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Sailing Around the World: Mind-Blowing Routes for Your Next Adventure

28 February 2021

Sailing around the world is a truly exceptional experience as it allows you to enjoy the azure waters, feel the cool breeze in your hair, and grasp the call of the sea. Whether you prefer to go on this fantastic adventure alone or want to share it with your loved ones, Ragnar is always happy to accompany you and ensure you are aware of the best cruise yacht routes around the world.  

To make your choice easier, we’ve gathered a list of the most remarkable sailing routes that will allow you to observe breathtaking views and enjoy your cruise to the fullest. May you have fair winds and following seas!

Cruise yacht routes around the world with Ragnar

Jamaica, the Caribbean Sea

Jamaica is a dazzling island in the Caribbean that will let you feel the serene rhythm of life and immerse you into the beat of reggae. This tropical paradise is home to unique wildlife, exotic cuisine, and hospitable locals. 

Sailing along over 500 kilometers of mesmerizing coastline, you’ll get a chance to enjoy snorkeling or diving and explore the gorgeous marine life. Here you can encounter eels, sea turtles, jellyfish, skates, tarpons, and more than 700 other fish species. 

We recommend beginning your sailing adventure in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. Kingston Harbour is 16 km long and 3 km wide which makes it perfect to accommodate ships close to the coast. There is also the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club here that was founded in 1884 by a group of sailors. Now it can accommodate ships up to 45 meters in length and has a great restaurant with a stunning view of Kingston and a vast swimming pool.

To explore the north coast of Jamaica, head to Ocho Rios, a port and a former fishing village. It’s a trade center and popular travel destination known for its active nightlife. Ocho Rios is also home to Jamaica’s mesmerizing waterfalls, Blue Hole and Laughing Waters. 

Finish your journey route by sailing to Montego Bay with its award-winning Montego Bay Yacht Club which is close to comfortable hotels and luxurious boutiques. It’s a splendid place to moor a vessel, observe incredible landscapes, enjoy the club’s restaurant and bar or go fishing.

Jamaica, the Caribbean Sea - Sailing of mesmerizing coastline | Ragnar

Sardinia, the Mediterranean Sea

Sardinia is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean and its coastline of more than 1800 km consists of various smaller islands and fabulous white-sand beaches. It’s a favorite place for yachtsmen and surfers so it’s definitely worth sailing! 

Start your trip from Marina di Portisco, one of the few Italian ports where you can moor a superyacht. Whether you want to explore the island as you sail the waters or on the land, Marina di Portisco with its variety of facilities and magnificent spots for snorkeling is just perfect for your needs. 

From Marina di Portisco you can sail to a wide range of astonishing islands like Caprera. We recommend taking a break and visiting this charming island to taste the exquisite Sardinian dishes. You can also stop by the Museum of the sea and learn about seafaring traditions. 

At the museum, you’ll be able to find out more about the culture and history of the island by observing photos and historical objects. A friendly guide will accompany you to make the history of Caprera alive and vivid. 

Porto Massimo will be a brilliant final point of this cruise route. There you can relax and observe the nearby islands from Capriccioli Beach. Its azure water makes the beach a perfect place to refresh on a hot day or enjoy snorkeling. There are also lots of luxurious lodging options with swimming pools, hot tubs, and restaurants if you want to stick around for a while. 

Sardinia, the Mediterranean Sea - trip to one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean

Croatia, the Adriatic Sea

Croatia is an extremely popular sailing destination for yachtsmen thanks to its almost 6000 km of gorgeous coastline, over 1000 mesmerizing islands, and marvelous sailing area. Our sailing route will help you enjoy the most breathtaking landscapes and sights of Croatia.

Your sailing adventure starts in the port of Split. This port is rather busy as nearby you can find an airport and ferry services. The first sailing destination is Milna, a picturesque village with beautiful architecture. 

If you are interested in the cultural heritage of Croatia, don’t forget to visit the Gligo Castle near the Bobovišća bay. This Baroque fortress was crucial for harbor protection thanks to a huge defensive wall, towers, and lookout points. 

Once you finish observing the landmarks of Milna, head to Hvar, the island full of historical sites and remarkable architecture. Hvar is also famous for its nightlife as the island is home to numerous music festivals. The beautiful beaches around Hvar like Malo Zarace or Dubovica and crystal clear sea will let you relax and explore marvelous marine life. And don’t forget to taste local wines as Hvar is known for producing extremely delicious red wine. 

You can finish your stunning sailing route by heading north to Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia. There’s a pine tree forest around the town which makes Stari Grad a fantastic place to hide from the scorching sun. Walking the narrow streets of this cozy town and discovering well-preserved architecture will make you feel like time has stopped. 

Complete your journey by savoring Croatian cuisine in Nauta Restaurant. The lovely terrace and helpful staff will create an amazing atmosphere for you. We recommend trying sea bass with zucchini, lamb shank, grilled vegetables, and pizza from the wood-fired oven. 

Croatia, the Adriatic Sea - sailing adventure with Ragnar

Corsica, the Mediterranean Sea

Corsica is a marvelous French island west of Italy with a 1200 km long coastline and beautiful beaches. This world-renowned sailing destination combines awe-inspiring mountain views and eye-catching old towns. Corsica provides one of the best sailing routes in Europe so you will definitely find numerous gorgeous places to cast anchor and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

The port of Macinaggio is a fantastic place to start your sailing route. It’s the biggest port in Cap Corse that was used as a military port by the Romans. This area is a land of proud sailors so everything here induces you to set sail and discover new horizons!

Once you are all set, it’s time to sail to Saint-Florent, home to the most beautiful beaches on the island and numerous luxurious yachts. If you truly adore water sports, La Roya Beach is a must-visit place for you! The beach is huge so it’ll be easier to find lots of crowd-free spots to enjoy scuba diving, surfing, jet skis, and kayaking. Don’t forget to stop by the vineyards of Patrimonio. There are dozens of vineyards to visit here so just follow the Route des Vins through Farinole, the picturesque village between the sea and the mountains.

When you are tired of water sports and wine testing, head west to Girolata. This marvelous fishing village can be overcrowded in summer but it’s not the regular seaside resort. Girolata has its unique magic so you’ll be captivated by secret coves, narrow streets, and the pristine waters of the amazing bay. 

Corsica, the Mediterranean Sea - fantastic place to start your sailing route

Plan Your Next Sailing Adventure with Ragnar

Now you are ready to embark on your unforgettable sailing adventure! Choose one of the breathtaking sailing routes around the world and discover jaw-dropping seascapes, unique wildlife, numerous cultures, and world-class water sports on board the superyacht. A new adventure is waiting for you, just raise the sail! 

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