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Party on a Yacht: 5 Mind-Blowing Ideas for an Unforgettable Evening

7 February 2021

A perfect party venue is the key to your successful event! To enjoy your special day to the fullest, we recommend throwing a party on a superyacht as it’s equipped with everything to have the time of your life―from a large top-deck swimming pool to a luxurious bar and helicopter that is always ready to bring you to any location you want to visit. 

Whether you plan a wedding, want to celebrate your birthday or make your anniversary romantic and memorable, a yacht party is a great way to spend time with family and friends while enjoying breathtaking seascapes. We’ve gathered the best ideas for a party on a yacht that will suit any occasion. 

Yacht party -  enjoying breathtaking seascapes

Getting Ready for a Party on a Yacht 

Before you get down to organizing your party, it’s essential to carry out some preparations to make your event spectacular: 

  • Compose a Guest List

Whether you want to throw a huge party or just organize a pleasant event with your nearest and dearest, you’ll need a guest list to rent the right yacht and send the invitations. 

Don’t forget to do it in advance and give your guests at least a month to let people plan their time. Summer is a busy season for everyone so if you are going to throw a yacht party in the prime time, give your invitees a six weeks’ notice or even more. 

Getting ready for a party on a yacht - making a guest list
  • Think About Entertainment 

Nobody wants their party to be boring and lifeless. That’s why it’s crucial to come up with fun activities for the whole company or rent a yacht with a wide range of entertainment options. By organizing a yacht party aboard Ragnar,you provide  your guests can enjoy their time in a jacuzzi with a glass of champagne, dance on a spacious deck, and take diving lessons to explore the marvelous marine life. 

Organizing a yacht party on board Ragnar
  • Choose a Theme of Your Party

If you want the celebration to be as extraordinary as possible, think about a special theme for the party. It will define a dress code, activities, decor, and even menu for your guests. Exquisite buffet dinner and champagne is a perfect match for a Hollywood themed event while seafood with savory cocktails and exotic fruit will fit a vivid tropical party. 

Vivid tropical party with Ragnar
  • Don’t Forget About Food and Beverages 

A varied and luxurious menu is one of the key points to keep your guests delighted and make the yacht event unforgettable! Ragnar can provide you with a first-class chef for your party to impress even the most demanding gourmet. Elegant open buffet, exquisite full-course dinner, amazing dessert bar — the only limit is your imagination! 

Food for unforgettable yachting event

Top 5 Ideas for Your Awesome Yacht Party

  1. Wedding on a Yacht 

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable and romantic days of your life. What can be more romantic than celebrating your wedding day while mesmerizing impressive seascapes and sipping champagne on a spacious deck? It’s also a splendid chance to take amazing wedding photos and capture your special day forever.

Many vessels even offer special wedding packages that include a coordinator, DJ, decorations, food, beverages, and a wedding cake. The professional crew along with a bartender and a chef will make your wedding on a yacht unforgettable! 

Wedding on a yacht
  1. Birthday Party on a Yacht 

There’s no better venue for a birthday party than a superyacht. Spend your day with family and friends by enjoying magnificent views and dancing all night long on a deck of a superyacht. 

All you have to do is book a date, choose a specific route, decorations, cuisine, and entertainment options for your party. Your guests can soak in a jacuzzi, enjoy such activities as scuba diving and snorkeling, savor exquisite dishes and good drinks. A birthday party on a yacht is a great way to treat yourself to top-notch service, first-class cuisine, ultimate experience, and amazing time. 

Birthday party on a superyacht
  1. Mermaid Party

A superyacht is a perfect location to throw an amazing mermaid-themed party. Let your guests use their imagination to the fullest while creating their outfits but don’t forget to include shells, starfish, and glitter into a “dress code policy” to make your party the brightest event of the season! 

The menu for this yacht party is quite easy to plan. All kinds of seafood, sushi, shark fin cupcakes, starfish cookies, seashell pasta, and ocean blue cocktails will create the perfect mood for your guests. 

You won’t need a lot of decor for this event as the natural surroundings are just perfect to immerse everyone into the magnificent atmosphere of the ocean. Just put up such decorations as seaweed, shells, anchors, coral reefs, and fishing nets and get ready to dive deep into fascinating marine life! 

Menu for yacht party
  1. Red Carpet

This party is a splendid option for those who adore luxurious and impressive events as everyone can become a celebrity and enjoy a glamorous lifestyle. The decorations have to be elegant and lush — red carpet and amazing photo zones to pose like the Hollywood stars. Instruct your invitees to put on fancy dresses and tuxedos and get ready to rock this night away! 

You can also award your guests mini Oscars for the best outfit, the most impressive photo, the greatest red carpet walk, and the most hilarious jokes. The dishes for a Hollywood-themed party have to be creative and easy to eat so finger food like bruschette, shrimp cocktails, oysters, chocolate fondue, and Oscar-shaped cookies will fit perfectly. 

Luxurious and impressive yachting events
  1. Casino Party 

Bring your guests together to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a casino. The superyacht is a perfect party venue to immerse everyone into this luxurious and thrilling lifestyle.

To create the perfect mood for this yacht party, you will need to set up the tables for poker, baccarat, Blackjack, and roulette. Decorate the yacht with the classic white, black, red, and green casino color scheme. Encourage your guests to dress up as glamorous as possible — sophisticated suites and elegant dresses will work just great!

An open buffet with exquisite appetizers will be a perfect option for a casino party on a yacht. Don’t forget to include in a menu such themed dishes as dominoes-shaped brownies, casino Jell-O shots, and the Poker Face cocktail. 

Casino party on a yacht

Embark on a Superyacht To Have an Incredible Vacation 

Hosting a yacht event will be easy as pie if you choose a perfect vessel for your celebration. Whether you want to throw a luxurious Hollywood party or have a cozy mermaid-themed evening, Ragnar is always happy to help you organize a mind-blowing event. Experienced crew, top-notch services, award-winning chefs, and mesmerizing seascapes will make your yacht party a tremendous hit! 

Embark on a comfortable superyacht and get ready to have the time of your life!

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