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Amazon Tribes: A New Wonder of Rainforests?

22 October 2020

Going Into the Wild of the Amazon Rainforests 

El Dorado seekers, ranchers, gold miners, and other unwelcome visitors were trying to break the silence of the Amazon area for many years in search of wonders. They arrived there like an unexpected storm that nobody predicted. These undesired guests ruined not only the Amazon Basin’s beautiful nature but also its real inhabitants – the native tribes. 

It still remains a mystery how they managed to keep their original lifestyle and culture. Many indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforests experienced massive murders and harsh persecution in the past. That is why it’s a real wonder how they survived till now. 

If you’ve been wondering who indigenous amazon tribes are, we will get into details and uncover all the secrets of these ancient peoples. 

Indigenous amazon tribes - the secrets of these ancient peoples

How Many Tribes Live in the Amazon Rainforest?

In the dense Amazon jungles, over 400 indigenous tribes live. And 100 of them are still completely isolated from the outside world. They don’t even know or haven’t heard about modern gains of civilization like smartphones or Wi-Fi. The native amazon tribes live the way their ancestors did thousand years ago. If you take a guide and set off on a private tour, you might have a unique chance to witness their households with your eyes.

The native amazon tribes

What Indigenous Tribes Live in the Amazon Rainforest?

Hardly can we find a fantastic place like the Amazon Basin in the world. It has numerous beautiful miracles hidden deep in the evergreen jungles. And no doubt, indigenous people can be included in the list of main wonders of the Amazon Rainforest. When you’re on your tropical trip, be attentive and, perhaps, you’ll have an opportunity to see some of these inhabitants: 

Indigenous Tribes in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Yanomami 

It’s the largest native tribe of the Amazon jungles (26.000 and 16.000 reside in the territories of Brazil and Venezuela respectively). For millennia, they lived there peacefully. But in the 1940s, Yanomami had to bear harsh consequences of road construction and the gold rush. Lots of their people died from diseases like measles or were killed by gold miners. To protect Yanomami, the Brazilian government demarcated their land and created a national park there in 1992.

Yanomami - the largest native tribe of the Amazon jungles
  • Kayapo 

Nearly 7.000 of the Kayapo people live in the Amazon Basin. Currently, they are living peacefully on the land but they had to fight for this right in the past. For several decades, the Kayapo tribes struggled with gold miners, missionaries, and ranchers. They even used the tools of modern communication in 1989. The Kayapo Indians organized a five-day media conference – ‘The Altamira Gathering’ – to oppose actions of the Brazilian government to build a dam over the Xingu river. 

Kayapo - life in the Amazon Basin
  • Kawahiva

So little is known about this uncontacted indigenous group. Even the neighbouring tribes can’t say exactly who they are. The Kawahiwa people have a nomadic spirit and often travel around the Amazon jungles. Their migration might be the primary reason why this uncontacted tribe remains a mystery and why so little information is available about them. In the last three decades, the Kawahiva tribes could hardly find a peaceful shelter in the Amazon rainforests. Illegal logging, attacks from land miners and ranchers pose the main danger for this community to survive. The Brazilian Ministry of Justice issued a decree to map out the territory of the Kawahiva tribe in 2013. But the parliament didn’t approve it. 

Kawahiva tribe - Amazon Jungles

When the Amazon Tribes Appeared in the Amazon Basin? 

The Amazon tribes lived long before the first Europeans set their foot in South America. Archeologists found pottery and stone fragments that were nearly 10.000-11.0000 years old in this area. The first inhabitants settled around the Amazon Mouth where they developed their own culture. 

In the 1500s, with the first meeting of Europeans in this region, the usual way of life was changed for the tribe. But, unfortunately, this event wasn’t pleasant for indigenous people.Like wild barbarians seized Rome in 476 AD, the same did the European settlers. They cleaned from their way many tribes from the Amazon Basin. Two Spanish conquistadors – Hernan Cortez and Francisco Pizarro – were among the main organizers of these massive murders in the 1520s. 

Amazon Tribes - usual way of life

How Does a Tribal Life Look Like?

Most native tribes live in the indigenous reserves of the Amazon rainforests. Some of them are well-adapted to modern life, whilst the others try to keep their existence secret. Hiding from human eyes in the Amazon jungles helps them survive and lead their unusual yet original lifestyle. These uncontacted tribes (as anthropologists classified them) are a real wonder. They escape from loggers and smugglers to preserve their identity.

Uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest

So, how do these uncontacted tribes live in the Amazon rainforest?

They have communal structures. It means that several families can live in one group (up to 400 persons). The native tribes make houses known as huts from bamboo or straw. Every family has their own dwelling with fire and hammocks. 

Agriculture and hunting help these native tribes to survive in the dense jungles. They hunt for crocodiles, turtles, and other animals with poison-tipped arrows, blowguns, and spears. These isolated amazon tribes know how to live in harmony with nature and everything that surrounds them. It’s a lesson that we can learn from them. 

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