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Feel Like Robinson Crusoe or What to Do On a Tropical Island?

22 October 2020

Immerse Yourself In The Exotic Tropical Adventure

The story about Robinson Crusoe has always thrilled us when we read a novel about his brave adventures. The native tribes, dense jungles, exotic fruits, and turquoise seawater are among a few of the amazing things that we remember from Daniel Defoe’s book. And rarely could we find a person who witnessed these exciting wonders with his or her own eyes.   

But now, such mind-blowing miracles are available to everyone. So, if you decide to embark on a tropical cruise, you may feel a real life of Robinson Crusoe as well. Do you wonder how you can experience that while you’re on a trip around the tropics? Read our article about must-do adventures there!

Adventure trips around the tropics | Ragnar

Marvel at Colorful Coral Reefs 

Coral reefs are the primary feeding sources for many marine creatures. Red crabs with sharp claws and ray-finned clownfish love hiding in these rainbows of colors made from algae. If you want to see this astounding beauty in reality, there is no need for you to dive into the deepest ocean shelfs. You can do it by snorkeling, which is a favorite tropical activity among tourists. 

Equip yourself with a swimming mask and a breathing tube to explore the real ocean wonders. While you’re underwater, you’ll encounter a wide variety of tropical fish and friendly dolphins that will guide your way to coral gardens. 

Coral Reefs in the Tropics

Have a Taste of Local Cuisine

Wherever you plan to travel in the world, you shouldn’t skip the tropics. It has a lot of incredible things that every avid traveller should experience at least once in their lives. And tropical food is one of them. Once you try it, you’ll be on cloud nine from its pleasant taste in your mouth. 

Tropical cuisine is enriched with various exquisite flavors: from spicy fish curry to delightful vanilla desserts – you may find everything that interests you. As a cherry on top, you can take a cooking master class on-board your cruise yacht and learn how to prepare toothsome dishes. 

Explore Underwater Shipwrecks 

If you’re a passionate diver, a tropical island must be an ideal place for you. Its turquoise waters have innumerable undiscovered miracles, and drowned shipwrecks are among them. For centuries, they laid on the ocean shelfs keeping its secrets, and hardly everyone could disclose them. 

Stories about drowned ships captivated the minds of many curious explorers. Even a famous marine explorer, Jacques Cousteau, was unable to stay away from their enchanting magic. Almost all his life, he explored hidden chambers diving into the ocean depth.

Live In a Water Bungalow 

Imagine a blue sky over your head and shimmering sea waters under your feet. You sit on a deck, marveling at different shades of blue waves and hearing soft sounds of breeze that call you to sleep. Then, you turn your head to capture this wonderful view in your mind and let yourself to scream from happiness.  

Yeah, it’s how your life in a water bungalow looks like. And thanks to its unique style, this wooden house is thought to be one of the best tropical places to live for tourists. So if you still don’t have any ideas about accommodation during your tropical vacation, consider a water bungalow as an option. 

Discover The Tropical Jungles 

Dense tropical jungles have many surprising things to explore that will for sure blow your mind. From hearing squeaking monkey’s voices to mesmerizing tropical butterflies – are among a few of interesting things to do on a tropical island. 

This way, don’t forget to grab your camera to take nice shots and videos during your trip. You’ll have a unique opportunity to record the untouched nature of the tropics on your tape so that you can share your amazing experiences with friends and relatives. 

Explore The Tropical Jungles | Ragnar

Witness Eye-Catching Sunsets And Sunrises 

A famous US novelist, George R.R. Martin, once said: ‘When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” The same we can tell about sunsets and sunrises in the tropics. While you’re on your holidays there, you’ll see this beautiful range of yellow, orange, and pink hues glinting on the sky. 

So if you plan your trip to the tropics, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe alluring sunny rays in the late afternoons. They will enlighten your vacation with bright lights and sweet warmth. 

Eye-Catching Sunsets And Sunrises On a Tropical Island

Plunge Into The Tropical Wild With Ragnar!

Traveling around the tropics is always an excellent idea. Whether you want to sip your Mojito marveling at jaw-dropping sunsets or explore the deepest ocean shelfs – this destination has many great activities to do. 

So, are you still in doubt about where to go around the tropics? Ragnar will help you to choose the best location to brighten up your vacation with exciting memories. Get familiar with our travel routes, and book a tropical cruise with us here.

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