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Living in Alaska: What Makes the “Great Land” So Attractive

22 October 2020

Considering your next traveling destination can be tricky. A number of possibilities spin your head around. But let us show you a truly unique and stunning place: Alaska or the Great Land as it’s frequently called. Going there will never be a wrong choice. 

The abundance of natural amenities and impressions will enchant you and chase you even after returning home. There are tons of cool things about living in Alaska: Grizzly bears, Northern Lights, icebergs, dog sledding, and many others we’re about to tell you. 

So, let’s move on and discuss why Alaska must be your next destination!

Alaska - next travel destination | Ragnar

Enjoy Northern Lights

The Great Land attracts thousands of tourists who want to see Northern Lights with their own eyes. This natural phenomenon that looks like magic entices people from all corners of the world. In Alaska, sometimes the sun doesn’t come up for three months. But it allows the residents to have their eyes glued to the stunning Aurora Borealis every day closer to 10 am and 3 pm. This is just a physical reaction caused by the collision of electrons and Earth’s atmosphere, but what a spectacular view it has! 

See the Northern Lights with your own eyes in Alaska

Visit Bore Tide in Turnagain Arm

It’s one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Alaska, which has its own unique story. It’s believed that Bore Tide in Turnagain Arm is the place where Captain James Cook had to turn around again because he thought he reached the Northwest Passage. That’s where the name comes from. 

What peculiar about this Bore Tide? It’s the place where the tide of seawater returns to a shallow inlet through a broad bay. It can reach about 10 feet tall and speed up to 10-15 miles per hour. That’s why this place attracts so many surfers. Besides, for tourists, it’s a place where you can see harbor seals and beluga whales.

Bore Tide in Turnagain Arm - beautiful place in Alaska

Get Gold Fever

If you thought that Gold Fever is an anachronism from the past, you would be surprised because people who live in Alaska are still pursuing this precious metal. If you visit Alaska, you can witness this process in your own eyes. It’s especially interesting how some people toil in much to find some gold. Many don’t use heavy equipment but rather resort to the old-fashioned means. You can even participate in gold-seeking yourself. It’ll be a new and exciting experience for you!

Take Dog Mushing Ride

Alaskans love dog mushing so much, so there is even the sport based on it! The Great Race of Mercy and the Iditarod race tend to be very popular events there, and you should consider them while planning a trip to Alaska. The insane adrenaline rush dog mushing exudes is worthy of visiting such an event. But even if you miss the race, you can travel through snow and ice on a dog sled, which can be even more exciting. Just head to Denali National Park, embark on a dog sledding tour, and get some fun!

Eat Giant Vegetables

It seems that Alaska has very fertile lands because vegetables here are the real giants. You can see massive 15-kilogram broccoli or 15-kilogram cabbage or gigantic pumpkins of 800 kg. Yes, all these big vegetables exist, and they grow in Alaska! So come to the Great Land to see this wonder by yourself!

Stay at Lodges in the Woods

The amazing part about traveling to Alaska is that you may stay at lodges somewhere in the middle of the woods. The exuberance of nature sounds and views is such a bliss! The air is so fresh, and the views are so delightful, so it gives you such plant thrills. Just imagine yourself in the forest surrounded by mountains and snow. It feels peaceful and inspiring, and it’s totally amazing to experience! 

Embark on The Rocky Mountaineer Train

Another amazing thing about traveling to the Great Land is a possibility to observe jaw-dropping panoramas right from the cozy cabin of a train. You’ll see all the natural amenities from it including captivating glaciers, magnificent mountains, intimidating waterfalls, and dense forests. It’s an easy and fast way to see incredible, the most beautiful places in Alaska. Take your seatbelts and let’s discover Alaska from the Rocky Mountaineer train! 

Jaw-dropping panoramas and beautiful places of Alaska

Meet Polar Bears and Other Wild Animals

Wildlife in Alaska is truly abundant! A trip to the Great Land allows you to get close to polar bears but not to close because it may be dangerous. You can view them from a safe distance, but it’ll be enough to enjoy your curiosity. Besides, you’ll also spot otters, eagles, seals, red foxes, and whales. By the way, whale migration begins in April, but in June, you’ll likely see them as well as other marine animals at beaches or from the cliffs.

Wildlife in Alaska

Enjoy Uncrowded National Parks

Alaska offers five national parks for you to dive into this region’s atmosphere fully. And what will make you truly enjoy a trip to Alaska is the lack of tourist buses and crowds of tourists with a camera. The parks are huge since they cover many acres so they have a lot of aces to show you and you’ll be just poured with impressions and emotions they give you! 

Make Your Trip to Alaska Unforgettable!

Alaska won’t leave you indifferent! This land will drag you from one stunning place to another. The abundance of emotions will totally spin your head, but be sure you’ll like it. Wildlife, the sceneries, and Alaska’s activities will help you dive deeply into the culture of this region. And it’ll be a life-changing and fulfilling experience. So pack your bags, get onboard Ragnar and let’s discover life in Alaska together!

Embrace the Beauty and Majesty of Alaska

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