidden path to the unreachable icy kingdom. Imagine how many lovely arctic animals will guide you on your way to this frozen realm. And this moment seems to be so pleasant and warm that you’ll quickly forget about the strong icy wind and harsh weather conditions. 

No matter how mesmerized you are by a fascinating Arctic land, take into account one thing – don’t try to capture your “trophy” animal. Just enjoy your trip, seize every moment, and make the best out of your adventure. 

Photos of Adorable Arctic Foxes

2. Amazing Arctic Ocean Life

Arctic marine life is magical. Cumbersome walruses and slightly fluffy hard seals resting on icy shores, joyful white belugas and narwhals emerging unexpectedly from the deepest shelf of the Arctic Ocean – all of them create spectacular scenes to be shot during your expedition. 

But there is much more to marvel there, so to take even more fabulous photos of arctic animals, here are some interesting ideas for you to shoot exceptional arctic ocean photos: 

  • Shooting whales or orcs resembles a sports competition. Why is it so? Well, it’s almost impossible to predict when these mammals appear from arctic water, and you should capture the moment so fast. Also, you do need to have a good photo camera with a wide range of lenses (more than 300 mm). 

Interesting ideas of arctic ocean photos

  • Don’t forget to photograph the groups of cute seals and awesome walruses on ice sheets during their breeding season that takes place in October – December. During this period, you can see these stunning animals so often on icy shores.

Photography the groups of cute seals

3. Impressively Huge Icebergs

Seeing your first iceberg is quite a memorable experience. Small in size from a faraway distance, and huge by height once your ship approaches it closer. When you look at this massively gigantic iceberg, you can’t help taking hundreds of photos. To create your own collection of arctic ice photos, consider some of our tips below: 

  • Focus on composition and think about framing first to have well-balanced photography.
  • Capture arctic birds like ivory gulls or pink-footed geese flying over icebergs. This tactic comes in handy when you want to have a stunning foreground on your photo.
  • High-quality polarising filters are essential in creating gorgeous photos of blue icebergs that lurk glowingly from arctic water. 
Gorgeous photos of blue icebergs from arctic water

4. Breathtaking Arctic Landscapes

So rarely can we see alluring yet catchy beauty in our lives as the Arctic landscapes have. Untouched by humans, the North Pole is worth to be photographed. Imagine marveling sloping ice caps from rocky coasts or snowy mountains and hearing the enigmatic Arctic wind blowing through your hair. 

Doesn’t it sound magical?

Sure, it does because the Arctic nature is awe-inspiring. And here are some magnetic natural sceneries for you to shoot great arctic photos during your adventures around the North Pole:

  • Spectacularly beautiful icefields — tiny snowy accumulations that float around arctic water.
  • Majestic glaciers have become one of the must-see objects for avid travelers. Only 10 percent of our planet is covered by glacial ice, and because of climate change, it’s likely to disappear soon. 
  • Icy patches of mountains, frozen valleys, and black beaches will make your journey even more pleasant. So, take your camera, savour every moment to make your traveling experience unforgettable.

Great Arctic photos - North Pole

5. Spectacular Northern Lights

Being on the arctic tour expedition and neglecting to see the Northern Lights is like wasting your time. Marveling at how they dance on the polar sky at least once in your life will leave sweet impressions forever. This way, every arctic adventurer should have the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights on a bucket list.

Curious to know how to catch those fantastic moments? 

If so, here are some useful insights for you:

  • It’s better to capture the Northern Lights when you’re away from towns and light areas.
  • You should have a camera with a manual option to control different settings for capturing the lights.
  • Take a tripod with yourself to have longer time exposure for shooting the Northern Lights. 
  • Get good lenses (from 400 mm and more) and new DSLR to capture photos of the best quality. 

Can’t wait to embark on your next journey around the Arctic Circle? Don’t wait so long for this moment! Start your arctic adventure with Ragnar, take mesmerising photos of arctic animals, nature, icefields and create one-life experiences with us!

Mesmerising photos of Arctic Circle

See the Majesty of the Arctic


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