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Unbelievable Stories of Modern-Day Expeditions – Lessons Learned

10 September 2020

A notable French writer, Albert Camus, once said, ‘Life is the sum of all your choices.’ And we entirely agree with this statement. Even a choice of discovering unknown territories like the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the Amazon may enrich your soul with memorable experiences and bold adventures. Sir John Franklin, Captain Robert Scott, Ernest Shackelron, and many other brave explorers followed this difficult path. 

Even if their efforts went in vain, attempts to conquer mysterious polar and tropical lands are still continuing. Colin O’Brady, Børge Ousland, and other renowned modern-day expeditors learned lessons from the past and commemorated their names in world history. 

Modern-Day Arctic & Antarctic Expeditions

Reaching The South Pole on Foot: A Successful Endeavour of Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere

Two British explorers – Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere – decided to recreate a failed expedition of Captain Robert Scott and his teammates in 1912. In 2013, they started out on Ross Island and, within 105 days, managed to restore the original Scott’s route. 

Extreme cold 50 Celsius below zero, 1.800 miles of walking distance, and heavy-loaded sleds of 200 kg didn’t stop Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere from achieving their ambition – setting foot on the South Pole. 

A thrilling story of these two brave antarctic explorers proves that with the right skills, knowledge, you can reach for the stars. 

Reaching The South Pole on Foot - A Successful Endeavour of Two British explorers

Colin O’Brady – An American Who Travels Alone Around Antarctica 

Gone are the days when mysterious Antarctica was hidden from human eyes. Now, brave adventurers like Colin O’Brady can ski alone around this icy-rigid continent. At the end of 2018, the whole world observed with bated breath how a 33-year-old American traversed beautiful yet impregnable Antarctica “unassisted and unsupported.” 

But Colin O’Brady nailed it. He completed his 54-day solo journey and crossed 932 miles without even drinking one cup of coffee at the South Pole research station! 

The story of this exciting expedition is a narrative about the great courage and fearless spirit of Colin O’Brady, who became the first-ever solo explorer of frozen Antarctica. 

Colin O’Brady – An American Who Travels Alone Around Antarctica

Skiing Across Ice Caps of Arctica: the Unbelievable Story of Børge Ousland

Sailing across perilous Arctic waters just in four months, which took six years in the early 1900s, may sound like a failingl venture to many polar adventurers. But it’s not possible for a Norwegian travel expeditor – Børge Ousland. In 2010, he made a solo journey around the Northwest Passage that inspired him for a new adventure – skiing across 20 ice caps in the Arctic Circle. 

Børge Ousland, together with his French companion, Vincent Colliard, organized this incredible feat to spread a word about ice melting in the Arctic. In the interview for The National Geographic, Børge says: 

Unbelievable Story of Børge Ousland

A Journey of a Lifetime: an Antarctic Test for Louis Rudd

Severe and whiteout storms, countless walking miles, and dwindling food reserves – were among the harsh obstacles that Louis Rudd faced on his solo trip around Antarctica in 2018. Attempted to reach the ambition of Ernest Shackleton and his comrades in 1922, Louis participated in a skiing race with Colin O’Brady. 

Every day, they both lived on the toll of their loneliness and carried the burden of 300-pound sleds. And all of these activities Louis and Colin did just to set a new world record for the future polar expeditors. 

December 26, 2018, became decisive: Colin O’Brady arrived first to the South Pole. For Louis Rudd, it was a trip of a lifetime that would acknowledge his career as the bravest expeditor in Antarctic history. 

Louis Rudd - solo trip around Antarctica

A Tropical Endurance of Ed Stafford: Conquering the Amazon Basin

Crossing the Amazon area on foot sounds like a deal with the devil. Annoying mosquitos and dangerous anacondas pose a real danger for every bold explorer. But not for a British expeditor – Ed Stafford who walked along muddy swamps and dense Amazon jungles for two years, four months, and two days, finishing his endeavor with grand success on August 9, 2010. 

Like many other curious modern expeditors, Ed’s job was to raise awareness of environmental problems in the Amazon area like mass deforestation and illegal logging. His unshakable desire to be ‘the first-ever’ tropical explorer and a strong will to save the planet were paid off and recognized by Guinness World Records in 2010. 

Tropical Endurance of Ed Stafford

Come Aboard the Epic Cruise with Ragnar!

Whenever or wherever you plan to travel – whether it’s a frozen polar land or sunny tropics, your trip can’t be memorable without mind-blowing adventures. Imagine yourself being Indiana Jones, who looks into every nook and cranny of arctic glaciers, coral reefs, or antarctic wildlife. Sounds thrilling, right? Of course, it does. Ragnar supports research-based expeditions and centers that explore polar and tropical realms. 

Interesting stories of Ben Saunders, Tarka L’Herpiniere, Colin O’Brady, Børge Ousland, Louis Rudd, and Ed Stafford not only spark interest in but also contribute to scientific investigations of our planet. 

Book your traveling adventure with Ragnar, explore this fascinating Earth, and brighten up your life with new colors.

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