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The Superyacht Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

6 March 2021

The transportation industry is one of the most polluting spheres in human activity, along with fashion, agriculture, food retail, fuel and power. Airplanes, yachts, trains, cars, busses, and trucks account for the bulk of global CO2 emissions that drastically contaminate our environment. 

Unfortunately, people can’t do without these modes of transport. We get to our offices by car, transport necessary goods by rail, and travel the world by plane or yacht. The world without any of them is unimaginable. And yet, these activities have a destructive effect on our nature by polluting air, soil, and water. It is worth mentioning, however, that the superyacht industry is becoming more and more sustainable.

The Impact of the Water Transportation on the Environment

The Impact of the Water Transportation on the Environment

In particular, the water transportation sector has a huge toll on the environment. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions, marine vessels pollute the air and produce tons of garbage that contaminate water. These activities greatly endanger the ocean and sea biodiversity. You will find that there are a lot of accidental chemical and oil spills annually and causing unimaginable harm to the environment. 

And it seems that the superyacht industry is the one to blame for all these negative things. In their past, there has not been a lot of accountability in this sector which has a negative effect on the reputation of yacht builders and charter companies. It is only recently that the industry has begun to make its amends to nature. 


How the Superyacht Industry is Becoming Sustainable

Recently, the superyacht industry has started to take a new course. This is part of its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment and contribute towards sustainable business practices. Many charter companies that provide exclusive charter cruises to various destinations, especially the distant and hard to reach ones are starting to change their practices. As a result, there has been a rise in the use of sustainable ships that do not inflict as much harm to the environment. 

 Instead of trying to implement corrective measures, the industry is aiming to stop the harm from happening in the first place. As a result, the superyacht industry is becoming extremely eco-conscious and is doing everything in their power to provide eco-friendly cruises to their clients on board eco-friendly superyachts. 

The superyacht industry extremely eco-conscious
  • Eco-friendly Superyachts

So how do they do that? How does the superyacht industry protect the environment? First of all, many shipyards have started to modern technological innovations in their builds. They utilize harmless materials to build yachts that do not pollute the marine environment and therefore are absolutely safe. They also use non-toxic paint, advanced water balanced management systems, innovative bilge water separation systems, or modern waste treatment systems. All these technologies are  becoming an integral part of ecological mega yachts 

Other companies are also using science and technology to turn the superyacht industry into an environmental-friendly sphere that will change the future of water traveling, and who knows, maybe even the water transportation itself. 

A Dutch yacht design studio and a German company Nephi Technology are fighting the battle to keep our environment safe by designing a vessel that emits no exhaust gases. They want to revolutionize yacht design by giving it the ability to split CO2 into carbon and oxygen, which is what nature does. To achieve such a desirable effect, it is likely that the yacht will have large onboard gardens with trees, shrubs, and grass, and special technologies that would purify the air. 

All in all, many shipyards have already been using different methods that have helped the superyacht industry become more eco-friendly. The Ferretti Group has built a plant in Italy that adds solar panels to vessels, allowing them to generate their own electricity. This cuts down the electricity that is used for cooling, heating, and power facilities by up to 79 percent. The company has also been using recyclable materials to build superyachts. 

Eco-friendly Superyacht - Ragnar
  • Super Yachts as Technological Think Tanks to Save Environment

Other luxury yachts have already become sustainable. For example, Ragnar, the superyacht, is not only a cruise vessel that provides exclusive traveling experiences to the Arctic, Antarctica, the Tropics, and other parts of the world, it’s also a scientific ship equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology that helps to move people around in a more environmentally friendly way. 

Using the technology of the ship, scientists can conduct various researches and find effective solutions to fight global warming, water, and air pollution, and preserve biodiversity. Ragnar cooperates with various scientific institutions and research centers to provide cutting-edge equipment and make remarkable discoveries that will help scientists to preserve nature.  

And what is more, the company also provides a once-in-a-life-time traveling experience. They show clients the wonders of nature manifesting in animals such as whales, sharks, dolphins, penguins, white bears, arctic foxes, wolves, most of which are endangered species. People also get to understand through these experiences that marine life is as diverse as humans themselves. This raises awareness and enables people to change their behaviour to make more eco-conscious decisions. As people begin to appreciate nature more, they will realize the need to preserve and maintain it for future generations. 

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