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Strike a Pose: the Most Outstanding Fashion Shows on a Yacht

5 July 2021

Art galleries, museums, top designers’ ateliers, palaces, and even car parks—numerous unusual venues to hold a fashion show. But have you ever thought about organizing a show on a yacht

Superyachts have everything you need for a spectacular event—lavish entertainment, exquisite cuisine, a deck for catwalk shows, and fantastic ocean views as a background for epic photoshoots. What’s more, superyachts are not restricted to a geographical location, so that you can choose any destination for your fashion yacht show, from Monaco and Barcelona to Fiji and Seychelles!

In this article, we have gathered some of the most impressive fashion yacht shows and compiled a list of the main reasons to pick a superyacht as a venue for your event!

The Most Exceptional Fashion Shows on a Yacht

1. A fashion show aboard RMS Franconia, 1925

At the beginning of the 20th  century, most fashion shows took place in salons nearby the designers’ workshops. Photographers were forbidden to attend such events as most fashion houses were focused on their clients instead of publicity, so artists had to sketch new collections. 

Though this fashion show was quite different. It was held in 1925 during Liverpool Civic Week. It took place aboard RMS Franconia, a vast ocean liner that could host up to 1700 passengers. After the Lord Mayor’s greeting speech and charming performance of boys wearing sailor suits, the fashion yacht show began!

During the catwalk show on the deck, women were showcasing dresses, hats, and fur coats. One of the women even had a ship model as a hat, which looked truly impressive for 1925! 

2. Jessica Minh Anh’s fashion show aboard Costa Luminosa, 2016

Jessica Minh Anh is one of the world’s most creative fashion show producers. She’s renowned for picking the most unusual and symbolic venues for catwalk shows — from the Eiffel Tower and New York’s JFK airport to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and One World Trade Center. Combining fashion with architecture, Jessica comes up with unique visual concepts for her captivating shows. 

In 2016, Jessica Minh Anh turned a luxurious cruise ship into a J Spring Fashion Show venue in Sydney. Costa Luminosa is 294 meters (965 feet) in length and can host 2800 guests and 1050 crew members. This extraordinary yacht show was attended by such brands as Begitta, Chotronette, Rouba G, and Syeda Amera. 

With the catwalk show in the middle of the ocean, the fantastic red carpet event, the fancy restaurant aboard the yacht, and top-notch service from the crew, this fashion show turned out to be a one-of-a-kind experience! 

3. Transatlantic Fashion Week aboard Queen Mary 2

Transatlantic Fashion Week is a spectacular event that has taken place aboard Queen Mary 2 since 2016. Queen Mary 2, a fabulous ocean liner with 19 decks, is 345 meters (1132 feet) in length and can accommodate up to 2600 guests and 1290 crew members. 

The First Transatlantic Fashion Week aboard a yacht became a huge success! Every year, numerous big players of the fashion industry attend this yacht show—from Zandra Rhodes, who designed clothing for Princess Diana to Julien Macdonald, a judge of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model and a former chief designer at Givenchy. 

Besides a show, guests can enjoy SPA services, a huge library, wine experiences, live music, and a fantastic planetarium. With the spacious Queens Ballroom for catwalks shows, bars, restaurants, and luxurious cabins, this fashion event is a celebration of style and comfort. 

4. An Australian fashion show aboard YOT Club, 2019

Luxe Runway, the most popular Australian fashion event, took place aboard a luxury superyacht in 2019. YOT Club was designed as a spectacular event venue to celebrate any special occasion from a wedding to a fashion show. The yacht is 40 meters (130 feet) in length and has two levels with a capacity to host up to 400 guests. 

Three cocktail bars, a huge stage for catwalk shows and live bands, outer deck seating, and gourmet cuisine—this vessel has everything to satisfy the most demanding fashionista. 

Such prominent brands of the Gold Coast as Yellow Thread, Mojalivin, and Tracy Poblano attended this fantastic event, along with Valentino Beynon, a world-renowned DJ, and Chris Eldridge, an American singer. The fashion show raised funds for the “I Can I Will” foundation to support bullied children.  

5. Philipp Plein’s fashion show aboard Ragnar, 2020

The world-famous designer Philipp Plein held his fashion show aboard a superyacht in 2020 to showcase his collection “I Know What You Did Next Summer 2021.” Ragnar is a five-decked explorer that has everything to reach the most secluded travel destinations. 

Whether you want to visit the coldest lands of the North Pole or prefer the white-sand beaches of Costa Rica, it’s not a problem for Ragnar! The yacht is equipped with PC5 diesel-electric pod-drive engines and an Ice Class A1 hull, making it a perfect vessel to get you to any destination your heart desires. 

With a spacious deck, exclusive SPA facilities, a fantastic swimming pool, a helipad, and a sky lounge, Philipp Plen’s yacht show turned out to be a spectacular event. The designer’s idea was to create an easy-going atmosphere and show how people can enjoy themselves on a yacht while sunbathing beside a pool, having a drink, or riding the jet ski.

Besides enjoying the designer’s latest creations, guests could treat themselves to mouth-watering dishes from a chef, observe jaw-dropping panoramic views, and relax in comfortable suits. 

Why Pick Up Ragnar as a Venue for a Yacht Show

1. Exclusive location

A superyacht is a perfect venue for any show! The constant change of scenery, mind-blowing ocean views, a spacious deck for epic performances, and a beautiful background for your photos. Whether you want to organize a fashion show, celebrate a special occasion, or reach your dream destination, Ragnar is happy to provide you with the best the travel industry has to offer!


2. Luxurious facilities

The original interior and exterior of the yacht will make your event a tremendous hit! Besides enjoying your event, guests will get a chance to treat themselves to five-stars facilities such as delicious dishes, relaxing SPA services, a top-deck jacuzzi, and a fantastic swimming pool. Aboard Ragnar, everyone will find something to satisfy their preferences! 

3. Huge variety of activities  

With numerous activities to enjoy, Ragnar has everything to delight even the most demanding guests. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a party, you can observe picturesque panoramic views from a deck, have a drink in an elegant bar, or rest in our comfortable lounge. 

If you prefer to add some adventures to your journey, we have various mind-blowing activities to impress you! Observe your yacht show from a bird’s-eye view aboard a helicopter, take diving lessons from our seasoned instructors, and enjoy kitesurfing, jet skiing, or foil surfing. 

4. The seasoned crew 

Our crew of dedicated professionals is always happy to ensure you get an exclusive traveling experience aboard Ragnar. Whether you have any questions about your journey, want to learn more about the safety guidelines, or face any issues, you can talk to our crew or the captain and they will help you right away. You can also share your food preferences or the theme of your event and our crew members will sort everything out in advance! 

Yacht Events Will Never Be Out of Fashion!

Whether you want to organize a fashion show, a romantic date, a crazy party, or a wedding, a yacht venue will never be out of style! With Ragnar’s lavish entertainment, best-in-class service, and numerous activities, your guests won’t forget this event.

Embark on your special trip with Ragnar and get ready to have an unforgettable traveling experience!

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