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Ragnar: Your Provider of Unforgettable Memories on Board a Mega Yacht

22 October 2020

The yachting experience is something that cannot be compared to other types of entertainment. Once you set foot on the bridge during your first ship tour, you won’t want to exchange this journey for anything else. The gentle sway of the waves instills serenity, courteous staff take care of your needs, and magnificent views are constantly changing outside your window. It is here where you realize just how diverse and multifaceted our planet is! 

Ragnar is the provider of exclusive traveling experiences on board a mega yacht which has all the characteristics of a powerful icebreaker. Whatever destination you’re dreaming of, we will make sure you will reach it in comfort and remember this trip for years to come!

Ragnar: The First Mega Yacht—Icebreaker 

Ragnar was born as the result of a dream to revolutionize the world of traveling with a first-class mega yacht with all the properties of an icebreaker. The CEO of Ragnar, together with a highly professional team, put much time and effort into converting this brutal vessel into a luxury cruise ship ready to bring its guests to the most remote parts of the world. Arctic, Antarctic, or the Tropics? Wherever your heart is longing, Ragnar possesses all the necessary requirements to reach your destination. 

It is hard to find a better moment than summer to step on board with Ragnar and experience this unforgettable cruise of a lifetime. When you stand in front of this massive machine, you feel all the strength and power it resonates; equipped with a PC5 diesel-electric pod drive engine, the Ragnar mega yacht has the capacity to break through the icy ocean or a stormy sea. We made sure our ship is safe and comfortable, so nothing can disturb you from enjoying your trip. 

Be the One to Get This Unique Experience

Not many people can boast of reaching the Arctic or of having the experience of making their way through the dense rainforest. Whatever goal you have, we at Ragnar take it as our personal challenge to make your boldest ideas come alive without compromising your comfort and the quality of our services. 

On board the mega yacht, you have a chance to become one of the few travelers who set their foot on the far lands of the world. Accompanied with our guide and a crew of 13 professionals, you’ll be able to enjoy every moment of your trip. 

Feel Yourself at Home on Board Ragnar

If you’ve ever been on an expedition, you should know what an exciting experience it is. Together with a group of likeminded people, you head toward the most exotic parts of the world and observe all the beautiful wonders along the route to your destination. This is definitely an achievement our guests can be proud of!

However, along with excitement and adventures, such expeditions are frequently associated with harsh weather conditions. Cold winds and blizzards in the Arctic and unbearable heat in the Tropics are inevitable obstacles on your way to success. These factors often discourage even experienced adventurers from attaining their goals. 

Ragnar is a one-of-a-kind mega yacht that combines the convenience of a five-star hotel with the power of an icebreaker in one vessel. On board the luxury yacht, you can focus on your traveling experience and delegate the rest to our professional team. They will take care of your needs while you explore the sights and experience the best of your journey!

Let the World Travel Around You

Our world is so diverse and beautiful that it would be unwise to stay home and wait for the right moment to explore it. And the best way to do so is to set off on a Ragnar cruise—on board one of the most powerful mega yachts. Instead of traveling around the world in search of sights and unique places, let the world travel around you! 

Globetrotters will rave about such an opportunity. Make yourself comfortable in the cabin, sip from a cup of fragrant coffee prepared by our best-in-class barista, and get ready to observe the most picturesque views from your window. 

No Time for Boredom

In case you’re not the kind of person who’d spend the whole trip sitting in the cabin observing the views, we prepared a bunch of activities that won’t let you get bored and that will bring a spark of happiness to your trip. Whether you’re a recluse, a nature lover, or a real party animal, you’ll find plenty of ways to entertain yourself and have the time of your life. 

From flying a helicopter to riding exclusive cars, you can experience many opportunities both on the yacht and onshore. Our team will make sure you won’t get bored on your trip and that you will have a chance to engage in new activities. 

Fill Your Life with Memories

As Ibn Battuta once said, “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Stories are why we strive to explore the world to the fullest and see as many sights as we can. You have this unique experience, take a great photo or video of something amazing, and show it to your dearest and nearest. Every time you scroll through the pictures or watch what you’ve shot, you go back to that place and experience those emotions again and again. 

With Ragnar, you can store up the most valuable asset most travelers are searching for—memories. Don’t forget to take your camera with you as photo and video hunting are essential parts of all our trips. You’ll have a unique chance to see places most humans have never been to and to capture these moments on your device. Our guide will show you all the sights so that you won’t miss anything important. 

Get Together with Your Friends and Family

Apart from breathtaking views, exciting adventures, and amazing entertainment, Ragnar trips provide you with an awesome opportunity to get together with your family and allocate your time for the most important people in your life. It is a great chance to celebrate any occasion in a cozy atmosphere surrounded by those closest to you. Our crew will take care of everything and make sure you’ll be able to focus on communication with the people you love. 

Ragnar is the place where you’ll find everything you need for a family holiday. Our talented chefs will prepare a holiday dinner with exclusive drinks. You’ll discover cities you have never seen, see natural wonders with your own eyes, and feel yourself at the edge of the world. Spending a few days in such a romantic atmosphere with your family is undoubtedly a precious experience! 

Team Building that Really Unites 

How are your team-building sessions organized? As a rule, you get together in a hotel lobby with your colleagues, have a little chat followed by a tasty dinner, and then you quickly rush back to your room. Such activities do not encourage effective team building due to the lack of decent communication among the participants. 

Ship tours are where teams can really get together in one place to communicate, gain valuable experience, exchange news, develop new impressions, and have fun in an informal atmosphere. Moreover, on an expedition, sticking to your group is essential for survival. Thus, your employees will be forced to work together on tasks and collaborate to reach their goals. Such practices are proven to be effective in building team spirit. 

Set Out on an Adventure with Ragnar!

Have you often dreamed big about exploring the world on board a mega yacht? Don’t put it off too long! The world is waiting for you to jump into that exploration. Our crew will do their best to ensure your trip is full of adventures, emotions, and beautiful sights. Just reach out to us to start your adventure.

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