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Dream to Visit Greenland? Explore This Wonderful Land On a Mega Yacht Explorer!

15 January 2021

Remote, frozen, barren yet beautiful… That’s how Greenland may look once you set foot on its rigid but fantastic land. 

Many brave arctic explorers like John Rae from the UK and Otto Sverdrup from Norway managed to reach this icy-covered island. But it took more than one decade for them just to sail from their home countries to Greenland. 

Now, you shouldn’t follow such a winding road to visit Greenland. You can embark on a mega yacht explorer – Ragnar – to marvel at Greenlandic picturesque sights. 

Visit Greenland on a mega yacht explorer - Ragnar

A Few Words About Ragnar…

Ragnar is a luxury mega yacht explorer. Its length is 68.2 meters, and the weight is 2272 tonnes. Ragnar is a perfect vessel for long-haul journeys like Monaco – Alaska, Svalbard – Bali, and other remote destinations.  

Onboard our mega yacht explorer, you’ll find countless exclusive activities to indulge yourself during a trip to Greenland or other remote places. No matter what you’ll choose – whether you opt for lush SPA services or extreme diving – with our vast vessel, you may enlighten your mind-blowing vacation with bright colors! 

Lush SPA services aboard Ragnar while travel to Greenland

How to Explore Greenland Onboard Ragnar 

Greenland is the biggest icy island on the planet. Covered by eternal permafrost, this magnificent kingdom enchants everyone from the very first sight. Giant icebergs, teeny wooden houses, and glorious fjords will definitely amaze you.

If you travel to Greenland on a mega yacht explorer like Ragnar, you can discover this awe-inspiring island doing the following things: 

  1. Taking Nice Shots of Colorful Towns From a Yacht Deck 

Gentle kisses of playful arctic wind and loud squawking of seagulls may encounter you once you stepped on a spacious yet lush Ragnar’s deck. And while your mega yacht explorer is approaching picturesque Greenland’s coasts, you may observe tiny colorful houses peeping out from snow-capped mountains. 

So, where are they located? You may wonder. The answer: Nuuk and Oqaatsut. 

Nuuk is the main city of Greenland with about 16.800 inhabitants. It’s infused with fresh arctic air, delightful coffee, and bright-lit houses. 

Oqaatsut is a small settlement located in the Northern Greenland. It’s a lovely town that preserved an authentic atmosphere of fishing life like left nets and boats near a rocky shore. 

Once your eyes happen to spot Nuuk and Oqaatsut, don’t forget to capture outstanding photos on your camera. 

Travel to Greenland on a luxury superyacht | Ragnar
  1. Dining in Front of Majestic Icebergs 

Nothing can brighten up your vacation in Greenland like savoring divine-tasting plates while mesmerizing frosted peaks of icebergs. 

Aboard Ragnar, you can have a sweet tooth inside a spacious alfresco dining area where you can gaze at craggy glaciers, snowy landscapes, and other Greenlandic splendor around you. No matter what you order – a salmon steak or a caramel panna cotta – our high-end chefs will prep whatever Michelin-star dish to make your trip even more unforgettable and memorable.  

Vacation in Greenland - divine-tasting plates aboard Ragnar
  1. Observing Endless Seascapes in a Lounge Zone 

Ah, Greenland. What a glorious land! That’s what you may think once your eyes spot stunning Greenlandic seascapes and landscapes while you’re curling up on a comfy sofa inside Ragnar’s observation lounge. 

By embarking on the once-in-a-lifetime journey to Greenland, you’ll have a unique chance to witness iceberg-filled fjords, floating ice shields, and much more! But if you’d like to experience the local culture, ask a captain to stop near Oqaatsut, where you may see how the Inuit tribe live. 

Observe Greenlandic seascapes on a comfy sofa of Ragnar
  1. Spotting Gentle Whales from a Cabin’s Window

Visiting Greenland without seeing whales is like traveling to Egypt and not taking a tour to the Giza’s Pyramid. But once you come aboard Ragnar, you may spot these cute giants from your cabin’s window. 

Whether you decide to spend your Greenlandic trip in a blue or an orange master – you’ll find many ways to gaze at amazing whales. From sitting in a comfy armchair in front of a striking fireplace to perching on the arm of a soft couch. 

Whatever you choose, be sure onboard Ragnar, you’ll have luxuriant, lush, and luxurious travel that you will never forget. 

Visiting Greenland with seeing whales
  1. Sailing Across Ilulissat Icefjord 

The greatest, the biggest, the largest… That’s all about Ilulissat Icefjord. Located on Greenland’s west coast, this magnificent creation of nature may amaze you with its powerful glacier flows and mighty rocks. 

Aboard Ragnar, you as a passenger will gaze at sublime grandeur of Ilulissat Icefjord whether staying in a spacious sky lounge or swimming in a top-deck jacuzzi. 

Trip to Greenland with Ragnar

Get Mesmerized By Greenland With Ragnar! 

Greenland is an arctic island enriched with numerous miracles: from picturesque fjords to marvelous icebergs.

Whenever you plan to visit this out-of-the-world land, you’ll be definitely captivated by its frozen yet alluring nature, generous people, and rich culture. 

But if you want to have something more than a usual trip, traveling to Greenland on a mega yacht explorer is such an experience. 

Come aboard Ragnar, indulge yourself with exclusive services and reach the destination of your dreams with us!

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