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Madeira Vacation Guide: Know, See, Do and Chill
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The Most Marvelous Dive Sites to Observe Shipwrecks

Wreck diving is an unforgettable underwater adventure, as you can explore the secrets of numerous submerged vessels and relish the amazing marine life that inhabits these artificial reefs. Whether it’s a purpose-sunk vessel or a real shipwreck, you can experience one-of-a-kind underwater adventures while exploring these fantastic scuba diving spots.  In this article, we’ve compiled…

Mar 23, 2021

Australia’s Wonderland: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania is a dazzling island state of Australia. This stunning place is a perfect travel destination for every globetrotter.  Want to explore the local culture and observe Australian wildlife? Tasmania is home to the renowned Museum and Art Gallery and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Is your soul longing for adventures? Tasmania is a splendid destination for…

Mar 18, 2021

Sailing Around the World: Know All the Risk Before Journey Starts

Practicing slow traveling on a cruise ship is an exceptional experience. What’s better than having the ocean wind and the tropical sun gently caress your face and tickle your skin? At that moment, it’ll be just you, your dreams, and an open ocean far from the dust of your daily life. Yeah, we know well…

Mar 13, 2021

The Upcoming Superyacht Events You Must Visit [Yacht Events Calendar Inside]

A superyacht show is an event with a unique atmosphere. Millions of yacht lovers flock to the shores of Monaco, Miami and other prominent venues in the hope to see dozens of gorgeous vessels and feel the excitement from stepping aboard yachts they read about or aspire on.  For thousands of owners around the world…

Mar 11, 2021

Explore the World by Air: Best Helicopter Ride Tours For Your Next Vacation

What could be better than sightseeing? Helicopter sightseeing! Once you gain this spectacular experience, you won’t want to get back to traditional guide tours around the city. What looks good here on the ground transforms into jaw-dropping scenery when you look at them from top to bottom out of a helicopter windscreen.  The world is…

Mar 09, 2021

The Superyacht Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

The transportation industry is one of the most polluting spheres in human activity, along with fashion, agriculture, food retail, fuel and power. Airplanes, yachts, trains, cars, busses, and trucks account for the bulk of global CO2 emissions that drastically contaminate our environment.  Unfortunately, people can’t do without these modes of transport. We get to our…

Mar 06, 2021

7 Tech Advances in Marine Science You Need to Know

Have you ever seen these Titanic exploration videos? How breathtaking they are! When watching this passenger liner underwater, you can easily imagine how stunning it looked before being submerged by ocean waters. Would we have a chance to see it without modern technologies? Probably no.  While you might not read lots of marine science news,…

Mar 03, 2021

Private Islands You’ll Want to Rent. Cruise to Your Own Little Heaven

The siren call for privacy is getting more and more appreciated. Today all of us can enjoy a wide range of destinations that remain off the radar for most tourists. But the temptation of renting a private island may just be the most exclusive, most personal, and most private experience out there. Below we compiled…

Mar 01, 2021

Sailing Around the World: Mind-Blowing Routes for Your Next Adventure

Sailing around the world is a truly exceptional experience as it allows you to enjoy the azure waters, feel the cool breeze in your hair, and grasp the call of the sea. Whether you prefer to go on this fantastic adventure alone or want to share it with your loved ones, Ragnar is always happy…

Feb 28, 2021

The Most Secluded Islands in the World for Your Crowd-Free Getaway

There are a lot of places that come to mind when you are planning an island getaway. For instance, you might think of visiting world-known islands like Mallorca, Fiji, Bali, or the Maldives. But what about exploring some new horizons and traveling to the most isolated places in the world? It’s also a splendid way…

Feb 26, 2021