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A Movie Route: 10 Inspirational Movies to Watch on Your Sailing Trip

23 September 2021

Sailing to distant lands is a fantastic experience! You get to see new countries, wonder-filled tropical islands, and explore different cultures. Even the trip itself can be an unforgettable experience, especially if you travel onboard a superyacht. You can make your voyage anywhere even more atmospheric if you choose to see a great movie to set the mood. 

To help you with that, our editorial team created a list of 10 inspirational movies to watch while traveling. Each entry on our list tells amazing stories of courage and adventure. Delve deep into the spirit of adventure and exploration with these encouraging and entertaining movies to watch while traveling by sea!

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1. Destination: Florida

Movie: Captain Ron

Indulge yourself with humorous misadventures and actions of Captain Ron — an entertaining movie about a middle-class father who hires a novice yacht owner to navigate the Caribbean to get his family to Miami.  

Starring Kurt Russell as captain of the ill-equipped yacht, the movie takes the viewers through a rapid change of events and scenes. Whether it is pirates who try to hijack the ship, guerilla carnivals, or various accidents at sea, you will never get bored or lose interest in the plot. 

Among the many movies for travel, Captain Ron is definitely one of the most captivating and humorous, so a good mood is guaranteed.

2. Destination: South America

Movie: White Squall

White Squall is an intense and dramatic movie based on the true story of a group of young boys going on a sailing trip with their mentor onboard Albatross. Starring Jeff Bridges as Dr. Christopher B. Sheldon, who was in charge of the expedition, the movie follows the band of sailors until a tragic turn of events led to a catastrophe.

The movie is named after a rare natural phenomenon when strong winds appear without any clouds in the sky and present a real danger to ships and their crew. When White Squall caught the crew of the Albatross by surprise, the fight for lives ensued. 

The event took place in the waters of the Caribbean Sea when the ship was on its way to the Galapagos Islands. A good reminder of the unpredictability of the sea, the White Squall is a movie to remember. 

3. Destination: Peru

Movie: Kon-Tiki

If you sial to Peru, you may want to spare a few hours to see the wonderful movie about exploration and adventure. Kon-Tiki is a biopic drama about great ethnography and explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who went on an expedition in 1947 to traverse the Pacific Ocean on a raft. 

Togher with four friends, the men bravely ventured from Peru to Polynesia, looking for evidence that early on, people colonized the islands in this way. During their long and dangerous journey, Thor Heyerdahl and his team saw many wonders of the ocean and had to fight for their survival.

This Academy Award-winning depiction of those events is an excellent way to bolster your own sense of adventure and exploration!

4. Destination: Canari Islands

Movie: Turning Tide

A movie with a lot of nail-biting moments, Turning Tide (En Solitaire) presents the story of a man whose dream comes true as he gets the chance to participate in the international yacht racing competition. The Vendée Globe round-the-world tournament will test the strength and resolve of every captain, including François Cluzet, who plays the main role.

As the race begins, the prospect of winning seems real, but a sudden malfunction of the rudder changes the odds. The captain is accompanied by an unlikely passenger, an immigrant boy who boarded the yacht in secret. The two men will have to bond to combat the many life-threatening challenges that await them.  

5. Destination: Hawaii

Movie: Morning Light

An excellent documentary on our list, Morning Light is a one-of-a-kind inspirational movie! The film follows a team of 15 men and women who train hard to participate in a yacht race. 

The crew gets together and trains with the professional yachtsmen on Hawaii islands. After seven months of rigorous training, the crew is ready for the trail of a week-long race from Hawaii to Los Angeles. 

Morning Light highlights how a team of inexperienced and young sailors committed themselves to the race and what kind of mental and physical power it required. A great movie for those of us who never shied away from outstanding achievements! 

6. Destination: Oman

Movie: Captain Phillips 

If you are sailing along the coast of eastern Africa or in the waters of the Arabian sea, consider watching a terrific inspirational movie about determination and unwavering resilience — Captain Phillips. 

This highly acclaimed movie depicts a true story about a crew of American containership that was ceased by Somalian pirates. The brave captain Phillips played by Tom Hanks strives to protect his team from the pirates and get everybody safely home. 

The movie is tense and thrilling at all times and will keep you on your anxious waiting for what comes next. Luckily, there is a sober, happy ending. 

7. Destination: Tahiti

Movie: Adrift

The oceans are as fascinating as they are dangerous. As we sail the waves, we must never forget about the unrelenting natural forces at the mercy of which we all are. 

Adrift is a thrilling drama about love, journey, and survival. Based on a true story, the film follows a young couple as they sail the Pacific Ocean on their way to San Diego. Tami and Richard hear the warning of the impending hurricane on the radio but recklessly decide to press on. 

When storming winds and capsizing waves batter their ship, all they can do is hope for the better. Unfortunately, Richard dies in the storm, and Tami has to navigate a badly damaged ship on her own for 41 days before finally reaching Hawaii. 

Even though Adrift went wide with creative freedom when emphasizing the challenges faced by Tami, the movie stayed true to the survival story. Though terrifying at times, the movie is captivating and inspirational. 

8. Destination: Cuba

Movie: The Old Man and The Sea Return to Cuba

A unique documentary telling the amazing story of a man living his life at sea, The Old Man and The Sea Return to Cuba is perfectly titled! Masterfully filmed, this enticing drama is all about character, determination, and the open sea.

The film invites us to imagine what our lives will be like if spent entirely away from land, what wonders will we see, and what challenges will we face? The plot follows the life of Admiral Finbar Gittelman, an experienced sailor who fled Cuba during the revolution and makes a voyage back home after a 50-year absence. Gittelman shares his many experiences at sea as he weaves the story of his life. 

Captivating and beautiful, the movie is set against the backdrop of the Cuban Islands and Florida. The viewers will see how the ship was caught in a storm with a near-miraculous escape as it approached the Cuban coast. 

9. Destination: Brazil

Movie: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

This masterful cinematographic recreation of the high sea era adventure will grab your attention. The events of the movie are set during the Napoleonic wars when British navy ships were chasing french vessels all around the globe. 

Captain Jack Aubrey, played by talented Rassel Crow, is in hot pursuit of the enemy frigate along the coast of Brazil. After a few encounters with the enemy, Audrey manages to lure the French vessel into a fight and take the ship as a priceless treasure!

Action-packed and often witty, Master and Commander is one of the most entertaining movies to watch on vacation at sea. 

10. Destination: Croatia

Movie: The Odyssey (2016)

Discover the life of great marine explorer Jacques Cousteau in the captivating biopic The Odyssey. Showing the becoming of a future legend of underwater exploration, the movie dives deep into the personal life of Cousteau and his uneasy character. 

Portrayed by Lambert Wilson, Cousteau follows his dream of discovering the many mysteries of the world’s oceans. You can see how his personality propelled him towards his remarkable achievements and gained fame and recognition worldwide. Moreover, the movie also shows the human side of Cousteau and his problematic relationship with the first wife, played by Audrey Tautou.

The Odyssey was primarily filmed in Croatia, showcasing the beautiful islands and nature of this fantastic country. 

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