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Madeira Vacation Guide: Know, See, Do and Chill

5 August 2021

Happy news for those searching for astonishing places to head off: Madeira Islands is all you ever wanted as a vacation destination. Striking views, delicious food & wine, a bunch of leisure activities, and an unparalleled atmosphere are what you’ll find there. 

Madeira is a uniquely beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. With an all-year-round summer climate and outstanding flora & fauna, it invites you thousands of tourists every year. But before going on your Madeira vacation, you have to know some essential information: when to go, where to go, what to do, and so on. Keep reading to find out the answers! 

Location and Best Time to Travel to Madeira

Madeira Islands is an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean situated 400 km to the north of the Canary Islands and 520 km west of Morocco. Still, it’s an autonomous region of Portugal. 

For many, Madeira is a paradise in the Atlantic Ocean with all its flora & fauna, laurel forest, historical & cultural heritage, gastronomy, and wine. No wonder it belongs to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The climate in Madeira is mild and subtropical, with summer droughts and winter rains. Though the islands boast a pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate all year round, the best time to visit Madeira is between April and October, when the islands are at their finest.

What to See and Experience

Though among 8 volcanic islands of the Madeira archipelago, only two of them are inhabited, believe us, it doesn’t limit the experience you’ll get.

The more you explore the Madeira Islands, the more you’ll feel the unparalleled aesthetic of this popular destination. The stunning landscapes and view leave no one unimpressed. 

If you are sick and tired of asphalt jungles, the Madeira Islands will offer you a much-needed natural respite with an authentic Portuguese vibe, you can endlessly explore the marvels of the islands, and they never stop surprising you. Of course, it’s up to you to choose an active or laid-back vacation. But whatever you choose, the Madeira Islands are good for both. 

Things to Do in Madeira 

Stunning views are good, but you can’t spend your whole vacation by observing the nature of Madeira Island. Thus, let us tell you what you can do on these spectacular islands. There are a lot of options to please your leisure requirements. 

Go Eating Out

Madeira is not only famous for its spectacular views but also its delicious cuisine. In Madeira and Porto Santo, you can find more than 1,000 restaurants. So, this is your chance to find a place that fits your taste. Have an evening promenade in Funchal, Madeira’s capital, to find a nice restaurant and experience genuine Portuguese hospitality.  

Both regional restaurants and international cuisine eateries can be found. Due to the island’s fertile soil, the land is teeming with various fruits and vegetables. Also, fish and meat have never been limited here. During your Madeira vacation, you must try delicious fried corn and Bolo do Caco bread and visit a famous restaurant — The Ritz Madeira. 

Go For a Levada Walk and Hiking

A Levada walk and hiking are perfect choices to explore the Madeira islands. While walking, a jaw-dropping look at the mountainous terrain and dramatic ocean open to you. You may think that you didn’t see Madeira if you wouldn’t take a walk in the thrilling landscapes of it. 

There are a number of easy-to-find trails and a footpath you may just follow to enjoy the region’s true beauty. By exploring these paths, a new thrilling experience is knocking on your door of an adventure during your Madeira holidays

Join Whale & Dolphin Safaris

Travel to Madeira to see whales and dolphins. Due to the island’s unique location, these animals frequently appear near. It happens that Madeira’s waters drop deep, even close to the coast. So, just 5 km off shore, you can meet the magnetic marine creatures. 

During the safaris, you’ll also get a glimpse of sea birds. Some of them can be spotted nowhere else in the world. But the diversity of whales and dolphins species in Madeira waters is impressive: 

  • Sei Whale; 
  • Fin Whale; 
  • Pilot Whale;
  • Striped Dolphin; 
  • Risso’s Dolphin, and many others. 

Enjoy Scuba Diving 

If you’re looking for a perfect place to scuba dive, Madeira, with its mild climate all year, is the one! Water temperature is usually around 18 to 23°C, which allows it to comfortably submerge into crystal clear water. 

Once you plunge into the water, stunning views of marine life appear. Schools of fishes among colorful corals look genuinely striking. Here you can meet monkfish, rays, mantas, barracudas, and many others. Madeira vacation is perfect for getting to know marine diversity a bit more.

Visit Madeira’s Gardens

‘Floating garden in the Atlantic’ is a name Madeira has earned due to its astonishing beauty and many gardens and parks. When you come to this remarkable place, we recommend you take a walk in some of them and enjoy the variety of flowers and plants. 

Madeira’s gardens, such as the Jardim Orquídea and the Botanical Garden, are not only beautiful but peaceful and magnetic. Even if you’re into more dynamic activities, Madeira gardens will please your eyes with their views, and of course, they are photo zones for taking amazing photos to remember! 

Try Some Other Madeira Summer Activities

When you decide to have a Madeira vacation, keep in mind one thing: to be like the locals, you just need to chill. That’s it. Slow down, and just seize the moment. The pace of the island is very leisurely, which means you can finally forget about stress. Let us share with you some more things you can do in Madeira:

  • Play golf. There are Santo da Serra Golf Club and Palheiro Golf with 18-hole courses.
  • Play tennis and squash. Head to the Quinta Magnolia, where you can find courts.
  • Go to the swimming pool. The Lido or Ponta Gorda swimming pools are nice salt-water pools with natural rocks and access to the sea. 
  • Try deep-sea fishing. You can get the Blue Marlin and Blue Fin Tuna there. 
  • Join boat excursion. Go to the Cabo Girão, the highest cliff in Europe. 

Get Ready for Your Best  Madeira Vacation 

Madeira is a fantastic destination for your next vacation. With the stunning views, flora & fauna, multiple activities, and laid-back atmosphere, be sure it’ll be a perfect vacation for you. Before traveling to Madeira, you should choose the most comfortable way to get there, and we guess cruising on a super yacht is what you may seek.  

If you’re looking for a formidable yacht to travel to Madeira, consider Ragnar. This exclusive super yacht is more like a 5-star hotel with a vast infrastructure. Let’s explore the world with comfort! 

Immerse in the Tropical Paradise with Ragnar

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