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A Yacht and a Superyacht – What’s the Difference?

21 January 2021

Where will you travel next – Maldives or Alaska? It doesn’t matter how long your journey may take if you’re onboard a lush yacht. While you’re there, you can find a great variety of activities on how to indulge yourself during your once-in-a-lifetime trip: from relaxing massages to Michelin-star plates. 

Sometimes you may wonder: what’s better to rent for your long-haul journey – a yacht or a superyacht – and how they are different from one another. 

Superyacht for once-in-a-lifetime trip - Ragnar

What is a Yacht?

Yacht’s definition comes from the Dutch language, which means ‘hunter’ in English. In the past, brave sailors from the Netherlands used small vessels to chase naughty pirates in the Atlantic waters. 

But now, you can easily rent a small yacht and sail across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, gazing at awe-inspiring sunsets, mesmerizing landscapes, and much more!

Rent a small yacht

What is a Superyacht?

The largest, the most expensive, and the most beautiful… There are innumerable ways of how we can name its royal highness – superyacht. 

Whenever you’ll have a chance to come aboard such a huge vessel, you may be instantly enchanted with its sumptuous interiors and exclusive facilities like SPA, jacuzzi, and much more!

Sumptuous interiors and exclusive facilities of superyacht - Ragnar

The Key Differences Between a Yacht and a Superyacht

Choosing the right means of transport for your short or long-haul trip is a sure-fire way to have unforgettable holidays. Whether you travel from Naples to Capri or from Monte Carlo to Reykjavík, make sure you can reach those wonderful places safe and sound. 

So, will you rent a yacht of a superyacht? If this question bothers your mind like an annoying splinter, read our handy list to find out the main differences between these 2 options: 


A standard yacht has a small size with a length of 79 ft (24 m). In contrast, a superyacht ranges from 130 ft (40 m) to 590 ft (180 m). 

Both of the aforementioned vessels are perfect choices for your next escape to polar and tropical lands. Imagine for a moment how you gaze at white-bone beaches of Fiji and Maldives with a glass of red wine in your hand while you’re staying on a yacht deck. 

Standard yacht


While you’re traveling on a small yacht, the most entertaining activities you may find there can be pleasant sunbathes and savoring exotic Piña colada. But if you want to have more mind-blowing experiences, embark on a super mega yacht like Ragnar

Once you set foot on its spacious deck, you’ll be amazed by the great variety of facilities there. A top-deck jacuzzi, an open-air glass-bottom swimming pool, a fully-equipped gym are among a couple of them that you’ll find aboard Ragnar. 

Only on this high-end and luxury mega yacht, you may feel yourself as Zeus or Aphrodite who celebrate every day of their lives with a festive twist on the mount Olympus. 

Mind-blowing experiences on a super mega yacht - Ragnar

Level of Services 

Renting a tiny yet comfortable yacht gives you absolute freedom to explore the nearest nooks and crannies of Bali, Costa Rica, and other amazing places on our planet. However, such a type of a vessel has one drawback – a lack of exclusive services. 

Hardly have we heard of a small motor yacht with inclusive steam rooms, opulent cabin rooms, and lavish wine cellar. 

No worries. By embarking on a superyacht, your dreamy journey to Greenland, Svalbard, and the Bahamas will come true! 

Onboard Ragnar, you’ll have a unique opportunity to try: 

  • Delicious-sounding dishes prepped by master chefs. 
  • Best-in-class vintages taken from a special wine collection (full-fledged Barolo and Barbaresco are included). 
  • Curling up on a posh sofa in a gorgeous sky lounge, and other high-end services tailored to your needs and expectations. 
Delicious dishes onboard Ragnar

Type of a Journey

Teeny yet eye-pleasing yachts can’t transport you from icy-cold Iceland to sun-kissed Seychelles. So if you bear in mind such a long-haul trip, rent a big, elegant, and swanky superyacht. 

It is better to travel well than to arrive.”


It is better to travel well than to arrive

With Ragnar, you can reach whatever remote destination in the world. Whether it’s the northernmost town of Alaska – Utqiaġvik – or splendid French Polynesia. 

And don’t forget to indulge yourself with one-of-a-kind treatments like savoring high-class Chardonnay and marveling at polar or tropical splendor around you. 

Polar or tropical splendor with Luxury Superyacht – Ragnar

Embark on a Luxury Superyacht – Ragnar!

The yacht vacation has always been associated with pleasure and luxury. But when you’re aboard a superyacht, you will have even more enjoyable experiences than on an ordinary small vessel. 

When you cruise with Ragnar, you may live during your trip in a nicely decorated blue or orange master cabin. Also, you can have a sweet tooth of whatever lip-smacking plate you’ve ever dreamt of – if it’s a subtle salmon steak or a crispy Italian cornetto topped with organic strawberry or berry jam. 

So whether you plan a long-distance trip, have a glance at our destinations and rent Ragnar for your unbelievable cruise. 

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