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The Most Mesmerizing Locations for an Unforgettable Foil Ride

22 February 2021

Foil surfing can be a glorious experience for both novices and seasoned surfers. Unlike traditional surfing, it doesn’t require big waves to glide smoothly. Hydrofoils require a great level of balance so it’s a perfect water sport to stay fit and healthy. And what’s more, foil surfing feels like an astonishing mix of surfing and flying so you will be absolutely thrilled about it!

Whether you are a pro surfer or just trying to figure out how to stand up on a board, we are always here to help. In this article, we’ve handpicked the worlds’ best locations for foil surfing so you can plan your getaway and catch the perfect wave! Read on to discover a ton of breathtaking locations for surfing.

Locations for an Unforgettable Foil Ride

What Is Foil Surfing and How Does It Work? 

Foil surfing is a combination of hydrofoil technology and surfing. The foil surfing board is a bit different from an average surfboard. A foil board (or a hydrofoil) has a longer fin with wings (a blade) at its bottom. These wings propel the foil board out of the water when surfing, thereby allowing the surfer to float above the surface. 

It’s one of the most exciting water sports that allows everyone to feel a special connection to the ocean. You can fly above the water, catch even the tiniest waves and enjoy the most beautiful seascapes ever. It’s possible to turn any ocean, sea or even a river into your own surfing playground and enjoy the best time of your life!

Since hydrofoiling doesn’t require powerful waves, you can stay away from cramped spots and surf in amazing places you thought surfing could never be possible. The most significant thing when it comes to foil surfing is that you can ride any wave. Yes, even the worst one! If you are a novice, you can even practice at the locations with small waves. 

Now that you understand how everything works and got some foil surfing tips, it’s time to dive deep into this exciting water sport! Choose the perfect destination for your fantastic foil ride with our carefully curated list of the most amazing hydrofoiling destinations! 

Perfect destination for fantastic foil ride

Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

This is one of the best foil surfing locations for beginners to learn how they can stand up on a board and avoid big waves. This illustrious surf spot will impress you with its warm water and jaw-dropping landscapes. You can even sign up for the surf lessons if you require mentoring from more seasoned surfers.

Waikiki Beach is divided into 8 completely different sections. For instance, Sans Souci Beach is a quiet and secluded place. It’s popular mostly among the locals which makes this spot a perfect destination for beginners to avoid the crowds. Fort DeRussy Beach Park is a family-friendly area with picnic tables and tennis courts. This peaceful area will be a great place to take a break after your foil rides.

Smaller waves will make your hydrofoiling experience safe and memorable. Surfing at sunrise or sunset can be such a breathtaking adventure. So give it a shot!

You are going to need splendid accommodations during your stay in Hawaii. The award-winning Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort provides a luxurious experience. Here you can enjoy beautiful ocean views from the private balcony of your suite, enjoy exquisite dishes, treat yourself to the SPA services, and take group or private surfing lessons at Faith Surf School. 

Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii - one of the best foil surfing locations

Padang Padang Beach, Bali

Bali is one of the most popular locations for foil surfing. Its beaches have a ton of spots for surfers of all levels. The pleasant tropical climate, warm water, world-famous Balinese culture, and lots of foil boards to rent will make your surf experience unforgettable!

Padang Padang is a fantastic beach located 3 km from the Uluwatu Temple. This spot is perfectly suitable for both beginners and pro surfers. Padang Padang Left is a real treasure for experts — here they can get 3-meter waves!. But if you are a beginner and all you want to catch are gentle waves, head to Padang Padang Right just up the beach. This is an amazing surf spot with excellent conditions and smaller waves for novice surfers. 

There are also a wide range of lodging options at Padang Padang Beach. One of the most popular ones is Suarga Padang Padang. This eco-friendly resort is made of recycled bamboo and wood. It’s a perfect place for all foil surfers who want to explore the island to the fullest — quick access to the ocean, white-sand beaches, a first-class restaurant, and comfortable villas to get some rest after your action-packed days. 

Padang Padang Beach, Bali - popular locations for foil surfing

Trestles Beach, San Clemente, California 

Looking for the greatest surf breaks? Then, Trestles beach in Orange County, California is a splendid destination for you. The beach consists of 5 zones, from north to south (Old Man’s, Cottons, Lowers, Middles, and Uppers). The best time for foil surfing here is early in the morning since every zone becomes jam-packed by noon, especially in summer.

Lower Trestles is probably the most remarkable section. It’s actually used annually for the World Surf League. However, if you are a newbie, consider visiting Old Man’s or Middles section as these areas are popular for their gentle waves. 

