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Submarine Ride — Your Mind-Blowing Underwater Adventure

4 February 2021

Do you know that exciting feeling when you’ve embarked on a submarine tour and get prepared to explore the most uncharted mysteries of the underwater world and its exotic inhabitants? Our seasoned crew welcomes you on board and takes you to a fully-equipped and comfortable submarine where you can enjoy the mesmerizing seascapes and beautiful white-sand beaches.

Then, an experienced helmsman descends you to depths of 150 feet. You look out through the portholes and face vivid tropical fish, the remains of old and forgotten shipwrecks, coral reefs, and turtles. While you are observing the wonders of the underwater world, our professional guide delights you with gripping stories and fascinating facts about ocean life. 

Want to unlock the secrets of the underwater world with us? We’ve handpicked the top benefits of submarine tours so that you can be sure that it’ll be the most captivating and unforgettable adventure ever! 

Secrets of the underwater world

Top 5 Reasons to Take an Amazing Submarine Ride 

  1. It’s a family-friendly adventure 

You can choose a solo underwater tour, arrange a romantic date, or share these stunning emotions with your kids — the choice is yours! The only restriction is that the kids have to be no less than 3 feet in height to fit all the protective equipment aboard a submarine. We always care for the comfort and safety of our guests.

The kids will be completely delighted to peer out the wide portholes and observe the beauty of marine life while you’ll have a relaxing journey accompanied by an unforgettable submarine excursion. 

Unforgettable submarine excursion with Ragnar
  1. A professional crew will make your experience truly astonishing and safe

Our determined crew headed by a seasoned helmsman will do everything to make your submarine adventures memorable and safe. The guide will point out all the jaw-dropping views outside your porthole and help you spot every sea creature you might encounter. It will be much easier to immerse yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of the slow-motion ocean.

Seasickness is not a problem aboard a submarine so you can just relax on the highly comfortable seats and observe the mesmerizing seascapes out the wide portholes. Once your submarine ride is over, you will be transferred back to the ship. 

Submarine adventures - professional crew
  1. Our submarine won’t disturb the marine life

We understand how human impact can damage the environment. That’s why we keep the submarine tours eco-friendly and encourage our guests to protect nature and act responsibly to keep the underwater world as untouched as possible.

Eco-friendly submarine tours with Ragnar
  1. You can take a ton of mind-blowing photos of the sea creatures

Gazing at the horizon and observing breathtaking views, what could be better? Don’t let these moments vanish into thin air. Take a photo camera with us and capture the best pictures of marine life.  Remember that the ocean world isn’t all about various shades of blue—it’s a radiant combination of black, blue, deep purple, and green. Such marine inhabitants as exotic fish, sea turtles, moray eels, and coral reefs will impress you with a great diversity of colors.

Photos of the marine inhabitants
  1. A special event onboard a submarine will be unforgettable!

Want to celebrate the wedding anniversary, arrange a romantic date or show your loved one the uncharted secrets of the underwater world? It couldn’t be easier with our submarine tour! 

Just don’t tell your date where you are going, put a blindfold over their eyes and keep it until you are onboard a submarine. Imagine the excitement of your date when they find themselves in the middle of the jaw-dropping underwater wonderland along with its bright and diverse inhabitants! We guarantee it will be one of the best events ever for both of you, so give it a chance!

Submarine Adventures With Ragnar

Experience the Most Extraordinary Submarine Adventures With Ragnar

Are you ready to explore the mysterious legends of the ocean and meet the most exotic sea creatures? Then, embark on a splendid submarine ride with Ragnar and have the best time of your life! We guarantee you and your loved ones will be over the moon about this awesome underwater journey!

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