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Five Reasons You Need to Embark on an Expedition

4 June 2020

Hundreds of years ago, people embarked on expeditions. Some of them were driven by the sheer feeling of adventure. They wanted to discover new lands, face the perils of harsh weather, and withstand the rigors of the unknown. Others saw it as a way of pure survival. Crew members needed to earn some money to feed their families, even though they knew their adventure might prove to be incredibly dangerous. 

Over time, a lot has changed because nowadays, even the most remote and secluded parts of the world, like the North, for instance, have been discovered and studied inside and out. There are hardly any places left to explore. Marine navigation and shipbuilding have also progressed. Ships no longer get stuck in the thick ice for weeks or even months, and people do not risk their lives anymore when embarking on an expedition. 

So why should you still embark on such a journey even if there’s nothing to discover? Here are five reasons that are going to dispel your doubts.

Embarking on an expedition with Ragnar

1. It’s safe and exiting

Many of you might think that if you want to earn something, you should always play hard to get it. For instance, you might think that the only way you can reach success is with the mindset like “I can get this promotion only if I work like a mule.” But this is far from the truth. If we do our job with no emotional strains, it means that we’ve reached a certain level of professionalism. The same goes for traveling. It has become easier and safer, and at the same time. Today, we can really enjoy unforgettable experiences. 

So, no matter who you are — someone who loves to live on the edge and adores extreme activities, or you’re a dreamer who appreciates the tranquility of surroundings, or you are a little bit of both — modern expeditions cater to the needs of all travelers. 

Modern expeditions - unforgettable experiences

2. Pristine nature and diverse wildlife

One of the reasons why people decide to go on an expedition to the Arctic, for instance, is to see its flora and fauna. You will be fascinated by icebergs drifting calmly in the water, gigantic glaciers poking out of the icy land, and the kaleidoscopic Northern Lights, which leaves observers mesmerized with its beauty. 

An expedition to the Arctic will give you a new perspective on wildlife. Human activity has reached even the most remote parts of our planet and the North is no exception. Whales, walruses, Arctic foxes, and snowy owls, polar bears, seals, reindeer, moose, and oxen — they all inhabit the icy lands of the Arctic. But these animals are fascinating. They are bound to have their share of the planet and harmful human activity does not have the right to deprive them of it. 

Thus, such a trip will bond you with the world around you and everything that inhabits it. 

An expedition to the Arctic - diverse wildlife

3. Challenge yourself

Although nowadays expeditions are relatively safe, for some, it might prove to be a real challenge. Even though you are well-equipped, the harsh weather of the coldest part of the Earth is a dare. But you know if you can stoically overcome these hurdles, you can enjoy the real adventure and observe the most beautiful landscapes that so few have seen before.

So, if you want to challenge yourself and get tremendous satisfaction in responding to it, this is definitely a good reason to go on an expedition. 

Nowadays expeditions - real adventure and beautiful landscape

4. Masterpieces in your lenses 

Capturing life and creating great masterpieces has never been easier. Equipped with professional photo cameras or just a mobile phone, you can make photos or videos that deserve the media space of the most renowned publishers. Or you can have an outstanding Instagram or Facebook profile about your journey full of beautiful pictures. If you are a professional photographer, you’ll find brilliant ideas for your amazing photoshoots. 

Wide-open spaces of ice that meet the clear sky or the floe edge, where ice caps meet an ocean or beautiful seascapes. The possibilities to capture a unique image is endless. So, if you have a knack for artistry, you should definitely set off on an expedition. 

Set off on an expedition with professional photo cameras

5. Have the unforgettable memories

People travel for one main reason — we want to gain new experience and explore the places we’ve never seen before. We have new exciting memories that we can evoke later in our lives. All in all, our lives consist of them. Moreover, such trips allow you to understand yourself better and check what hurdles and obstacles you can overcome. 

Save the unforgettable memories with Ragnar's expeditions

How to embark on an expedition

If these five reasons were enough to prove that you need to embark on an amazing expedition, now it’s high time you chose the right agency that will help you fulfill your wildest endeavor. You will be well-equipped and taken care of onboard Ragnar.

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