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Look Inside an Antarctic “City” of Penguins

10 September 2020

Explore a Real Jewel of the Southern Antarctic Realm

Every avid explorer dreams about seeing penguins in Antarctica. There is an awe-inspiring place where you can see thousands of them. Its name is South Georgia, a remote island, located near the Antarctic peninsula. Innumerable types of penguins live on this frozen land. From gentoos to macaroni – you’ll meet whatever species you read about in your traveling guides to Antarctica. 

The Antarctic realm hides many wonders for its curious visitors. And in South Georgia, you’ll witness one of them – “penguin’s cities”. Not everyone can boast of seeing these urban structures with their own eyes. So, you can be one of the lucky ones!  

If you’d like to find out how penguins’ “cities” look like, read our article. 

Types of penguins in Antarctica | Ragnar Blog

Meet Numerous Antarctic Penguins in South Georgia

About 400.000 king penguins create their “cities” in South Georgia. But it’s not the only species of penguins who live in the Antarctic kingdom. There are dozens of them. During your trip to South Georgia island, you may spot the following types of penguins in Antarctica: 

  • King Penguins – True Rulers of South Georgia 

Imagine being on a trip around the Antarctic realm. Your cruise ship approaches the mountainous shores of the South Georgia island. You stay on a deck and observe some tiny spots walking around the coast. You wonder who might it be and the answer is king penguins. 

What a lucky day must it be to witness thousands of penguins gathered together! And South Georgia is a perfect destination for that. King penguins are the second-largest penguins after the emperor ones in the world. They are just 95 cm tall and weigh up to 16 kg. King penguins are beautiful and majestic thanks to a colorful plumage and a yellow patch on their breasts. 

King Penguins – True Rulers of South Georgia | Ragnar Blog
  • Macaroni – Elegant Penguins of the Antarctic Wonderland

King Penguins aren’t the only penguins in South Georgia. Macaroni ones also live there. They deserved their name thanks to a golden crest on their heads with the 18th-century hat – macaroni, which was identified by early explorers. It does not only differentiate them from other types but also contributes to an elegant look. 

Macaroni penguins are smaller in size than their close relatives – king ones. Their height is 71 cm, with a weight of 5.5 kg on average. Macaroni penguins have a large brown bill, white undersides, black backs, and pink legs. 

Macaroni – Elegant Penguins of the Antarctic Wonderland | Ragnar Blog
  • Gentoo – Passionate Swimmers 

Hardly can you find a passionate swimmer like a gentoo penguin from South Georgia. This wonderful creature makes up to 450 dives per day. Gentoo penguins can stay nearly 7 minutes underwater and swim 26 km away from the coast. 

Gentoos build their nests from stones – a present given by male species to females during a mating season. Gentoos are monogamous and rarely find more than one partner in their lives. So, a story of everlasting love must be about these penguin species in Antarctica. 

Gentoo – Passionate Swimmers | Ragnar Blog
  • Chinstrap – Cute Inhabitants of Antarctica 

You can recognize these penguins with a thin black stripe under their chins. And this look resembles a helmet worn by rescuers. Chinstrap penguins are indigenous species in Antarctica. And global warming is the main reason that causes their extinction. 

Chinstrap penguins have a height of about 70 cm, and their weight ranges from 3 kg. These animals seem to be cute at first. But once you approach them nearer, you’ll be shocked to see their hostile fights with each other. 

Chinstrap – Cute Inhabitants of Antarctica | Ragnar Blog

Amazing Life Inside the Penguin’s “City”

Almost everyone of us likes watching traveling programs about the penguins of Antarctica. Imagine yourself being a notable TV producer who heads to South Georgia and dreams of shooting a fascinating documentary about these flightless birds. 

Your ship lands you on the frozen antarctic shores. Once you’ve left your cabin, you’ll hear sweet chirping of birds somewhere in the dark. You follow this loud sound and witness a marvelous scenery: thousands of penguins occupied the ocean coasts of South Georgia. For you, as a TV producer of a popular traveling program, it means that you see one of the biggest penguin “kindergartens” in the world. 

You take your camera out of your backpack and start filming a video about a thrilling life inside the “penguin’s city”. And a scene of a large kindergarten must be awe-inspiring for your viewers. When penguins’ chicks grow, their parents sail into the Southern Ocean in search of krill – the main food supply. Parents can be away from their kids up to 3-6 months, leaving them in a “kindergarten”. Older penguins look after these noisy children. But unfortunately, not every father or mother meets their grown-up chicks alive. Skua seabirds and seals hunt for them. 

Amazing Life Inside the Penguin’s City | Ragnar Blog

Travel to South Georgia With Ragnar! 

South Georgia is a tiny island surrounded by icy-cold Antarctic waters. It has numerous unbelievable miracles that will enchant you from the first glance. Once you’ve reached South Georgia, you’ll be impressed by its striking beauty and how many species of penguins you can see there. Ragnar collaborates with scientific centers on this gorgeous island and organizes trips there all year round. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, and we’ll help you choose the best antarctic tour. 

Delve into Mysteries of Antarctica


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