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Why Choose Mega Yacht When Embarking on Expedition to Alaska?
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Trip to the Caribbean on Board a Superyacht

Suppose you are a person who enjoys the pleasant touches of the hot tropical sun while gazing at mesmerizing views of ocean waters. In that case, you’ll definitely find our trip to the Caribbean joyful. With countless white sand beaches, magnificent bays, and tropical forests, the Caribbean produces unforgettable impressions. Now imagine that you go…

Jan 07, 2021

Iceland – The Land of Ice and Fire: Can Iceland Vacation Be Comfortable?

Imagine being on board a luxury superyacht heading to Iceland. You’re going out on deck brazing fresh cold air, and what you see is blue waters of open oceans. The anticipation of an awesome is growing with every mile until you see Iceland’s mesmerizing views from a super yacht deck. Sounds like a real adventure…

Jan 04, 2021

Cozy Arctic Trip: What’s It Like to Travel Onboard Ragnar Superyacht?

Traveling can be overwhelming, especially when you head off the beaten path right to explore the Arctic. Preparing and even thinking about such a big adventure, in particular, seems to evoke much of a thrill since you don’t know what to expect. To ease your worries, you should pick a proper yacht to travel in…

Dec 29, 2020

Magic of a New Year’s Eve Charter: A List of 5 Best Destinations

As we are approaching the most magical part of the year, it is the right time to plan your winter vacation. Every year we strive to pick a New Year’s Eve destination that will turn our holidays into a memorable and exciting experience. Have you already picked one? If you haven’t, check out our list…

Dec 27, 2020

Wanna See the Real Santa Claus? Visit Lapland on a Superyacht!

Lapland is a sublime land with numerous wonders. And once you reach this glorious kingdom, you’ll see how elves help Santa Claus pack his sleigh with bags full of Christmas presents. Or you may even witness how teeny dwarfs in red hats prep a glogg – a traditional Finnish mulled wine.  New Year’s Eve in…

Dec 23, 2020

Your Tropical Christmas Celebration On a Superycht

Have no idea where and how to celebrate Christmas? Why don’t you head to the tropics on a superyacht! Whether it’s Fiji or the Bahamas, onboard a luxurious vessel like Ragnar your tropical Christmas will be bright and memorable. Once you set foot on the opulent deck, your head may spin from amazement. Elegant interiors,…

Dec 18, 2020

Why Exclusive Charters Are Best for Your Journey to Antarctica

Traveling to the remotest parts of the world is becoming accessible and convenient as never before. There’s no more need to endure even the slightest inconveniences during a voyage to Antarctica. Luxury yachts, which are cruising the passes to the southern continent, provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy your expedition to Antarctica that once was…

Dec 03, 2020

Enjoy the Northern Lights on Board a Luxury Yacht

What comes to your mind when you hear about seeing the northern lights? Are they colorful beams or dancing rays?  No matter what associations you have about the northern lights and where you plan to gaze at them – whether it’s snowy-yet-beautiful Norway or icy-cold Greenland. It’s important how you plan to marvel at this…

Nov 20, 2020


Meet Ragnar—Your Provider of  Luxury Trips on Board a Mega Yacht Get the best out of your ship tour on board Ragnar—the first-in-its-class mega yacht with all the properties of an icebreaker. Read on to find out more!  

Oct 23, 2020

Wildlife of the North: Arctic Reindeer

The Crowned Heirs of the Arctic Kingdom  Arctic reindeer – who are they? Who are these majestic creatures with a crown on their heads? We see reindeer as the ones who pull Santa Claus’ sleigh with Christmas presents for children.  But in reality, these incredible animals can be true royal heirs of the Arctic realm….

Oct 22, 2020