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Gorgeous on the Outside, Powerful on the Inside — Top 10 Largest Superyachts

11 February 2021

A yacht or a superyacht — what’s the difference? Even though there’s no officially agreed definition of the “superyacht,” it’s usually about the large vessel (starting from 40 feet), is operated by professionals, provides impeccable services to its guests and amazes everyone with its luxury and chic. And superyachts have their largest of the kind. Let’s see which gorgeous giants roam the oceans and seas of the world.

Top Largest Superyachts

10. Yas — 462 feet

Number ten in the top 10 latest superyachts belongs to the Yas yacht that was designed by ADM shipyard in the United Arab Emirates. With the capacity of offering its impeccable services to 60 guests provided by a crew of 56 members, the ship a lot to offer in terms of entertainment: a large swimming pool, different toys for various activities, a helicopter launchpad, a modern entertainment system, etc. 

Yas yacht - 462 feet

9. Nord — 466 feet

Nord (formerly known as Opus) was designed by a German yacht manufacturer Lürssen Yachts, which you’ll encounter on this list not twice but even more. The yacht was released only in 2020 and it makes it one of the newest superyacht globally. Nord has 20 cabins for 36 guests.

Onboard Nord, you can enjoy a swim in a large swimming pool as well as have a flight over an ocean in a helicopter as the yacht has two helipads for this purpose. There is a spa, sauna, and other amenities that the ship can offer.

Nord (Opus) - one of the newest superyacht

8. Sailing Yacht A — 468 feet

Even though this superyacht is not the largest one on the list, it definitely has the most unique and futuristic design. It seems as though the ship has arrived directly from the future. The yacht A is not only gorgeous but it’s advanced — it has an underwater observation pool, which gives the guests of the vessel to see the marine world directly from the ship, advanced propulsion and navigation systems. 

Sailing Yacht A - unique and futuristic design

7. Prince Abdulaziz — 482 feet

Prince Abdulaziz is the seventh-largest superyacht that was built by a Danish manufacturer Helsingør Værft quite a while ago — in 1984 but it was refit and modernized in 2005. The yacht can have up to 64 guests onboard with 63 crew members. The company Maierform Maritime Technology was responsible for its exterior and the interior was designed by David Hick.

Prince Abdulaziz - largest superyachts

6. A+ — 483 feet

A+, which can reach a speed of 2 knots, was initially known as Topaz was manufactured by Lürssen Yachts in 2012. The exterior was designed by Tim Heywood Design Ltd and the interior by Terence Disdale Design. The ship can accommodate up to 64 guests in 26 cabins and 79 crew members. 

A+ has outdoor and indoor bars, an indoor jacuzzi, a large swimming pool, a helipad, gym, sauna, Turkish bath, spa, beauty salon, dance floor, library, and tender garage. 

A+ (Topaz superyacht) - 483 feet

5. Al Saïd — 508 feet

Al Saïd superyacht with a maximum speed of 25 knots was built by Lürssen Yachts in 2007 and presented to the Sultan of Oman in 2008. The ship can accommodate 70 guests and 154 crew members. The stylish exterior was designed by Espen Øino International and the interior by Redman Whitely Dixon.

Al Saïd has a large helicopter launching pad, six open decks, a cinema, and an orchestra hall for 50 musicians, which make the superyacht unique.

Al Saïd superyacht — 508 feet

4. Dilbar — 511 feet

Dilbar by Lürssen Yachts was launched in 2016, and it’s considered the fourth largest superyacht in the world. The ship belongs to the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov. It can reach 23 knots despite its tonnage of 15,917 tons. The interior was designed by the UK company Winch Design, which used the most expensive and rare materials and Espen Øino International designed the ivory-colored exterior.

The superyacht has everything a guest needs to feel entertained and satisfied: a large 25-meter swimming pool (and it’s the largest pool on a yacht), two helipads, spa, jacuzzi, gym, etc.

Dilbar. The ship of the Alisher Usmanov

3. Dubai — 531 feet

Dubai was manufactured by Platinum Yachts in the United Arab Emirates in 2006. The ship can reach 26 knots and travel the world at record speed. Dubai can accommodate up to 36 guests in 22 luxurious cabins, consisting of one large master suite, five VIP cabins, and 16 double-bed cabins. The crew comprises 88 professional members. 

Dubai is as luxurious as the city it has the name of. The interior designed by two large companies — Winch Design and Nakheel Interiors — astonishes by its colorful magnificence. The halls and cabins are radiant with red, blue, violet, green, and orange. 

Dubai has a large swimming pool, helipad, dancefloor, tender garage, spa, gym, outdoor jacuzzi, and cinema.

Dubai Mega Yacht. Travel the world at record speed

2. Eclipse — 533 feet

The second-largest superyacht in the world is Eclipse, which is 533, 1 inch in length. The ship was built by the well-known German shipyard Blohm+Voss GMbh and launched in 2010. Eclipse belongs to the famous Russian businessman Roman Abramovich.

The London-based company designed the lavish interior and exterior at Terence Disdale Design. The ship can easily accommodate 36 guests in 16 cabins and a professional crew of 70 members. The superyacht has quite a lot to offer — it has two large swimming pools, one of which can be transformed into a large dancefloor, a submarine for three people, an exterior fireplace, tenders, several helipads, a luxurious spa, and a gym with the latest equipment.

Eclipse — 533 feet. The second-largest superyacht in the world

1. Azzam, Lürssen — 592 feet

Azzam is the superyacht that tops our list. Built in 2013 by Lürssen Yachts, a German superyacht manufacturer, Azzam is the largest superyacht globally, which is also called a luxury gigayacht by the maker to distinguish itself from others and mark its enormous size indeed. 

The vessel was built within two years by the renowned Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi, who led the seasoned engineers who created the magnificent luxury yacht. Azzam can reach 30 knots (almost 56 kilometers per hour or 34,5 miles per hour), which allows it to sail in shallow waters and warm places. The famous Christophe Leoni interior of Azzam is described as sophisticated and modern, which embodies the early 19th century’s Empire style. 

Azzam, Lürssen - the magnificent luxury yacht

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