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Five Natural Wonders of the Amazon Rainforest

30 June 2020

These amazing, huge expanses of tropical forest have always captivated the minds of people. The Amazon Rainforest has often been considered a place of considerable danger where no one ever should set foot. Nonetheless, it’s been home to many indigenous tribes who, despite visible perils, have found great peace within its impenetrable forests. But there is more to it than that. The Amazon Rainforest has many natural wonders you should definitely take the time to get to know.

Wonders of the Amazon Rainforest
  1. Indigenous People

More than three years ago, photos of an unknown and uncontacted Amazon tribe took the world by storm. The photographer was taking some beautiful shots of the green landscape from his helicopter when he noticed that some people below him were looking up directly at the chopper. What he also noticed was that the people were in natural camouflage, and they were pointing their longbows to the sky. Later they became known as the Indians of the Humaitá River. 

What makes this case so phenomenal is that these people had never been in touch with modern civilization before and had no idea about the outside world. For them, the chopper seemed to be something unimaginable, potentially even hostile. They had no knowledge of the Internet, planes, or anything that can be associated with mainstream culture. 

The Amazon Rainforest is home to many native tribes, and such untouched tribes represent an entirely new cluster of indigenous culture. They are also the last vestige of protection for the Amazon forest as they stand against deforestation. But this also makes them vulnerable, and they are at risk of losing their home by being driven away from their houses back into the woods. 

The Amazon River - natural wonder
  1. The Amazon Rainforest 

The year of 2019 was a devastating year for the “lungs” of our planet—the Amazon Rainforest was ablaze. Many famous celebrities, outstanding athletes, leading politicians, and sympathetic hearts did what they could to help Brazil put the fire out. Thankfully, it worked. Even so, it was not the first time the rainforest has experienced such devastation. Fires are extremely common in South America. 

The widely-believed statistic that the Amazon Rainforest oxygen supply comprises 20% of the earth’s total supply is incorrect. It only produces from 6% to 9% of it. But it is still critical that we keep the woodland safe from fires because it is home to many people as well as animals.

The Amazon Rainforest
  1. The Amazon River

No natural wonder list can do without the Amazon River, which is the largest river in the world in terms of water volume flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s just a little bit shorter than the Nile River, which also makes it the second longest river in the world. If you look at a map of the river, you’ll see that its branches look just like veins spreading through the forest. The river provides a habitat for many animals in marshes, swamps, and streams.  

The Amazon River - natural wonder
  1. Amazon Rainforest Wildlife

Somewhere in the lush vegetation, you can hardly notice a spotted jaguar; a clumsy sloth is clutching at a palm tree; a playful golden tamarin is jumping from one tree to another; and a weird armadillo is trotting away. The rainforest is full of noises that signify that it is breathing with intelligent yet dangerous life. 

The Amazon Rainforest provides shelter to many species. You can find here at least 2,000 various animals: giant otters, tapirs, anteaters, capybaras, kinkajou, macaws, poison dart frogs, lizards, and many others. There are so many because of the tropical climate, which is fairly advantageous to the fauna of the region. It provides a favorable climate for food and shelter, which increases their chances of survival. 

Amazon Rainforest Wildlife
  1. Amazon Rainforest Plants

Not only does the rainforest have a great diversity of fauna but of flora as well. Amazonian plants are striking. When you see them, you can hardly believe that they are real and not from a fantasy world. 

  • Giant water lilies will amaze you with their sheer size—their leaves can reach up to 3 meters in diameter (almost 10 feet). They are so round and big that you can hardly see that they are in the water. The lily pads can hold up to 27 kilograms. 
  • Palm trees provide people with valuable material for making various goods and trinkets such as necklaces, hammocks, or brooms. 
  • Rubber trees are the most commercially-utilized material in the rainforest. It’s vital for the economies of the countries that occupy the Amazon region, and they are widely used in manufacturing.
  • Vines are essential to the Amazon rainforest dwellers as they provide food. Many animals use them as a means of transportation and camouflage. Vines give the forest its almost impenetrable look and feel. 
Amazon Rainforest Plants

The Amazon Rainforest is an amazing place where you can uncover secrets in the form of indigenous people, the river, flora, fauna, and the fact that the forest helps to produce the oxygen we breathe today. It’s a beautiful and dangerous place at the same time. But once you know about it, that information will always remain with you. 
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