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Amazing Ideas for Team Building Activities that Won’t Annoy Your Team

24 February 2021

“Oh no! Not another dull game like ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ or a trivial bowling session!”. That is exactly what will probably be running through the mind of each employee when they hear about an upcoming team building event. When planning such events, it is important to realize that each person is unique, therefore, it may be tough enough to engage everyone to work as a team. Thus,  it’s crucial to pick the activities that will suit both the introverted kingmaker and the enthusiastic party person.

Let’s say you plan to take a  team building cruise aboard a luxurious superyacht. How will you know that this is the proper team building exercise? 

Well, the good thing about such events is that they are versatile and almost everyone will find something they can enjoy on such a trip. Ragnar offers a wide range of mind-blowing activities and entertainment facilities to impress your team! In this article, we’ve gathered the most engaging team building ideas to bond with your colleagues and have some fun!

Water Sports: Diving, Kitesurfing, Jet Skiing, and Foil Surfing 

Onboard Ragnar, every sports enthusiast will find lots of pastime activities! Whether you’ve always dreamt to conquer the ocean on a kiteboard, catch a perfect wave on a hydrofoil, or explore fantastic marine life and have an incredible diving lesson, our crew will cater to your needs and wishes. 

The good thing is beginners are welcome to join the fun as well! Our seasoned instructors will help them cover the basics and ensure everyone gets a safe and unforgettable experience.

  • Racing event for your team

A racing activity can be a perfect icebreaker at the beginning of your party. It is a competitive event that will brighten up your day and create the perfect mood for everyone. Whether you choose kitesurfing, jet skiing, or foil surfing for the race, make sure that every participant has some experience in water sports. The rest of your team won’t get bored as they can support the contestants and place their bets. 

  • Underwater treasure hunting

If you and your teammates manage to get some diving lessons from our experienced sea wolves, you might get to enjoy an underwater treasure hunt! Hide a chest with a treasure underwater, split your teammates into 2 groups, set a time limit, and clarify the area for hunting. 

The main goal is to be the first who finds the treasure. Don’t forget to come up with a special treasure to delight your colleagues. The prizes might vary depending on your team’s interests―cash, gift certificates, or corporate merchandise.

It’s Dinner Time: Beach BBQ, Exquisite Dishes, and an Elegant Bar

When you are already worn out after participating in dynamic yacht activities, it is the perfect time to grab a bite and enjoy the mesmerizing views around you!

Our seasoned crew and the first-class chef will do everything to make your team building session truly amazing. All you have to do is choose a cuisine or a mix of them you want to enjoy and we will handle the rest. Onboard Ragnar, you can always savor delicious beverages while relaxing on a spacious deck with your colleagues. 

  • Chilling campfire stories

Telling spooky stories around the campfire has already become a tradition many of us adore. Cozy blankets, gripping tales, campfire desserts, and the company of good friends will make your corporate trip unforgettable! You can even arrange a competition and vote for the scariest story. 

With our beach BBQ and top-notch catering services, you won’t have to worry about preparation at all. Just don’t forget to find the most suspenseful story and remember that all these creepy characters are fictional. Probably. 

  • Mind-blowing themed party

Make your team building trip even more exciting with a themed party! A party onboard a luxurious yacht will be one of the most memorable events for your team. All you have to do is to choose a theme and let the magic happen!

Imagination is the only limitation! Want to throw a mermaid-themed party accompanied by a submarine tour? Or you’d better opt for a lush party in classic Hollywood style with a red carpet, bright photo zones, and fancy dinner? Our seasoned crew will bring any of your ideas to life!

Beautiful decorations, first-class entertainment, delicious dishes and beverages, and a spacious deck for all-night dancing are available to all our guests. 

Let’s Take a Break: Lush SPA Services, Relaxing Jacuzzi, and Stunning Swimming Pool

If you want to take a break or you are not a fan of water sports or crazy parties, this type of entertainment might be just what you need. 

Treat your team to a one-of-a-kind relaxing massage, top-notch sauna rooms, amazing cosmetic procedures or a top-deck jacuzzi. After such a relaxing team building cruise, your teammates will get back to the office inspired and motivated 

  • Group meditation 

Meditation has a positive impact on well-being as it can reduce stress and improve concentration. Encourage your teammates to put away their smartphones and replace business suits with soft SPA robes. 

Choose the meditation app you like (Headspace, Calm, Sattva, etc), find a short practice, and get ready to calm your mind. A 20-minute session will be enough to catch the vibe and feel connected with your co-workers. 

  • Water Quidditch

For all Harry Potter fans, we have a splendid idea for team building held in a swimming pool. You won’t need any special equipment to play this game—just 2 hula hoops for scoring, a volleyball (the Quaffle), and a ping pong ball (that’ll be your Snitch). For safety’s sake, we don’t recommend using the Bludgers to knock the players. 

Split your teammates into 2 groups, assign the positions (referee, chaser, and seeker), and hide the Snitch in the pool. When you are all set for your marvelous Quidditch match, all you have to do is follow the Quidditch rules and have fun!



Embark on a Special Team Building Trip with Ragnar! 

Get prepared for your unforgettable escape to the destination of your dream!  Get together with your team, choose activities and let our experienced crew handle the rest. Onboard Ragnar, you will find everything you need to have the time of your life!

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