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Fascinating Caribbean Beaches That Every Avid Traveller Should Visit

22 October 2020

The Caribbean is a mysterious treasure. But once we open its enchanting trunk, we won’t find any silver jewels or golden rings inside. Instead, we may discover a pearl of nature with clear turquoise water and playful evergreen palms – a Caribbean beach.

When you happen to travel around the Caribbean area, you can spot numerous quaint beaches there. Some of them have pink sand, whilst others show off luxury hotels and Michelin restaurants. 

So, if you set your mind to go on a cruise around the Caribbean islands, read our must-visit beaches where you may calm your soul and seize every moment of your holidays!

Caribbean quaint beaches - travel with Ragnar

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the famous Caribbean beaches in the islands of Bermuda. If you choose to spend your tropical holidays there, you’ll be amazed by its light-pink sand and crystal clear water that may give you a sweet reminiscence of blissful heaven. It seems that Horseshoe Bay Beach has everything for your red carpet treatment: from luxury yacht tours to private diving experiences. 

Punta Uva Beach, Costa Rica

While swimming around the Caribbean waters, you may witness a small dot that resembles a bright pearl from your yacht deck. It’s Punta Uva Beach, a remarkable spot for every laid-back adventurer. Whenever you visit this picturesque Caribbean spot, you may enjoy turquoise waves that blaze your eyes with a playful light, and warm sea breeze that gently kisses your face. 

Punta Uva Beach around the Caribbean waters, Costa Rica

Cabbage Beach, The Bahamas 

We shouldn’t have wings like angels to be in a delightful paradise at least once in our lives. We can simply reach this goal by embarking on a tropical caribbean cruise and traveling to Cabbage Beach, located in the Bahamas islands. Even Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and other renowned celebrities loved to spend vacations there. So, you may also feel the unbelievable comfort of your stay in Cabbage Beach if you set off a journey with Ragnar

Crane Beach, Barbados

Crane beach is a nice escape from your routine tasks, where you will definitely feel a real sweetness of doing nothing. Located in Barbados, which is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations among tourists, this tropical gem you may hardly forget. Even when you come back home, you might have night dreams about pleasant ocean sounds that you hear while lying on Crane beach savoring your refreshing Bahama Mama cocktail. 

Crane Beach, Barbados - popular Caribbean destinations

Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Island 

Seven Mile Beach is a jewelled crown of Grand Cayman as it has received a heady title ‘The Best Traveler’s Choice of 2020’ from TripAdvisor this year. Rarely can every Caribbean beach be proud of such an honorable award. And there is no doubt why Seven Mile Beach got it as it’s impossible to stay away from its splendid beauty. Crystal blue waters and white sand beaches are perfect companions for every traveller who would like to marvel at awe-inspiring sunsets and savor a tropical cocktail at the same time. 

Playa Espadilla, Costa Rica 

Playa Espadilla is a wonderful place that will captivate your heart once you step your foot on a picturesque Costa Rican land. This lovely beach is situated near Manuel Antonio village and offers a great variety of activities to entertain its highly expected guests. Horseback riding, parasailing, and exploration of the national park are among a few thrilling things that you may experience during your Caribbean vacation on Playa Espadilla. 

Playa Espadilla - wonderful place of Costa Rica

Cayo Arena, The Dominican Republic 

Cayo Arena is unique splendor surrounded by an infinite ocean, sparkling blue water, and amazing coral reefs. Once your boat has brought you to this remarkable sand bar, you may find it hard to leave. As one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches on Earth, Cayo Arena is a perfect getaway for those who want to have a tranquil shelter away from hectic life and working routine. If you transfer your mind for a while there, you may find yourself living in a cute hut away from modern perks of civilization. 

Frenchman’s Cove, Jamaica 

Frenchman’s Cove used to be a secluded retreat available to celebrities only. The British Queen – Elizabeth II and renowned The Beatles loved spending their holidays on this spectacular Caribbean beach. But now, Frenchman’s Cove opens its doors to everyone whose souls desire to have an idyllic honeymoon or a relaxing vacation in Jamaica. Recently married couples or parents with children are warmly welcomed to this lush beach. 

Frenchman’s Cove, Jamaica - vacation on spectacular Caribbean beach

Plage De La Perle, Guadeloupe 

Plage De La Perle is an excellent choice for those who can’t imagine their lives without diving and snorkeling. This untouched pearl boasts of having the most astounding wonder on the planet – coral reefs. While you are swimming across these outstanding chambers covered by algae, you may spot a wide range of marine species like sharks, rays, clownfish, and many others. 

Indulge Yourself On A Caribbean Trip With Ragnar! 

Sweet ocean breeze, sparkling blue water, playful palms, and white sand have been always associated with alluring yet mesmerizing Caribbean beaches. Whenever you plan your vacation, get familiar with our routes around the tropics, and contact us to have the best traveling experience in your life.

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