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Aquatic Hidden Gems: 5 Best Cruise Destinations Accessible by Ragnar Only

15 December 2021

Though the world is big, we can make it smaller with the advancements of water travel. Imagine that there are no boundaries and unreachable places. Where would you go? We bet you’d choose something really unique.

Well, we have great news for you. There are no unreachable destinations for the Ragnar superyacht. Moreover, Ragnar can bring you where other characters don’t go. So, whether the idea of exotic and refined yacht locations comes to your mind or not, look at our hot list of 5 stunning destinations accessible by Ragnar only. Here we go! 

Zakynthos Island

Location: Greece

Reaching Zakynthos Island, which is only accessible by yacht, guarantees a well of impressions with its stunning beaches to explore, rich marine life, and a picturesque old town, Bokkhali. You can find many photos displaying the beauty of this island, but the reality is far better!

Things to do and see. Since the first step on its land, you’ll likely do it on Navagio beach, and it’s a great start. It has alluring tortoise waters, snow-white sand, and dramatically-looking cliffs. Here, you can find the endangered Caretta-caretta sea turtles as they lay their eggs on Zakynthos beaches every spring and summer. Depending on the season you come, you may witness how these turtles hide their eggs under the sand. 

Despite the rich and stunning marine life, this accessible only by Ragnar sailing destination is a perfect place just to explore. With its breathtaking natural landscapes, traditional monasteries, and picturesque villages, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to hike there. Take your most comfortable shoes to be able to see every hidden gem Zakynthos prepares for you, such as the Venetian Castle, the Post-Byzantine Museum of Zante, Saint Mark Square, and more! 

The Galapagos Islands 

Location: Ecuador

Another stunning destination accessible by Ragnar only is the Galapagos Islands, an archipelago situated near Ecuador. Since there is only one airport for 19 islands, it’s much more comfortable to go there onboard a superyacht like Ragnar and have an incredible experience.  

Due to hard-fought conservation, the Galapagos Islands are teeming with unique wildlife. This UNESCO World Heritage site appeared as volcanic upheavals and morphed into a full-fledged archipelago with a nothing-like-on-earth ecosystem. 

Things to see and do. It’s a dream destination for many adventure and nature lovers filled with a vast list of plants and animals unique in the world. Giant cacti, Galapagos sea lions, hammerhead sharks, finches, the Galapagos penguins, and flightless cormorants are just a few of them. Here, you can spot the giant tortoise, whose average lifespan is about 100 years. In general, the Galapagos counts more than 2,900 species, and 25% of them are endemic. 

Besides rich wildlife, this remote charter location evokes awe with its marvelous geological activity. Some of these volcanic islands are still under the influence of volcanic activity and produce volcanic processes, which are breathtaking to observe. 

Interestingly, Charles Darwin’s name is closely related to the Galapagos Islands because rumors have it that this famous scientist was inspired by the archipelago to develop the Theory of Evolution and describe it in his book the Origin of Species. Though Darwin stayed there only for five weeks, the stunning beauty of the Galapagos struck him right into the heart. 

Raja Ampat Islands

Location: Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands is another stunning sailing destination. Since Raja Ampat Islands are remote from the rest of the world, it makes it one of the best cruise destinations during which you can take time to chill and rest from your busy life. 

Things to do and see. The islands have a lot of aces on their sleeve. Once you come there, breathtaking sceneries are something you have never seen before. Going to the thick jungle or diving in crystal clear waters, you see how teeming flora and fauna in Raja Ampat Islands are. 

Being a residence to the richest marine biodiversity on the planet, Raja Ampat Islands feels like you came back in time to the times when our planet was still young. For underwater enthusiasts who come to this sailing location, it’s heaven with so many possibilities to explore the teeming aquatic life.

537 types of corals, 1,104 types of coral fish, and 699 types of mollusks make your diving experience just unforgettable. Actually, 75% of the world’s species live on Raja Ampat Islands. Manta rays, the endangered Pacific Leatherback turtle, wobbegongs, the dugong, giant trevallies, barracudas, and many other schools of fish will follow you in your underwater adventure. 

Not to mention this sailing destination‘s landscape is a big mistake. The rock islets, the clear blue water along a bright blue sky create such an alluring aesthetics. Go to Wayag Island to jaw-dropping rock islets, which look more like the finest artwork than reality. 

By the way, sailing by yacht to Raja Ampat Islands allows you to meet the Papuan, hospital, and friendly local indigenous people, observing their daily life and unique traditions. 

Dusky Sound

Location: New Zealand

If you’re looking for a stunning place to escape from a big city’s hustle and bustle, this picturesque yacht location is the perfect option for you. 

Things to do and see. Dusky Sound is one of the 17 fjords in the Fiordland National Park. What is unique about this sailing destination? It’s its pure nature that escapes the negative impact of human beings’ presence. No shops, no roads, and any sign of civilization can be found here. Probably, thousands of years ago, the entire planet looked like Dusky Sound. Go to this sailing destination to this pristine world by yourself!

Once you come to Dusky Sound, you’ll be delighted by the dramatic, still gorgeous scenery. Especially it looks stunning during the rainy season when hundreds of waterfalls fiercely run down from bright green hills right into the dark waters. No wonder it interested sailors even in the past. Thus, Captain Cook sailed by at dusk there in 1770, and accordingly, he named this fjord. 

This wildlife paradise is a homeland for a number of rare animal specialties, including the black and white flightless birds, Fiordland crested penguins, and others. Not only nature you can admire here, but you can visit Astronomer’s Point, a spot where Captain Cook and his crew rested during their visit. 

Taha’a Island 

Location: French Polynesia

One of the most photogenic and stunning sailing locations is Taha’a Island. The solitude and fabulous views are what make it so special. Compared to other French Polynesia islands, Taha’a is an opportunity for you to have an off-the-beaten-path trip seeing just exotic scenery and almost no people. 

Things to do and see. Relaxing and enjoying the views are the main activities to do on this yacht location. But if you’ve been looking for such a cozy location, Taha’a is a perfect match for you! 

Nevertheless, the island still offers some activities to enjoy: 

  • hiking everlast green hills; 
  • going to vanilla plantations to smell the delightful odor and get acquainted with the process;
  • visiting a local eatery to try new delicious dishes;
  • resting on the sandy beach or enjoying the calm waters of a lagoon.

Be ready to experience Taha’a island’s slow-paced life. This charming and calm yacht location enchants everyone with its vanilla-scented air, photographic scenery, and easy-going lifestyle.

How Do You Like Our List of 5 Best Stunning Charter Locations?

Far from the hustle and bustle of concrete jungles, terrible traffic, and the view-blocking skyscrapers, you can become closer to nature and find your own paradise on earth. We’ve made up this list of 5 unique yacht locations accessible only by Ragnar for you to make the task easier. Find your own pristine paradise and have an exceptional adventure on board Ragnar!

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