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10 Best Travel Blogs You Need to Know As a Traveler

9 September 2021

As the world opens up after a long pandemic slumber more and more traveling enthusiasts are looking for new destinations to explore. But when life comes to you at fast, go slow: seek out a perfect destination, pack your back with necessary things, and prepare well for your next trip. Best travel blogs will help you with that. Check them out!  

1. Expert Vagabond

Born with an adventurous and creative spirit, Matthew Karsten has become an adventure travel photographer and professional blogger. On his blog, Matthew shares helpful travel tips, entertaining stories, and his experience. Having traveled more than 10 years, Matt experienced multiple outdoor adventures to tell his readers, inspiring them to leave their cozy coaches and live a life full of adventure. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • A digital nomad and professional blogger who traveled over 50 countries shares his experience;
  • Tells about places you didn’t even know existed;
  • Motivates you open up to new experiences;
  • Teaches you crucial traveling tips such as how to save money, how to pack your baggage, how to plan your trip, and so on;
  • Engaging storytelling and amazing photos grab your attention instantaneously. 

2. The Travel Episodes

With no distracting elements, the Travel Episodes focus more on the story recounting exciting adventures with text, photography, and films, thus inspiring people to travel. This blog itself is unique. Instead of clicking, you need to scroll through the episodes,  and the video starts automatically. It may be a bit perplexing at first to understand how to use the site. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Regularly published travel stories, fascinating travelogues from all over the world by brilliant authors. 
  • The episodes are split into chapters, which you can easily find in the menu. 
  • The new level of storytelling with excellent video clips, sound effects, and photography. 

3. The Blonde Abroad

If you’re a woman who wants to travel solo but doesn’t know how to start, this blog is godsent for you. Keirsten or Kiki is a California native who quitted her office work to travel the world. For now, she’s been traveling for 5 years and shares her experiences with other women on her blog. Despite being a traveling enthusiast, Kiki is also a content creator, brilliant writer, skillful photographer, and ambassador for top brands. On her excellent blog, you can find a bunch of valuable tips. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Useful tips for solo traveling women by a woman
  • Fascinating adventures from over 70 countries
  • Kiki focuses on fashion in her blog, giving women priceless advice on what to wear and pack
  • You learn how to travel with comfort
  • Visually appealing and well-written blog

4. Nomadic Matt

Matt, a founder of this fantastic blog, is a New York Times bestselling author. His books How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and Ten Years a Nomad won the hearts of many travel enthusiasts. Matt describes his first trip to Costa Rica and how it changed him. Sharing his experience of traveling to more than 100 countries, he inspires people to leave their comfortable homes and step up to the world of adventures. 

Using this blog, you save a lot of time on surfing the Internet. Matt has collected and structured the essential information everyone who wants to travel needs. 

10 Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2021: Learn and Be Inspired

Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Matt shares a lot of useful tips to 
  • Tells where to find the best travel deals, save money to travel, how to plan trips, and so on
  • The blog inspires people to start traveling 
  • You can also buy Matt’s book on the website

5. Flying the Nest

Stephen and Jess are a couple from Australia that experienced multiple traveling adventures together. Sharing is caring, so they regularly share their life through the blog and YouTube vlogs to motivate people worldwide to be the captains of their own ship and strive for their dreams. If you’re into video content, this travel blog is the right place for you. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Eye-pleasing design, stunning videos and photos, and catchy texts
  • Lots of tips and tricks on how to travel with a family
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use website
  • Stories given in different formats (videos, texts, podcasts)

6. Lonely Planet 

Who’d guessed that a trip to Asia motivates to create a guidebook and world-known travel blog? Well, it happened to Tony and Maureen Wheeler, founders of Lovely Panet. Publishing travel guides. Ebooks, phrasebooks, gifts, food, and a magazine, the couple help travel amateurs have trusted content in their hands from digital experts who have visited every destination. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Thousands articles and photos from expert travel bloggers
  • In-depth information on destinations 
  • Inspiring idea on where to go, what to do and pay attention to
  • Shop with travel guides and useful products to buy
  • Blog’s forum to keep in touch with other traveller from all over the world

7. Travel Off Path

It was 2017 when Trevor and Kashlee Kucheran, creators of Travel Off Path, decided to sell 90% of their belongings and devoted their lives to constant exploration of the world. As full-time travelers, Trevor and Kashlee want to share with others how to make travel more affordable and comfortable. Thus, in their blog, the couple shares various tips and encourages everyone to lead minimalism philosophy — collect memories instead of things!


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Many valuable articles devoted to travel topics
  • Tips on how to lead minimalistic life
  • Reveals how to travel with comfort on a budget 
  • Shares important news for travelers 

8. Salt In Our Hair

With this creative and unusual blog’s name, Hanna and Nick from the Netherlands show their adventurous nature and passion for travel and. Once you visit the website, you’ll be enchanted by incredible photography and inspiring writings. Hanna and Nick left their previous lives to become full-time travelers and live the life of constant adventures and all of the experiences they share on their blog. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Fun and colorful design 
  • Eye-catching photography, top-notch layout, and fun typography
  • Easy-to-use websites 
  • Countless traveling tips and tricks
  • Engaging and well-written blog posts about multiple destinations

9. Maptia

This travel blog gathers diverse writers, photographers, and adventurers to bring readers a world of inspiring and thought-provoking content. Focusing on fostering empathy through storytelling, Maptia captures and highlights the world around us, creating its lasting record. In such a way, people from all over the globe can experience our planet’s natural wonders and feel more connected to the big issues nature faces nowadays. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Has a crucial environmental mission — raise reader’s awareness about the effects of climate change
  • Stunning photography and well-written texts
  • Some of the blog’s contributors are the world’s most dedicated visual storytellers 
  • A well-designed website and regular updates 

10. Jungles In Paris

One more travel blog focuses on nature and culture. Jules in Paris tells stories about the world’s diversity, highlighting craft, geography, culture, and wildlife. This highly informative and entertaining travel blog wants to evoke readers’ consciousness towards environmental issues. Through creative nonfiction, Maptia directs our attention to the things that matter. This deeper level of storytelling lets us deeper understand countries’ cultures. 


Why is it one of the best travel blogs?

  • Very informative and creative at the same time
  • Strive to spread knowledge about environmental issues, other cultures and traditions, and peculiarities of other regions 
  • Astonishing visual content and easy-to-navigate website
  • Well-written exciting stories

Absorb a New Experience With The Awesome Travel Blogs!

Going through the best travel blogs can be an invaluable source of inspiration and information when planning your next adventure or vacation. Once you stop by on Ragnar’s blog, you’ll find out even more useful traveling tips and new destinations to travel. Go and get some priceless knowledge with Ragnar! 

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