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Explore the World by Air: Best Helicopter Ride Tours For Your Next Vacation

9 March 2021

What could be better than sightseeing? Helicopter sightseeing! Once you gain this spectacular experience, you won’t want to get back to traditional guide tours around the city. What looks good here on the ground transforms into jaw-dropping scenery when you look at them from top to bottom out of a helicopter windscreen. 

The world is an incredible place to explore. Your head is likely to spin around when you see such a diversity of options you can observe during your helicopter ride. We’ve picked the best destinations with a unique birds-eye view. Check them out!

Helicopter ride - best destinations

The Grand Canyon — Experience Magnitude of Cliff Formations

It’s not that easy to explore the Grand Canyon on your two feet. Why not embark on a helicopter ride instead? Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being incredibly vast and large, this huge natural monument of colorful formations looks breathtaking from a helicopter. There is so much to explore ― you can admire the magnitude of the Colorado River, Lake Mead, and the Hoover Dam and see the city of entertainment ― Las Vegas. 

Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon

Dubai — A Luxury and Refined Ride

Dubai not only spoils your soul with all the benefits the millionaire’s playground can offer but it also pleases your eyes with stunning sceneries from an aerial perspective. Taking a helicopter tour in Dubai is nothing but a delightful experience.  

With all of the perfectionistic landmasses shaped into unbelievable figures in the sea named Palm Island and The World and such giant buildings like the Burj Khalifa, it buys everyone. This 829-meter tall building dazzles everyone with its futuristic architecture. Believe it or not, but to see the scale of Dubai’s majesty, helicopter sightseeing is a go-to option. 

Helicopter tour in Dubai with Ragnar

Mount Everest — Reach the Peak by Air

A helicopter tour itself is fascinating, but a tour to the world’s highest mountain is awesome. There is no need to climb this huge mountain. Taking a helicopter tour eliminates tiredness and back pain and ensures you have incredible impressions after reaching Everest. 

This majestic mountain is situated between Nepal and China and stands 8848m in it. If you want to stay for a couple of days among this beauty, you can book a room in a fantastic Everest View Hotel. It is the place where you can enjoy the rarest wildlife and gaze at unbelievable mesmerizing views, so don’t forget to take your camera! 

Mount Everest — Reach the Peak by Air

Kenya — Explore Exotic Wildlife From Above

The motherland of diverse landscapes, wildlife, and cultures. Kenya invites you to investigate its marvelous beauty by taking a  helicopter ride over its territory. By air, you’ll be able to explore and acknowledge the scale of exciting Kenya’s locals: the lakes, the deserts, and the plains. 

You may fly above Lake Turkana, the Great Rift, the Masai Mara, and the Chyulu Hills. Africa looks a way different from the bird-eye perspective. Besides, witnessing spectacular pink flamingos at sunset is an incredible experience that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Kenya — Explore Exotic Wildlife by Air

New Zealand — Must-See Mounts, Glaciers, and Volcanoes 

If you’d love to see vast fields and fjords during your helicopter trip, take a ride over New Zealand. The natural scenic diversity of this region is going to spin your head around but helicopter sightseeing will open up the most breathtaking sceneries to you. 

Fly over Mount Cook and you will have a chance to see incredible views of farmland, volcanoes, and amazing turquoise lakes. Minaret Station is a pearl for tourists who want to enjoy a luxurious stay. This is a family-owned luxury lodge that can be reached only by helicopter. Stunning mountain views, fresh air, and refined food and drinks are guaranteed. 

New Zealand - helicopter trip with Ragnar

The Virgin Islands  — “Doors Off” Tropical Adventure 

With crystal clear blue water, snow-white sand, and stunning rocks and corals, the Virgin Islands allures tons of those who suffer from wanderlust and fall for a tropical breeze. Now, imagine how awesome it may be soaring over these dazzling islands. “Doors off” helicopter sightseeing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

As you fly over the Virgin Islands, exhilarating views of bright colors with all the beaches and landscapes overwhelm every part of you. Besides, you can enjoy the sceneries of such natural wonders as the Bath at Virgin Gorda. It’s even worthy of crossing the whole world to reach this place! 

The Virgin Islands - helicopter sightseeing

Hawaii — Reach Unreachable Natural Wonders By Air

More than half of Hawaii is unreachable by land, so taking a helicopter ride is the go-to way to explore this gorgeous island. This tropical paradise will impress you with its dramatic landscapes covered with dazzling cliffs, beaches, and valleys. The magnificent beauty of Hawaii is something rare to see. 

At the Na Pali Coast, you will find lava rocks, lush mountains, thrilling waterfalls, and even pirate caves. Cruising by a helicopter in the fresh tropical air and witnessing Hawaii that looks more like Jurassic Park is worthy of all the Earth’s treasures.

Cruising by a helicopter and witnessing Hawaii

Jasper National Park — Unique Beauty of Canada

A helicopter tour over Jasper National Park is one of the most beautiful adventures that could be experienced. Being a picturesque location, this helicopter destination has multiple stunning lakes and magnificent rocks. Though you can see lakes and rocks in many other countries, here, the natural wonders are so uniquely intertwined that you can hardly believe nature did it with them It would take years to hike and see all its beauty, but helicopter sightseeing is an easy and exhilarating way to explore Jasper National Park.

A helicopter tour over Jasper National Park

Take Helicopter Tours To See Natural Beauties From Another Angle! 

If you’re looking for an extraordinary and thrilling experience, helicopter sightseeing is exactly what you’re searching for. Just pick the right destination and observe the land from a hundred kilometers from the sky.

Whether it’s a canyon, a natural park, or a tropical island, taking a helicopter tour is the go-to way to see some unreachable places on our planet. Have you already decided where you want to go next?

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