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Enjoy the Northern Lights on Board a Luxury Yacht

20 November 2020

What comes to your mind when you hear about seeing the northern lights? Are they colorful beams or dancing rays? 

No matter what associations you have about the northern lights and where you plan to gaze at them – whether it’s snowy-yet-beautiful Norway or icy-cold Greenland. It’s important how you plan to marvel at this celestial ballet in the sky – in a modest hotel suite or in a luxury super yacht. 

But if you choose the last option, you’ll spark your dreamy vacation with these mind-blowing activities

Enjoy the Northern Lights on Board a Luxury Yacht | Ragnar

Indulging Yourself in the Elegant Bar

Upbeat music, calm-yet-lively atmosphere – that’s what you’ll experience once you set your foot in a gorgeous and luxuriant bar. 

On board Ragnar you’ll find only best-of-a-kind beverages: from a refreshing Mojito prepared by a high-end bartender or classy Barolo taken from a lush wine cellar. Whatever drink you may order, sitting around a marble table to see northern lights will definitely soothe your once-in-a-lifetime polar adventure! 

See northern lights in the Elegant Bar of super yacht - Ragnar

Taking Delicious Bites of Exquisite Dishes 

Your dreamy vacation on board a super yacht may look incomplete without delightful plates prepped by a high-end chef. But it won’t be a problem once you book your trip with Ragnar

Whether you’d like to have a sweet tooth of something fancy yet elegant, best-in-class cooking services will be at your service any time. 

Ragnar has a luxurious restaurant designed by renowned Redman Whiteley Dixon in a Medieval warship-style. Once you enter inside, you’ll see there a wooden steering wheel and nicely ornamented tables lit with bright candles. 

Ragnar’s restaurant menu has a great variety of divine-tasting offerings. From crispy French croissants topped with fruity jam to a special delicacy of salmon steak (made from a secret recipe of our master chef) – you may choose any plate your soul desires. 

This way, you can find your luxury way to see northern lights and please your rumbling tummy with delicious-sounding dishes. 

Ragnar yacht - luxury way to see northern lights and tastу delicious dishes

Mesmerizing the Northern Lights On a Spacious Deck 

Iceland, Svalbard, Alaska, and Greenland are the most popular places for gazing at northern lights – a kaleidoscopic glow of green, blue, and pink rays in the arctic sky. Whenever you happen to witness them, doing it on a luxury super yacht will be a great choice.

Imagine being on board Ragnar for a moment. This giant, majestic, and powerful yacht may bring you to the most remote parts of the world like the Arctic Circle to see the northern lights. 

Mesmerizing the Northern Lights

And you, as a passenger, leave your opulent yet comfortable cabin, grab a best-in-class champagne taken from a special collection of vintages and go to a spacious deck. Once you step there, you’ll observe colorful swirls of northern lights that might spin your head from wonder!

If you don’t want to stare at the aforementioned natural phenomenon staying on a yacht deck, do it sitting in a warm jacuzzi or a gorgeous swimming pool. Rarely can you find a person who boasts of such a fantastic experience. 

But aboard Ragnar it’s possible! What a lovely vacation can it be pampering yourself in a hot jacuzzi holding a glass of sparkling champagne. 

Wonderful vacation on board superyacht - Ragnar

Treating Yourself in Exclusive SPA Services

Inside the sumptuous rooms of every super yacht there is a secret haven for absolute serenity and complete relaxation. Thy name is SPA. So if you plan a trip to see the northern lights, trying a relaxing massage or exclusive sauna will soothe your soul with sunny rays. 

Whatever service you choose on board Ragnar you’ll get one-of-a-kind treatment you’ve ever dreamt of! Once you try it, you’ll leave your worries behind and forget what stresses are. 

Exclusive SPA Services - Ragnar yacht

Marveling at Polar Splendor in the Lounge Zone

Whistling windy blows and unkind sways of sea waves don’t look bad when the northern lights surround a barren yet beautiful polar land. And you as a passenger of a magnificent super yacht stand in awe of this spectacular splendor. 

If you wonder how to see the northern lights without going outside, you can do it in a nice-looking lounge zone. 

While you’re sauntering along its stylish corridors, you’ll be amazed by their impressive grandeur of posh armchairs and nicely ornamented tables. Also, large windows of Ragnar’s lounge zone will help your eyes to capture the whole perspective of the northern lights and marvel at them holding classy champagne in your hand.

Spectacular splendor with magnificent super yacht - Ragnar

Get Out Of Your Trip Aboard Ragnar! 

Lesser-known yet mysterious lands like Greenland and Alaska have always captivated the hearts and minds of numerous adventurous souls like Roald Amundsen and George Steller. 

Now, you shouldn’t cope with frosty arctic winds and unbreakable ice if you travel to the Northern Hemisphere with Ragnar. 

On board our super yacht you’ll find countless outstanding ways of treating yourself royally. Whether it’s a low-stress massage or a luxuriant jacuzzi – you can be absolutely sure that whatever service you try, it will be the best. 

Reach out to us, and realize the boldest dreams with Ragnar! 

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