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Iceland – The Land of Ice and Fire: Can Iceland Vacation Be Comfortable?

4 January 2021

Imagine being on board a luxury superyacht heading to Iceland. You’re going out on deck brazing fresh cold air, and what you see is blue waters of open oceans. The anticipation of an awesome is growing with every mile until you see Iceland’s mesmerizing views from a super yacht deck. Sounds like a real adventure is ahead! 

This fantasy can easily come true. Just join a charter on a super yacht to explore Iceland, and life-changing adventures will find you well! 

Handicaps of Iceland vacation such as cold or desolated areas may scare you away. But you should know that this trip can be both comfortable and adventurous at the same time. How is it possible? Take a seat. Now, we’ll tell you! 

Iceland Vacation | Ragnar blog

Big Scenery of Iceland

Let’s start with an acquaintance with such a marvelous place as Iceland.

In a few words, Iceland looks fantastic from north to east, backward and forwards. Its versatility and natural amenities attract many travel enthusiasts every year, even though it’s not that easy to explore Iceland. 

Spending your holidays in Iceland, you’ll find a wide range of broad bays, mountains, and walls of cliffs on the north of the country, while on the east coast, deep fjords will meet you almost everywhere. It may seem that no one can live here, but, actually, people do. You’ll be surprised to find small farmhouses in places that don’t look like there are any humans.

The largest town on the east coast is Seyðisfjörður. With a population of 1,500, it leads an active life as a commercial port where you can find a lot of craft shops with Icelandic knitwear. But of course, you’re not coming here for shopping.

Right from Seyðisfjörður, you can motorsail to the fjord. It takes a couple of hours, but to see its mesmerizing beauty, it’s worth it. Houses are vanishing, but alluring and fantastic scenery appears. Nothing but deep black water and icy mountains, along with meditative noize of waterfalls, produce such an unforgettable impression on you!

Big Scenery of Iceland | Ragnar blog

How to Combine Comfort and Adventure in Iceland Trip?

We all know pretty well that Iceland is a cold region with unusual weather conditions, but its stunning beauty attracts everyone. So, let cold and severe conditions not scare you because, believe us, Iceland vacation can be very comfortable and adventurous at the same time on board a superyacht.

Super yacht accommodations for your Iceland trip

Its modern luxury styling, equipment, and accommodations create a very chilling and cozy atmosphere for your exciting voyage. Charming salons are comfortable for guests of all ages. You can either stay at your cabin and spend a wonderful time on your own while reading and observing marvelous sights through an illuminator or add a bit of socialization into your life and go to an outdoor bar or jacuzzi. 

What can help you to chill is to get to the sundeck, sit back in the comfortable chair, and enjoy the vivid landscapes and sea shining bright under the sunshine. Maybe, the winter is not the best time for sunbathing, but the summer is perfect for this. 

The professional crew that guides you in everything

Comfort in Iceland Trip | Ragnar blog

During your Iceland vacation, if you have any matter or requests, you can always refer to the highly trained crew. They will help you both onboard and take you out on adventures to wrap you with a flow of comfort. Cruise through ice floes on kayaks, scuba diving in clear waters, fishing, or just exploring the land; you’ll be guided and supervised by the crew. 

By the way, there is an expert onboard chef who can do anything you desire, or if you don’t know what you want, just rely on the chef, and you’ll get a mouth-watering dish. 

Cozy atmosphere for your exciting Iceland voyage  | Ragnar blog

Iceland Places to Visit 

Being known as “the Land of Fire and Ice,” Iceland is ready to impress you with the volcanic activity and glaciers. It’s the country of striking contrasts, as you see. Its vivid and vibrant colors are the perfect destination for photographers and artists.

Having a vacation in Iceland, visit the Reykjanes Peninsula, which has myriad natural wonders such as Blue Lagoon Thermal Bath or black sand beaches. To get acquainted with Iceland even more, there are a lot of wonderful places for scuba diving you should try because the water is crystal clear.

Visit the island of Flatey within Breiðafjörðuris, and you’ll see many beautiful and cute puffins. Besides, in the Snæfellsjökull National Park, you’ll find stunning rock formations. Here, you can have a peaceful walk observing the mesmerizing local sceneries with its glass-like azure beauty. No worries! You’ll not get cold to death because there are some warm cafes along the way. 

Iceland Places to Visit | Ragnar blog

Are you ready for a lifetime Iceland adventure?

Don’t ever be scared of cold or boredom on your Iceland trip aboard a superyacht. You’ll find nothing but a homely and fun atmosphere onboard. There is everything you’ve ever needed for comfort traveling: delicious food, a lot of activities, both relaxing and fun, warmth, fantastic scenery, and pleasant companionship. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

Besides, getting to the place of destination is not less exciting. Iceland is a unique place with a unique nature. To explore Iceland, a superyacht crew will guide you through the whole trip for you to have an unforgettable and life-changing experience. All aboard!

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