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Bora Bora, Bali, and Three More Tropical Places You Need to See

21 May 2020

There’s a place for everyone. Some might prefer spending their time roaming through the ice that stretches for miles and miles. They are not afraid of bitter cold and are willing to expose themselves to rough weather. Some like it hot — their perfect holiday destination is tropical islands somewhere in the middle of a blue ocean, where they can idly sip margaritas under coconut trees. 

To satisfy the need of the former is quite simple —  you can either go to the Arctic or Antarctica. But to pick up the right place for the latter is quite tricky as the Tropics are full of beautiful sunny islands. We are offering you to consider five locations in the Tropics that you might want to visit on board a comfortable luxury yacht. So, decide on your next tropical trip and enjoy it. 

What places to visit in the Tropics?

  1. Bora Bora
  2. The Seychelles islands
  3. The Maldives
  4. Bali
  5. The Canary Islands
Places to visit in the Tropics with Ragnar

What are the tropics?

Some people like it hot. If you are one of them, then a trip to the Tropics is right for you. There are so many awesome places to go: the Tropic of Cancer (the latitude line in the Northern Hemisphere) or the Tropic of Capricorn (the latitude line in the Southern Hemisphere) and the area in between is called the Tropical Zone or simply the Tropics. But where is it? In a nutshell, the Tropics are the regions that lie somewhere in the middle of our Planet and its equator. 

The Tropics is a perfect destination for travelers who love hot weather. It’s always warm there throughout the year due to the continual sun exposure, which also means that the region is not susceptible to major seasonal changes as the rest parts of our Planet. The average temperature is from 25 to 28 °C or 77 to 82 °F. So no matter when and from where you embark on your journey to the Tropics, you’ll always know that you can bask in the sun and swim in azure water.

The tropics - your next vacation

What places to visit in the Tropics?

The Tropical region is dotted with beautiful and picturesque spots, palm-fringed shores, lovely beaches, warm sun, and sea. So, there are plenty of wonderful tropical places to visit. Here are some destinations that you might find fascinating for your next trip…enjoy!

1. Bora Bora 


Bora Bora is a tropical island that is situated in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The island belongs to French Polynesia and stands out as a well-known tourist destination. But to be more precise, Bora Bora is an inactive volcano, surrounded by salty crystal-clear water and magnificent beaches. It has everything for sophisticated tourists: comfortable over-the-water bungalows, coconut palm trees, seashell trinkets, and friendly people. 

The island can also boast of marine life — sharks, stingrays, and multiple schools of colorful fish that spin in the water in their kaleidoscopic movements. 

Bora Bora is also dubbed a romantic island, so if you want to spend your time in a beautiful and romantic place, this island is one of the perfect tropical places for you.

Bora Bora - tropical island

2. The Seychelles islands

A group of tropical 115 islands that lie in the western part of the Indian Ocean, which comprises of the Seychelles, where 41 islands are granite and 74 islands are coral. The Republic of Seychelles is full of beautiful places. It has lots of breathtaking beaches with tall green vegetation that shadow swimmers and sunbathers from the rays of the sun and pristine corners of our nature, like Vallée de Mai or “May Valley.” This place is known as a famous nature reserve situated on Praslin. The Seychelles islands are also protected by UNESCO World Heritage. They have an intact palm forest that hasn’t been changed since prehistoric times. There, you can see how Coco-de-mer palms grow.

Snorkeling and diving will definitely become your favorite hobbies on the islands. You can observe the diverse marine life of the islands. You’ll be fascinated by many colorful fish, like dascyllus, black-and-white or yellow striped angelfish, pop-eyed frogfish, spotted boxfish, orange clownfish, and sea turtles that inhabit the sea, coral riffs all peacefully co-exist together. 

Seychelles is also home to many predators: the oceanic whitetip shark, amberjack, flying fish, and many others are lurking in the water. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t swim there — the patrols are always on the go to ward them off.

The Seychelles islands - A group of tropical islands

3. The Maldives

Another tropical place that you might want to consider for your next trip is a group of magnificent islands — the Maldives. Situated in the Indian Ocean across the equator, the archipelago has the best weather conditions for a trip. It has a beautiful and unique nature — five percent of the global reef

belongs to the Maldives and it has approximately 250 species of coral. You can observe hundreds of various fish species that are so diverse that snorkeling and diving will be one of your favorite past-times. 

You can freely roam sunny beaches, swim in the azure water, and explore the diverse culture of the Maldivian people. No matter what you enjoy, you will find something here to your liking.

The Maldives - beautiful and unique tropical place

4. Bali

Bali is a tropical place in Indonesia washed by the Indian Ocean from one side and by the Bali Sea from the other side. The island is famous for its multiple beaches, crystal-clear water, and Hindu-culture atmosphere. On your trip, you won’t get bored as there are plenty of activities to entertain yourself: scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and other activities. 

Bali is home to many mammals, birds, reptiles, and marine animals. You can find here mischievous and playful monkeys like Javan Langurs and Crab-Eating Macaques, which are almost everywhere on the island. Besides these animals, you can encounter the deer and the boar. Reef and hammerhead sharks, manta rays, turtles, and a diverse school of fish roam the waters of Bali. This island is a perfect tropical destination when it comes to adventurous trips.

Bali - tropical place in Indonesia

5. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands or the Canaries is located not far from the African continent and washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago represents an autonomous community of Spain with the capitals in Tenerife and Las Palmas. The climate of the Canary Islands is not only tropical but also desertic, which makes the archipelago quite a hot destination for a vacation, but it’s still considered one of the best in the world. The Canary Islands have perfect tourist facilities and infrastructure for the best tropical vacation

The islands have beautiful and unique nature. The Canaries have four national parks that are protected by UNESCO World Heritage. They are Caldera de Taburiente, Timanfaya, Teide, and Garajonay National Parks that are famous because of their volcanoes, vegetation, and wildlife. 

The Canaries marine life is a mixture of diverse marine species. Rays, sharks, turtles, groupers, jellyfish, octopuses, crabs, cuttlefish, and others live in the waters of the archipelago. 

The Canary Islands - best tropical vacation

To experience this life journey filled with precious memories, taking trips is the best option to lead such a life. And if you prefer sunny weather, calm sea, or rough oceans, and you’ve always been fascinated by marine life, then the best tropical getaways are represented by Bora Bora, the Seychelles islands, the Maldives, Bali, and the Canary Islands are for you. Onboard the luxury yacht so you can bask in the marvels the Tropics provide to travelers.


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