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How to Make Your Tropical Getaway Unforgettable? Here are Some Tips

10 January 2021

This warm and pleasant anticipation of the future Tropical trip is always both exciting and a bit scary. Preparation, new places, new people, and probably the new means of travel such as a superyacht. All of it is growing a snowball of anxiety.

No worries! With proper preparation, you have nothing to worry about. And we’ll help you with it. 

Whether you’re going to Monte Carlo, Dominicana, the Bahamas, or you chose some other desolated best Tropical places to visit, there are basics you need to prepare for your trip. 

You can be sure that such Tropical yachts as Ragnar have everything you may need for a long-termed life onboard. Its impressive facilities, luxury styling, various equipment, and playful and perfect for socializing chilling zones never make you bored. Nevertheless, you still have to do some preparations. Here is the guide for you: 

Tips for an unforgettable tropical getaway | Ragnar

Find a Nice and Solid Duffle Bag

Try to keep things simple. You don’t have to take everything with you on your Tropical trip. What makes your vacation burdensome is totally overpacking. Bringing too much luggage on a yacht is a mistake because the storage space can be limited. 

Nevertheless, remember that a Tropical cruise is mostly casual. You don’t need a lot of things, just the necessities. Most of the time, you’ll be in shorts, a t-shirt, or swimwear. That’s why taking one duffle bag is perfect for such Tropical travel. It’s big but can be easily stored and folded up if necessary. 

Duffle bag for Tropical vacation

Take Documents, Cash, and Credit Cards

This is an obvious part. But here is just a friendly reminder: double-check if your passport, its copy, your charter package paperwork, cash, credit cards, and ATM card are packed in your bag as well. By the way, put all this stuff in separate places. If you lose a passport, you’ll still have its copy.

Knowing your destination place helps you have enough money with you. So, make sure you exchange your money. Supermarkets and big stores accept cards, while small local stores accept only cash. That’s why you should take care of it in advance! 

Tropical vacation documents

Pack the Right Clothes and Shoes

Sun and sea are what you’ll not feel a lack of during a tropical cruise. It means you won’t need many clothes with you. Aboard the Tropical charter, you’ll spend most of your time in swimwear for sure. So, swimwear, shorts, t-shirts/ tank tops, flip-flops, and walking shoes are your essentials for this Tropical trip.

However, if you desire to visit fine luxury restaurants or go clubbing on board a superyacht, take some cocktail dresses for women or shirts for men. Of course, a pair of nice shoes will also suit you well during some social gathering occasions. In case of chilly and windy nights, long sleeves and jackets will be much in handy! 

But leave your jewelry at home! You won’t need them for sure. 

Clothes for the Tropical vacation

Watch Out For the Sun! 

The burning sun of the Tropics doesn’t have mercy on anyone. The effect of the tropical sun, as well as the reflection from sails and water, can give a solid sunburn. Thus, it’s a very good idea to have sunglasses, hats, baseball caps, and sunscreen with you. Who wants to look and feel like a baked tomato during a fantastic cruise on a Tropical charter?

Tropical Getaway Sunglasses

Take Your Personal First Aid Kit

Surely, there are a bunch of medications and professional practitioners on board, but it’s better to prepare for this Tropical travel with your own medication if you know that you may have some health problems. Small emergencies shouldn’t ruin your vacation! 

We recommend you also bring antibacterial cream, aspirin, painkillers, seasickness remedies, a bug spray, and anti-diarrhea medications. Having them with you is never a bad choice!

Personal First Aid Kit for Tropical Vacation

Bring Some Entertainment And Food

Superyachts are teeming with entertainment, but they may lack some of the things that create your personal happiness. Books, an mp3 player, a board game, a camera will become your best accompaniment in the chilling luxury Tropical vacation. If you didn’t have enough time to read books before, you would have a lot of it during the cruise. 

We also recommend you to bring your favorite snack or drinks with you to boost your experience. During a long-termed cruise, you may miss some of the products you like. So, it’s better to have your favs around you!

Things that create personal happiness during luxury Tropical vacation

Prepare Toiletries You’ll Need For Sure

This point is very important because people usually tend to forget some toiletries, whether it’s a toothbrush or shampoo. So, here is the list of must-haves you’ll need onboard: 

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Skin moisturiser
  • Antiperspirant/ deodorant
  • Hairbrushes
  • A razor 
  • Tampons 
Toiletries You’ll Need For Sure for Tropical journey with Ragnar

Are you ready for your best Tropical journey? 

Believe it or not, but a journey on a Tropical charter is once in a lifetime you’ll remember for the rest of your day. But don’t spoil it with insufficient preparations. Forgetting things or taking inappropriate clothes may create an immense impact on your impression.

We’ve provided you with a guide for proper preparation. Use it well!

Pack your bags and have a fantastic time on a cruise liner during your Tropical trip!

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