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Sailing Around the World: Know All the Risk Before Journey Starts

13 March 2021

Practicing slow traveling on a cruise ship is an exceptional experience. What’s better than having the ocean wind and the tropical sun gently caress your face and tickle your skin? At that moment, it’ll be just you, your dreams, and an open ocean far from the dust of your daily life. Yeah, we know well why many adore cruises and dream about sailing the world on a yacht. 

You may be surprised that even though it’s one of the safest ways to travel, sailing can become dangerous sometimes. Let’s check some risks we may face while traveling by yacht around the world.

Sailing around the world on a yacht

Falling Overboard


Probably the first risk that comes to your mind when you think of sailing the world is falling overboard. It’s quite a common concern. While the chances of falling into the water are low, it might happen sometimes. The best you can do is exercise caution at all times to avoid such incidents. 

Cruise yachts are built according to strict rules. With high balconies, railing, and structural barriers, it’s not that easy to fall overboard, even if your height is about 2 meters. There are those, however, who will manage to do that and end up in grave danger. Some even climb the rails, which is a very dangerous act. When a person falls overboard, they risk either drowning or experiencing hypothermia due to the low water temperatures. 


First things first, don’t let your guard down. It is important to always pay attention to what’s going on around you. At Ragnar, we put a lot of effort into maintaining sailing safety with security cameras and officers, so the chances that something would happen to you are very low.  But you also shouldn’t be careless.  

The following is a list of general safety rules that can help to prevent you from falling overboard:

  • Don’t take drinks from strangers 
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol
  • Keep your cabin locked 
  • Don’t visit strangers’ rooms. 

If you are taking part in activities that increase your risk of falling into the water, it is advisable to put on life jackets or vests. These will automatically inflate upon hitting the water. Wear it whenever you decide to walk on deck, and you will have nothing to worry about. Also, the vests are quite comfortable to wear. 

Kiteboarding - travel with Ragnar



If you think that pirates are just stories from the past, you are totally wrong. They still do exists even to this and they are a real danger to people who are sailing. Statistically, there is not a big number of pirate attacks happening, but forewarned is forearmed. They occur from time to time. So, how can you be prepared for this while sailing the world by yacht?


Traveling with a professional crew means you should not worry about pirate attacks since they know areas of pirates’ activity. For instance, the Gulf of Aden, situated between Yemen and Somalia, is a no-go area for cruise yachts.

It might happen that you meet them even in areas that are usually safe. In such instances, you shouldn’t worry much. Ragnar has extra security to ensure passengers’ wellbeing.

 Besides, Ragnar ensures that the yacht is not so noticeable to pirates. This is done by dimming all the exterior lights and asking passengers to keep lights in the cabins to the lowest setting whenever sailing near dangerous zones. 

Ragnar - extra security from pirates to ensure passengers’ wellbeing



During summer months in specific regions like the Caribbean, there is a risk of hurricanes. Because of this, many people refuse to sail, though it can be the best time for sailing the world by yacht. 

Each year, the Caribbean area experiences an average of 10-15 storms. However, only a couple of them is big enough for you even to start worrying. We’re not going to convince you that hurricanes carry no danger. In fact, they do! But being clear-headed while looking at this cruise risk is your life jacket. 


Hurricanes are natural phenomena we can’t stop but predict. Ragnar’s crew checks the weather many times to choose the best and safest time to sail the world by yacht. 

Also, picking the paths that don’t tend to have big storms ensures all passengers will be safe and sound and satisfied by charming weather. Whenever you travel the world with Ragnar, you can expect blue skies all the way.

Risk of hurricanes while sailing the world by yacht




Let’s not forget that we’re still fighting against the coronavirus. Every time you find yourself in an overpopulated place, the chances of getting the virus increase. Clearly, safety in the wake of such a health crisis is the primary concern of many cruisers. 


To avoid spreading the virus and having it on board, specific COVID-19 protocols had been implemented. Adhering to the particular rules may decrease risks to the minimum. So, the green light is given to sailing the world by yacht. 

Among the rules that help combat the virus and avoid it onboard is mandatory masking while in public places on a yacht, hand sanitizing, and avoiding physical contact with strangers. 

At Ragnar, we put a lot of effort into checking every passenger and we ensure that all passengers are tested before they come on board. Unfortunately, if any of the passengers display signs or test positive, they won’t be able to take part in our mesmerizing cruises. We do this because we care about you and your sailing safety.

COVID-19 - avoiding spreading the virus on board while sailing the world by yacht



Sailing the world by yacht, however fascinating and stunning, can evoke homesickness. Sometimes no matter how much fun you are having, you can end up missing home nonetheless. There are very low chances that you will be bored or sad during this memorable trip when countless entertainments are on every corner: swimming pools, spa salons, fitness clubs, restaurants, sports grounds, and so on. But as human beings, we generally feel the most comfortable in our homes. 


To not miss home, take as many of your loved ones and belongings from home as you can. What we love about our homes is not the home itself but the memories it fuels. Cruising the world can be challenging when you keep thinking about your home. 

Take your favorite books and food with you not to feel detached too much from your home. Besides, if your loved ones tag along with you, you won’t even notice that you’re far from home. 

Perceive sailing the world as an adventure and a source for inspiration and focus on what’s around you. The mesmerizing surrounding will convince you to slow down and enjoy.

Sailing the world - feel detached too much from your home

Have a Safe Trip With Knowing How to Avoid Dangers!

Why do people go cruising even if they know about the possibility of sailing dangers? The answer is simple: the world is teeming with stunning places we’d like to explore, as well as it’s full of outstanding and fascinating people we’d like to meet. There is no such existing sailing danger that can throw such experiences in the shade!

Anyway, to have a safe trip, choose the yacht wisely. Ragnar is not only a luxury, it is also a hallmark of safety in the seas and oceans. We take care that every passenger is satisfied and happy, and a crew of professionals ensure nothing can harm anyone during the cruise. Stay safe and cheerful with us! 


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