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Why Exclusive Charters Are Best for Your Journey to Antarctica

3 December 2020

Traveling to the remotest parts of the world is becoming accessible and convenient as never before. There’s no more need to endure even the slightest inconveniences during a voyage to Antarctica. Luxury yachts, which are cruising the passes to the southern continent, provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy your expedition to Antarctica that once was so perilous.

Exclusive Charters for Journey to Antarctica | Ragnar

How to Travel to Antarctica?

You can choose multiple ways to travel to the continent. For instance, you can get there by charter plane. If you fly from Punta Arens, which is a city in Chile, South America, it’ll take you approximately two hours to reach Antarctica. You can also get there from South Africa’s legislative capital Cape Town.

Or you can choose a cruise ship instead. It’ll take you longer to sail to Antarctica — almost two days, and you can depart mostly from Ushuaia, Argentina, which is the most popular departure point for those who want to set out on a journey to the continent, or South Island, New Zealand.

Travel to Antarctica with Ragnar

What are the Pros and Cons of Visiting Antarctica by plane or ship?

Flying by plane is the fastest way. You’ll spend only hours to reach your ultimate destination. Sailing will take you days. But traveling by airplane, even if it’s a luxurious one, is not a good option if you truly want to savor every precious moment that a cruise ship can offer.

But even with sailing, you have several options to choose from:

–   Regular charters with fixed departure dates, places, and price

–   Personal Antarctica charters

It might not be convenient to begin your journey with a regular charter as it does not provide you with any flexibility — it’s not up to you to decide when and where you want to start your travel to Antarctica.

Visiting Antarctica by plane

Why Travel to Antarctica by Exclusive Charter?

Traveling by plane or regular charter does not provide you with the unforgettable experience you deserve. Flying above the sky will not grant you the majestic views you might want to see and traveling by a regular charter will not offer you the flexibility you need.

But onboard an exclusive charter, you can completely immerse yourself in the journey. Ragnar, the megayacht, offers its guests only the utmost experiences you can have while traveling to Antarctica.

Travel to Antarctica by Exclusive Charter - Ragnar

●  Exclusive Antarctica Experience       

Onboard Ragnar, you can see it all. You’ll cruise the Ross Sea, the Weddell Sea, explore the amazing Antarctic Peninsula, the magnificent South Shetland, and the Falkland Islands. You’ll also visit the most breathtaking places of the Antarctica Circle where you can see the longest days, which last 24 hours in summer. And reach the ultimate destination, so few have ever seen — the South Pole with Ragnar.

But it’s not all. While sailing to the peninsula, you’ll be able to behold majestic seascapes, icecaps, and gigantic icebergs. Huge whales are roaming the ocean and the seas, so it’s highly possible that you’ll see them along the way from the ship’s deck. You’ll be able to glimpse more of Antarctic life — penguins, seals, albatross on the shore of the ice-cold land. 

There will be the spectacle you will not want to miss in your lifetime — Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights. You’ll be fascinated by the vibrant colors of the night sky above your head. Imagine how many awesome photos you can take from your exclusive charter.

Antarctic life - penguins

●  Comfortable Accommodations

You can stay in one of the two fashionable master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms — the blue and orange master suites. You’ll be surrounded by a stylish interior with fine furniture, a great fireplace, and luxury items to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you are traveling with someone else, Ragnar provides four cabins to accommodate your guests. The rooms have everything for a cozy stay — double beds, walk-in closets, adjoining bathroom, and other necessities.

Stylish interior with fine furniture on a superyacht. Travel to Antarctica with Ragnar

●  Entertainment

Exclusive charters to Antarctica provide you not only with a comfortable cruise to Antarctica and luxury suites but a wide range of entertainment onboard Ragnar. You’ll be invited to help yourself to the most mouth-watering dishes prepared by the master chef of the ship, taste your favorite cocktails prepared by your personal bartender. You’ll also have fancy-dress parties even though you’re heading for the coldest part of the world. Ragnar offers its guests an amazing atmosphere, which only adds to your Antarctica experience.

Ragnar yacht - comfortable cruise to Antarctica

If you flew by plane or sailed by a regular charter vessel, you’d miss all the marvels of such a journey. But onboard an exclusive charter such as Ragnar, you’ll benefit greatly from it — you’ll be able to enjoy majestic views, explore the Antarctic Peninsula, spend your days and nights chilling in one of the luxurious suites, or having fun during a fancy party. An exclusive charter can offer it all!

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