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Ragnar Has Been Nominated For Ocean Awards Yacht of the Year 2021

2 April 2021

Ragnar is excited to be one of the two finalists nominated for Ocean Awards Yacht of the Year 2021 as the vessel supporting ocean-saving work and contributing to preserving the marine environment. Equipped with first-class research equipment, Ragnar is committed to supporting international organizations and scientific initiatives by providing accurate data on marine biomes. 

Ragnar Nominated For Ocean Awards Yacht of the Year 2021

About Ocean Award Yacht of the Year 

The Ocean Award Yacht of the Year has been created to encourage sustainability in yachting and acknowledge companies contributing to marine conservation. 

This goal could be attained by providing accurate data to aid scientific studies, raising public awareness of environmental issues, or undertaking proactive initiatives to minimize human impact on our planet. The Yacht of the Year 2021 is created to celebrate people working on preserving marine environments and vessels designed to make the yachting industry more sustainable

About Ragnar

Ragnar is the superyacht explorer equipped with innovative research equipment that helps scientists extract meteorological and oceanographic data and convert it into meaningful insights. 

High-precision instruments installed on the vessel continuously measure a set of indicators, including atmosphere pressure, water salinity, ocean temperatures, wind direction, and strength. After that, an onboard OSC-Software transmits and validates the information with Météo-France, one of the world’s best meteorological services. The data collected by Ragnar can be accessed from any scientific institute for 194 countries in the United Nations. 

Certified as an Ice Class A1 yacht, Ragnar can reach the most remote corners of our planet, be it tropical shores of the Caribbean or icy Antarctic hills. Thanks to a draft of 3.15 meters, the vessel can dock at the shallowest beaches and cruise to any hard-to-reach destination. 

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