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Magic of a New Year’s Eve Charter: A List of 5 Best Destinations

27 December 2020

As we are approaching the most magical part of the year, it is the right time to plan your winter vacation. Every year we strive to pick a New Year’s Eve destination that will turn our holidays into a memorable and exciting experience. Have you already picked one? If you haven’t, check out our list to find your inspiration!

Winter vacation with Ragnar

So where are the best places for New Year’s Eve cruises? Here are some fresh hits for you:


This country is a way new experience for you though it feels quite classical at first. Visiting Kenya feels like a journey to a new unique world that wraps you with an unforgettable atmosphere and impressions.

When arriving in Kenya as a New Year’s Eve destination, we recommend you to visit some local best art galleries. Don’t miss Nairobi, a trendy new gallery of multi-functional art. It’s where you can observe fascinating examples of contemporary art, a photographic studio, an event space, and an interactive platform, which produces a genuinely alluring effect. 

This place is definitely for those looking for out of the ordinary impressions. If you’ve already traveled far and wide but still persevere in the hope to find a unique place for your New Year holiday, Kenya is your choice. 

Kenya - New Year’s Eve destination

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place for your next escape, when you’re fed up with snowy sceneries, cold weather, and crave for summer. Whether you choose to celebrate New Year passively by staying in your hotel room with your loved ones, going out to some local restaurants, or doing some water activities and chilling on the beach, this New Year trip will be unforgettable. 

Costa Rica helps fully recharge your batteries and get enough inspiration from mesmerizing natural beauty for the next year’s achievements. Maybe, luxury is not about Costa Rica, but the adventure is. Canopy ziplining, surfing, and whale watching are not the whole list of new year activities you can do in this best New Year place. 

Costa Rica - place to celebrate New Year

The British Virgin Islands

With its secluded beaches, mesmerizing scenery, and breathtaking mountains, the British Virgin Islands has always been a paradise for every traveler. Spending New Year Eve on such a beautiful island is what we call a life-changing experience. 

If you’re stinking rich, you can rent the entire rent for yourself, your family, and friends. Then you can be sure that no one and nothing will ruin your idyllic New Year trip. 

If you’re not that rich, you can book a lovely room in an excellent and stylish hotel where you can get closer to the local culture along with cuisine and traditions.

The British Virgin Islands - idyllic New Year trip

New Zealand

As a common bucket list entry, New Zealand is a wanted New Year destination. Its jaw-dropping scenery is what attracts thousands of tourists every year. New Zealand is also a country where you feel safe and relaxed because it allows you to be detached from the outside world and syncopate with nature. Its amazing outdoors can become a successful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Celebrating New Year here may seem a bit unusual but never a disappointing decision. It’s not typical because, in New Zealand, you may face four seasons in one day, which will help you observe all the beauty of this place. It’ll make your celebration very peculiar. 

New Zealand - celebrating New Year


For those who are not scared of cold weather and want to see snow in winter for sure, Antarctica should be your best New Year Eve destination. This trip is more about adventure than chill, but what makes it unique is that the New Year celebration becomes a real fairytale. 

It feels as you’re coming to the place where New Year starts, and somewhere in the middle of the white area, there is Santa Claus’s residence, where he is preparing to start this celebration.

You may spend a lot of time on board a yacht, and it’s also wonderful. Just imagine – you wake up in the morning, going up to the main deck, and you’re surrounded by white snowy mountains. Freezing air may be a bit harsh to your nostrils, but this is the fresh smell of real winter. All of it makes your Antarctic New Year celebration magical. 

Antarctica - the New Year celebration

Create a Magical New Year Atmosphere in the Best New Year Destinations!

Anticipating New Year Eve gives thrills and goosebumps to everyone. We want to make everything perfect to be prepared for a new year. But for your celebration to be perfect, choose the right people and the right place for New Year’s cruise. 

Our list can help to do 50% of the preparation. Now, you need to invite your precious ones to go on an unforgettable magical New Year Eve trip with you!

If you plan your New Year getaway, a superyacht charter is the safest and most comfortable luxury option. Happy New Year, and Have a Good Trip!

New Year getaway, a superyacht charter | Ragnar

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