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Everything You Need To Know to Make Your Arctic Birthday Memorable

22 October 2020

Do you think that organizing your arctic birthday adventure is boring? But it’s wrong. From spotting a whale’s tail to diving in the inmost icy waters – you’ll find a lot of emotion-charged activities to illuminate your birthday with sunny beams of happiness, joy, and of course, memories. 

No matter how many friends you’re going to invite or where your arctic cruise heads to, you can always brighten up your birthday soirée with these breathtaking experiences:

Marvel at Marine Giants – Whales

Snow-capped mountains, mighty icebergs, and crashing waves – that’s what you may witness from a window of your cabin yacht. But if you’d like to see something more than these sublime northern delights, go on a whale watching tour

Trust us, such an out-of-this-world experience will brighten up your birthday trip with rainbow-colored rays. And once your eyes manage to spot how a majestic whale comes out of the frozen sea, your jaws will definitely drop from a lot of excitement. 

As a renowned US writer, Herman Melville, described a whale-watching process in his novel – “Moby-Dick”: “Out of the bottomless profundities, the gigantic tail seems spasmodically snatching at the highest heaven.” And this is something similar that you may observe on your arctic birthday journey as well. 

Whale watching tour for birthday | Ragnar

Paddle along the Arctic Waters

Paddling across the blue-and-white Arctic Ocean is a nice way of mesmerizing wonderful splendor around you. From floating ice shields to seabird-dotted shores, you might feel yourself a brave explorer who discovers enigmatic polar avenues. 

Wherever birthday activity you plan, paddling across frozen arctic waters must be an excellent choice. Svalbard, Greenland, Alaska are among the top destinations for doing that.

Just wear a heavy-dry suit, waterproof booties, and warm gloves to protect yourself from rigid arctic temperatures (up to 20 degrees below zero!). Once you’ve finished your preparations for paddling, you can commence your surreal adventure right away!

Plan birthday activity - paddle along the Arctic Waters

Gaze at Dancing Northern Lights 

The northern lights or aurora borealis are unique natural phenomena that make everyone stand in awe of their beautiful grandeur. Norway, Alaska, Lapland, and Russian Far East are home to such impressive spectacles. And avid travelers traverse the globe to gaze at the northern lights at least once in their lives. 

If you celebrate your birthday between September and November, you may be among the lucky ones who can observe a pulsating green glow on the sky.

So don’t forget to grab your camera and invite your friends to jazz up your birthday cruise with spectacular northern lights!

Birthday cruise with spectacular northern lights

Plunge into the Icy-Cold Arctic Ocean

Go ahead, jump in! That is what you may hear from your diving instructor when you decide to plunge into the deepest shelf of the Arctic Ocean. But once you’ve done this, you’ll see how many amazing marine creatures live there: from stunning narwhals to cute seals.

Unfortunately, global warming affects the Northern Hemisphere negatively. Ice melting and animal extinction are among a few troubles that this process causes to the Arctic. As NASA reports, the sea ice declines at a 12.85% rate every year. As a result, it creates warmer temperatures and changes the overall ecosystem of this frozen-yet-wonderful region. 

So you need to hurry up if you want to marvel at underwater icebergs or hear pleasant whistling of beluga whales before the Arctic’s disappearance!

Sail across the Northwest Passage 

Many brave polar explorers dreamt about navigating a sea route between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans – the Northwest Passage. Henry Hudson, Jacques Cartier, and other curious adventurers tried to sail across this rigid yet barren path. But all their efforts were unsuccessful. 

Now, you have an unbelievable chance to indulge yourself at your arctic birthday and follow the renowned route of the aforementioned polar pioneers. During this once-in-a-lifetime trip, you may encounter some parts of Maud – a Roald Amundsen’s shooter – or mesmerize an eye-pleasing Northwest Passage Park near the Canadian coasts. 

Try Adrenaline-Infused Snowboarding 

Conquering a jagged snowy summit and then coming down from the arctic mountain is such an experience! The whistling icy wind may buzz around you as an annoying swarm of bees – that’s how typical snowboarding may look like in the Arctic Circle. 

Wherever you happen to plan your happy birthday adventure around the Arctic kingdom, you should definitely do this risky yet thrilling activity. Even if you decide to climb sky-high on foot, you may find yourself being in love with its picturesque frozen terrain, snowy slopes, and crystal clear clouds. 

Birthday adventure around the Arctic kingdom with Ragnar

Kickstart Your Birthday Journey with Ragnar!

Raising a glass of classy wine and cutting your happy birthday cake on board a high-end mega yacht may sound like an unrealistic dream. But Ragnar makes it possible. 

Our company organizes luxury yet unforgettable arctic cruises around the Northern Hemisphere. Whether you want to celebrate your birthday traveling around giant icebergs and marveling at awe-inspiring nature – reach out to Ragnar, and we’ll make your journey incredible.

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