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Cozy Arctic Trip: What’s It Like to Travel Onboard Ragnar Superyacht?

29 December 2020

Traveling can be overwhelming, especially when you head off the beaten path right to explore the Arctic. Preparing and even thinking about such a big adventure, in particular, seems to evoke much of a thrill since you don’t know what to expect. To ease your worries, you should pick a proper yacht to travel in comfort. It’s the critical point in your Arctic trip!

With Explorer’s superyacht called Ragnar, comfort and genuine Arctic adventure are guaranteed! Any voyage to the ultima thule of the earth on Ragnar is a life-changing experience. Here is why!

Comfort and genuine Arctic adventure with superyacht | Ragnar

About Chartering in the Arctic

First things first, let’s talk a bit about chartering in the Arctic. Due to the detached location, unusual climate, and mesmerizing views, the Arctic remains one of the most desirable destinations on an Arctic yacht. 

Only a tiny percent of people visit this mysterious land in a year. So you’re a lucky one if you have a chance to see the Arctic – and a luxury yacht is the best way to get there! 

The Arctic yachts will transfer you to a place filled with mystery in the comfort and full entertainment package. A professional guide onboard helps you to learn the insides and outs of the Arctics: the historical events, famous and not that famous explorers, the wildlife, and modern researches. In such a way, you’d be fully prepared to explore the area before you even get there! 

Usually, Arctic voyages set off from South America, New Zealand, and Australia. So, you should be prepared to reach this place first. But it’s nothing for such a great adventure ahead! 

On this cruise, you can relax and not worry about anything at all. The entire voyage is rigidly monitored by the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO). This is an organization that promotes safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Arctic.

Ragnar – an Explorer Superyacht

Ragnar – an Explorer Superyacht

You may have heard about Explorer yachts. There are ones of comfortable, modern, luxurious, and effective Arctic yachts in the world. With their powerful engines, it’s not a problem to reach the farthest point of the world. 

The crux of the biscuit among all Explorer yachts is Ragnar. Originally, this superyacht was built as an ice-breaking multi-purpose vessel in 2012, but later, it moped into a distinguished explorer superyacht. As this Arctic yacht’s name suggests, its unique design was inspired by medieval war craftsmanship, but creators made it look more modern. The result is splendid! 

So, Ragnar is a perfect fusion of both an efficient ice-breaking Arctic explorer and a luxury and comfortable top-notch superyacht!

Ragnar - perfect fusion of both an efficient ice-breaking Arctic explorer and a luxury superyacht


Ragnar is a rare example of an explorer luxury superyacht since it has a very potent engine and ice-breaking capabilities, and unique PC5-rated (polar class) electric-driven ice pods. So no problem to reach the farthest places of the Earth. 


The design of Ragnar is what we have to talk about! Its sophisticated but still very eye-catching and modern design appeals to tons of people. This Arctic yacht is spacious and somehow out of this world. It seems like Ragnar is already in the future. Interestingly, how this product of modern technologies and the future helps people fuse with the natural world! 

Ragnar - Arctic spacious yacht


It’s equipped with everything you may need. So you can literally have a quite usual life there though quite more exciting. Whether you want to chill or do some activity, you’ll find what fits you right on the Arctic yacht. Bar, gym, or anything you want right on board for your fantastic Arctic trip

On the newly refurbished and stylish sun deck, you’ll find a jacuzzi, outdoor bar, BBQ, dining area. Besides, Ragnar will pleasantly surprise you with a fully-equipped gym, cinema, spa with sauna and massage room, snow-bikes, diving and ice-diving equipment, luxury rooms, and many more. 

Thus you can be sure yachting is also a lot about chilling, enjoying idle days, and socializing with a bunch of interesting people. Getting to the remote corners of the world, such as the Arctic, is idyllic onboard Ragnar. 


Moving down to the yacht’s lower deck, you’ll find luxury VIP cabins that look like ones in a five-star hotel with spacious bathrooms in them. These cozy beds tend to delay you from waking up in the morning. So if you’re not into socializing, staying in your cabin is also a terrific way to spend your day, especially with such idyllic views through a porthole. Sounds like a terrific Arctic adventure!

Terrific Arctic adventure with Ragnar

Join the Ragnar cruise – visit the Arctic with comfort!

In the age of intense global warming, the many chances are that the Arctic, along with its unique ecosystem, may meltdown in the nearest decades. That’s the reason why you should visit this end of the world now. 

Pick only comfortable means to get there! In this way, the Arctic trip will be a real life-changing adventure. Ragnar superyacht is a perfect choice for you. It’s stylish, comfortable, and potent. Ready for an unforgettable Arctic experience?

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