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Paradise or Hell? Best Places to Visit in Bora Bora

22 October 2020

Experience the Blue Pearl of the Pacific Ocean 

Have you ever wanted to see real-life paradise? Bora Bora looks like that. This small island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean has innumerable wonders. Blue lagoons, delicious food, impressive sunsets, and diverse marine life – just to name a few. 

Bora Bora is a precious jewel. Once you’ve traveled there, you’ll never forget the noise of its crystal sea waves. Your memories about its warm breeze and turquoise water will always remind you to come back again. 

So, what else should you remember about Bora Bora? Read our article to discover 7 must-see wonders of this charming island. 

Must-see places of charming Bora Bora island
  1. Blue Lagoon – a True Wonder of Nature 

You’ve just arrived in Bora Bora. It’s your first day of a 2-week vacation. So, what are you going to do? Take a swim in the blue lagoon, of course! Its turquoise water sparkles brightly, offering you to bathe. And you gladly accept this invitation. You dive in and look at amazing miracles around you. Sea turtles and colorful fish swim over coral reefs with you. Once you’ve tried this fantastic experience, you’ll have a mighty craving to take an exciting bath in the blue lagoon one more time. 

Blue Lagoon - Fantastic Bora Bora Experience
  1. Leopard Rays Trench – a Perfect Spot for Diving

Not far from Bora Bora’s coastlines, there is a place where sharks and rays live together. The name of this spot is Leopard Rays Trench. Getting there from any Bora Bora’s hotel seems easy. All you need to do is to book a boat tour at the reception desk. And voilà – you’re ready to experience Leopard Rays Trench. Not only can you see dangerous hunters like sharks or electric rays, but you may also swim with them. And you shouldn’t be afraid of them as these creatures are quite friendly with humans. 

Leopard Rays Trench - Bora Bora Dive Site
  1. Matira Point – the Southernmost Tip of Bora Bora 

Matira Point is a narrow stretch of white-colored sand beaches in Bora Bora. Located underneath the highest island’s mountain, Otemanu, it’s a place where life vibrates in every nook and cranny. Matira Point is a perfect spot for marveling at beautiful sunrises and sipping your favorite cocktail in a bar. Lush forests, jaw-dropping sceneries, and pleasant sea breezes create unforgettable memories for every traveler. To experience these wonderful things, book a room in one of the luxury hotels or resorts in Bora Bora near the Matira Point. 

  1. Otemanu – the Highest Bora Bora’s Mountain 

Bora Bora can’t boast of extremely high mountains like the Himalayas ones. But this tiny island has an excellent location for hiking lovers. Otemanu is the biggest peak in Bora Bora. Its height is only 727 meters above sea level. Believe us or not, but even climbing to the base will be worth your efforts as the mountain’s summit can’t support human weight. Dense jungles, local altars, and meadow fields might surround your final destination. So, grab your camera and  impress your friends with nice shots when you’re home. 

Otemanu - the biggest peak in Bora Bora
  1. Mesmerizing Sunsets

Pink hues on the slightly gray sky and the warm sea wind blows playfully on your face. You drink a tropical cocktail and observe how the sun goes beyond the horizon. You’re witnessing sunsets now – which is one of the most alluring moments in Bora Bora. Rarely have you ever seen a captivating scene like this in your life, right? Bora Bora has countless natural wonders. And sunsets are among a few of them. So, book your hotel with a view of the Pacific Ocean and marvel at these eye-catching sunny scenes. 

Mesmerizing Sunsets - alluring moments in Bora Bora
  1. Fantastic Ocean Life

Apart from Leopard Rays Trench, Bora Bora’s lagoonarium is another location for divers to see marine creatures. It’s like a natural aquarium but without glass walls. You can spy at colorful fish, rays, and jellyfish or try snorkeling – a swim with ocean inhabitants. If you’re not a fan of taking a bath with sharks, book a boat trip around the lagoonarium or visit the turtle center in Meridien Bora Bora resort. Every of these options will leave a pleasant memory about your stay in Bora Bora. 

Fantastic Ocean Life - pleasant experience about your stay in Bora Bora
  1. Local Cuisine – a True Tahitian Spirit

Bora Bora has an unusual fusion of culinary culture. French, Italian, and Japanese cooking traditions shaped it. But despite such a diverse foreign influence, Bora Bora preserved its Tahitian meal tradition. And eating food with hands is one of them. So, what ‘yummies’ can you taste on this tropical island? Poisson Cru is a Tahitian dish that includes marinated tuna or salmon in lime and coconut. Among sweet desserts, you may try papaya or banana purée. They are usually baked and covered with coconut milk or vanilla. You may taste these delicious plates in any Bora Bora’s hotels or water bungalows. 

Delicious meals on Bora Bora

Visit Bora Bora With Ragnar!

The perfect perception of Bora Bora can’t be taken away from our minds so quickly. Its crystal sea and fascinating sunsets have always charmed us. And hardly could we think that Bora Bora was a hell million years ago due to its volcanic nature. But now, this magnificent island offers many discoveries to visitors. Ragnar has tropical tours around French Polynesia, and Bora Bora is also included in our travel route. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you organize a trip of your dreams. 

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