If you are looking for a perfect home for surfers in San Clemente, take a look at the Oceanfront Hacienda — the Spanish villa that was built in 1928 by Ole Hanson, the founder of San Clemente. The hotel provides its guests with extremely comfortable suites, top-notch restaurants, jaw-dropping water views, and a 3-minute walk to the surf spots. 

Trestles Beach, San Clemente, California

Mancora, Peru

Sunny beach, warm weather, small waves, and skillful instructors — can you imagine a better place for beginners? Actually, surfing is the soul of Mancora, a big part of the culture, and one of the main reasons to come here. If you wake up before 6 AM, you’ll get the unique chance to catch the magic hour of Mancora with its desolate beach, pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, and cloudless sky.

Mancora beach is a perfect location for foil surfing for beginners, thanks to its smaller waves and great winds, especially in August, September, and October. However, this place is often crowded so it’s better to arrange your foil surfing sessions in the early morning hours. 

For those who want to immerse themselves into the local atmosphere of Mancora, DCO Hotel is a marvelous place to stay. Besides the regular fully-equipped rooms, this boutique hotel offers the Master Suite with exquisite decorations, unique furniture, and a private jacuzzi for the most demanding guests. 

Mancora, Peru - perfect location for foil surfing

La Graviere Beach, Hossegor, France

Welcome to La Graviere Beach in Hossegor — a real paradise for pro surfers eager to catch a bunch of impressive waves before their morning coffee. Sunrise at La Graviere is the most marvelous time of the day for an unforgettable foil ride. There is also a wide and active community of surf experts in Hossegor so you can always get advice and support here.

La Graviere’s massive waves and warm water make it a perfect spot for pro foil surfers and various competitions. You can visit Hossegor year-round. It’s always possible to catch some waves, anyday and anytime 

However, do note that in July and August the waves are quite small and the beaches are usually overcrowded. In October, the water is still warm and the waves are much bigger so this is the best time of the year for your foil rides. 

Looking for a special place to stay in Hossegor? Les Hortensias du Lac offers top-notch accommodation for your perfect journey. A cozy lounge bar, spacious suites with gorgeous panoramic views, heated swimming pool, and sauna will make your trip comfortable and vivid. 

La Graviere Beach, Hossegor, France - paradise for pro surfers

Ngarunui Beach, Raglan, New Zealand

Raglan is a small surf town in the North Island that is perfect for both novices and experienced foil surfers. Ngarunui Beach is a splendid location for foil surfing to practice and learn how to stand up on a hydrofoil. Its small waves and gentle rollers will make your experience safe and comfortable. This beautiful beach is also home to the Raglan Surf School so you can always take several lessons.

Raglan is a beautiful travel destination — green mountains, pristine waters of the sea, and white-sand beaches will definitely impress you! There are also waves year-round, thus it will be much easier to plan your journey. In winter you will experience lots of powerful waves and in summer you will be delighted with a pleasant climate and smaller waves. 

There are lots of comfortable lodging options in Raglan but Longitude Apartments surpasses them all. Here you will feel a special atmosphere and explore the culture of New Zealand. It’s just a 2-minute walk to one of the Raglan’s neighborhoods full of local restaurants and surf shops. Each apartment is fully equipped, has a private entrance, BBQ, car parking, and outdoor patio. 

Ngarunui Beach, Raglan, New Zealand - splendid location for foil surfing to practice

Tallow Beach, Byron Bay, Australia

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports here. There are lots of perfect beaches to catch an awesome wave, thus every surfer has a wide variety of options to choose from. Tallow Beach is a perfect destination for pro foil surfers considering the waves are rather strong here. Remember that there are a bunch of strong rips and sometimes the beach doesn’t have lifeguards on patrol. This spot is best suitable for more seasoned foil surfers only.

Want to live among the untouched nature and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean? Eco Beach Resort offers a wide range of lodging options for everyone. 

Nature lovers can spend several nights in the Eco Tents and feel the connection to nature. For those who prefer comfort and relaxation, Beach Houses with king-size beds, luxurious furniture, and huge terraces are available for guests. Want something even more special? The hotel offers helicopter flights with an experienced pilot to see the amazing land from the air.

Tallow Beach, Byron Bay, Australia - perfect destination for pro foil surfers

It’s Time for Your Unforgettable Foil Ride!

Ready to stand up on your foil board and catch your perfect wave? Then, it’s time to pick one of the amazing locations for foil surfing from our carefully curated list. Dig in and see what kind of marvelous adventures await you!

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