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Five Awe-inspiring Ports to Visit While Sailing to The Caribbean

13 February 2021

The world has so much to share with you — a lot of gigantic cities populated with millions of people are spread throughout the globe. They are buzzing with fast-pacing lifestyles, traffic jams, lavish entertainment, towering skyscrapers, concrete blogs, beautiful parks. The weather conditions of such cities can differ drastically — from heavy snows and chilling cold to a scorching summer. 

You might come from one of those cities and you might even love all this busyness. But there are some places on Earth that are much quieter but still have this ongoing life around them. And the weather is almost stable throughout the year. Such places are ports situated in the Caribbean that are worth visiting if you want to have a glimpse of something different. While sailing onboard a superyacht you can see these wonderful Caribbean cruise ports. 

Wonderful Caribbean cruise ports
  1. Panama City, Panama

The port of Panama City provides a gateway to the capital of Panama. To be honest, the main port of the country has nothing special about it, but the city it leads to is amazing. Panama city is a combination of the business world, where commerce and banking work in synergy, and a tourist paradise for those who’re seeking something exciting. 

The skyling of the city is definitely something that you’re used to observing —  glass and brick buildings, large shopping centers, loud night clubs. And all these borders with long and beautiful sunny beaches that merge with crystal-clear water and tall palm trees. Panama is one of the best Caribbean cruise routes that combine the busyness of life and the place where you can enjoy every moment in peace. 

The port of Panama City
  1. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the place where everyone is trying to get during their vacations or breaks from any parts of the earth. Why is it so? This city port is considered to be the center of the Mexican Caribbean that offers its tourists amazing nature, sunny weather, and impeccable service. 

It is situated on the Yukatan Peninsula, which is rich in history. The Mayan civilization that occupied the peninsula hundreds of years ago had a lot to offer to its people — established religion with its unique gods, rich culture, and intensive trading. Now, it has a lot of things to offer hundreds of thousands of its visitors: beautiful beaches such as Tulum, Cancun, or Tortugas, exquisite cuisine that includes traditional foods — cochinita pibil, papadzules, huevos motulenos, etc., and amazing weather. 

Cancun, Mexico - place for vacations
  1. Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and a very picturesque Caribbean port. While Cancun and Panama City are relatively busy places, Bridgetown is calm and serene. The skyline is not piled with tall skyscrapers and packed streets. It has a lot of small and tidy houses and the population is very scarce — only 110,000 people. 

This is the place where you can enjoy the genuine beauty of Bridgetown: Carlisle Bay, which is the most beautiful beach in the country, small markets where you can buy and savor fresh fruits, and visit local sightseeing such as the Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue, St. Michael’s Cathedral, or Harrison’s Point Lighthouse. All in all, Bridgetown has it all for a relaxing pastime.

Bridgetown - the capital of Barbados, picturesque Caribbean port
  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is another amazing Caribbean port worth your time and attention. This is also a capital of a beautiful country — Puerto Rico. What amazes its visitors the most is the colorful array of small buildings that you can easily observe from a superyacht. Shocking pink, vivid azure, bright yellow, brilliant green. They all comprise a color palette of a city. 

San Juan has amazing palm-fringed beaches, where you can relax and swim in the blue water, taste local food, and enjoy your time surfing or visiting local sightseeing spots. But if you miss a more active life during your trip, you can always dance at a local club as the city never sleeps. 

San Juan - amazing Caribbean port
  1. Roatan, Honduras

 One of the most beautiful Caribbean ports in Roatan, an island in Honduras. This is the least populated place on the list. It does not have tall buildings at all, only small bungalows and neat and tidy hotels, with 50,000 people living on the island. You won’t find here loud clubs, big shopping centers, or anything that resembles the life of a metropolis. But this is definitely the place where you can enjoy your quiet stay.

You can try your hand at different physical activities: snorkeling, scuba diving to see the rich and diverse marine life of Roatan. You’ll also be able to see the majestic reefs and observe the nature of the island. 

Roatan, Honduras - beautiful Caribbean port

Ragnar, the superyacht offers its guests an amazing opportunity to sail around the Caribbean. You’ll be able to see these awe-inspiring Caribbean ports and even many more. Embark on your next exciting journey with Ragnar. 

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