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Sailing to Australia: the Best Destinations for Your Fantastic Cruise

25 June 2021

Australia is renowned for its balmy weather, spectacular beaches, uninhabited islands, and busy ports. You can sail to Australia whenever your heart desires as its Mediterranean-style climate with hot summers, and mild winters won’t mess with your cruise. 

Sailing around jaw-dropping Australian shores can be an exclusive traveling experience but it’s vital to have in mind certain must-visit destinations as it’s a vast country to explore. To make your sailing vacation delightful, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to explore in Australia so that you can take the best of what this fantastic country has to offer! 

1. Port Macquarie

If you are longing to get to know Australia, Port Macquarie is probably a perfect sailing destination to start with. Whether you want to arrange a beach picnic, enjoy a snorkeling tour, cuddle with an adorable koala, take a whale-watching cruise, or learn more about the local culture, this coastal town will impress you!

Located in New South Wales, Port Macquarie is a picturesque area with 17 white-sand beaches, numerous restaurants to savor Australian cuisine, more than 40 000 hectares (98 842 acres) of national parks, and numerous gorgeous trails for hikers of all levels. 

Don’t leave Port Macquarie without visiting Billabong Zoo Koala & Wildlife Park. Here you can enjoy a close-up encounter with 200+ animals and learn more about the local wildlife. Experienced zookeepers will show you how to interact with the wildlife properly and tell you more about the conservation of endangered species. 

Lions, cheetahs, crocodiles, koalas, dingoes, kangaroos, red pandas, wombats, reptiles, and lizards—you will get as close as possible to these animals and even pat some of them, so keep your camera on!

2. Gippsland Lakes

While traveling around Australia, don’t forget to set sail for Gippsland, a rural region in the south-eastern part of Victoria. Here you will find the lakes system that covers about 354 square kilometers (137 square miles) and includes three beautiful lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Wellington, and Lake King. Whether you are an experienced sailing enthusiast or going to embark on a cruise for the first time, these lakes are easy to navigate. Thus, you can relax and observe dolphins, explore numerous lagoons and marshes, go fishing for bream and mulloway, and visit the lakeside towns. 

To brighten up your cruise to Australia, stop by the Lakes National Park, a real paradise for every nature lover. Here you will find crowd-free beaches, rare orchid species, marvelous hiking trails, and various representatives of the local wildlife such as echidnas, wombats, and emus. 

3. Rottnest Island 

Sailing around Western Australia, don’t miss out on a chance to visit Rottnest Island, home to charming quokkas, secluded beaches, and peaceful coves. If you are a fan of water activities, you have one more reason to explore this island as there are 63 beaches to enjoy. Kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, or sailing—the choice is yours! Rottnest Island will also impress you with 13 shipwrecks, 20 coral species, and 135+ fish species. 

Quokkas, the most adorable and photogenic animals, are the main attraction of Rottnest Island. You won’t meet them anywhere else, so keep an eye on your surroundings to spot these cute creatures and take a perfect selfie. It’s forbidden to touch and feed them, so don’t forget to keep your distance. Quokkas are not afraid of tourists and can approach you to say hello. A ton of likes and comments on Instagram are guaranteed!  

4. Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay is one of the most popular sailing destinations located in South East Queensland, 35 kilometers (21 miles) from Brisbane. With numerous rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and creeks, Moreton Bay is a fantastic place for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. For those who want to immerse themselves in the local culture, there are also lots of art galleries and museums to explore.

To make your Australian cruise even more remarkable, we recommend you visit Lake Kurwongbah where you can enjoy fishing from a boat, have a picnic, observe birds, and relish the jaw-dropping scenery. If you are looking for a peaceful place to escape the crowds and spend a quiet day on the water, Lake Kurwongbah is a must-visit destination for you!

A whale-watching cruise will be a marvelous experience to complete your trip to Moreton Bay, so head to Redcliffe and get ready to relax aboard a comfortable vessel and enjoy a mind-blowing sunset while observing beautiful humpback whales swimming around your boat. To detect the whales’ location as fast as possible, your vessel will be guided by an aircraft. You will have everything to enjoy this tour to the fullest—lunch and beverages, a lounge on the mid-deck level, and a friendly hostess. 

5. Hutt Lagoon 

Have you ever seen a bubblegum-pink lake? Hutt Lagoon will delight every avid traveler with its bright waters and stunning views. Located nearby Gregory in Western Australia, Hutt Lagoon is one of the most popular natural attractions here. 

The lake is pink because of dunaliella salina, a type of algae famous for being a source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene. The lake’s color can vary depending on the seasons and time of day. If you want to observe Hutt Lagoon in its full glory, it’s better to choose a cloudless summer or spring day and visit the lake between 10 AM and 2 PM. 

You can also observe the pink waters of Hutt Lagoon from a bird’s-eye view with Kalbarri Scenic Flights. You will take off from the Kalbarri airport and fly past the rocky cliffs and splendid beaches to reach the beautiful pink lake and take some photos. Finally, you will circle over Kalbarri and return to the airport.

You Are All Set to Embark on Your Australian Cruise!

Sailing around Australia, you can enjoy an extensive range of activities—from the top water sports destinations and local national parks to gorgeous hiking trails and pristine beaches. 

Now when you are aware of the best places to explore in Australia, it’s time to embark on your epic cruise. All you have to do is pick a perfect travel destination and Ragnar will handle the rest! 


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