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Arctic Art: Some of the Most Notable Artworks Inspired by the Arctic

22 October 2020

The vast lands of the Arctic agitate a lot of minds. They enchant and disturb a lot of people. Such a mysterious aura gives too much food for thought and imagination. No wonder a lot of artistic people were inspired by Arctic beauty and mysteriousness. Here are some artworks that glorify the vast magnitude of the Arctic beauty.

Artworks that glorify of the Arctic beauty

“The Game is Not a Game” and “An Exercise in Resilience 1, 2, and 3,” by Joseph Tisiga

This is an installation of two artworks devoted to the magnifying beauty of the Arctic. It was viewed at gallery Diaz Contemporary. Joseph Tisiga, who is a Yukon-based artist, put his arctic artwork consisting three parts called “An Exercise in Resilience 1, 2, and 3” in the middle of the installation, and he surrounded it with another artwork called “The Game is not a Game,” with words “The game cannot be won” on it.  

Looking at his contemporary arctic artwork, we may see how the past and the present are synchronized on the canvas. Regardless of rather abstract images, the central arctic painting produces a deep impression on us, showing that a human being is just a small particle in the universe. Supporting it with the words “The game cannot be won,” the artist says how feeble people are compared to nature and time. 

“The Game is Not a Game” and “An Exercise in Resilience 1, 2, and 3,” by Joseph Tisiga

“Bird Bones,” by Shuvinai Ashoona

This unique arctic painting was created with a black felt pen by Shuvinai Ashoona. She is from Nunavut, Canada’s easter Arctic territory, and her works are inspired by this region’s striking beauty. 

Ashoona’s fantastical, minimalistic, and abstract drawing made by ink or colored pencil evokes such peaceful, unique, and sometimes disturbing images in your head. Her minimalist acrylic painting “Bird Bones” speaks loudly for itself, telling about the inexplicable spiritual ties between people, the land, and animals, which can be difficult to communicate it to others. 

Bird Bones - unique arctic painting

“Caribou Migration I,” Subhankar Banerjee

Spending two years in the Arctic, Subhankar Banerjee took thousands of photos of this remote region and felt so hard into the arctic beauty, its people, and the atmosphere. But he was very concerned about the drilling of this land by oil companies. 

“Caribou Migration I” is an arctic artwork devoted to this issue. It highlights the need for the preservation of Arctic natural sanctuaries. In this photo, we can see Teshekpuk Lake and its surrounding wetlands, including the Kasegaluk Lagoon. This territory may become a place for oil and gas drilling in the future. 

Whether you’ve been to the Arctic or not, you can notice how stunning this land is even through the photo. Banerjee believes that the Arctic is not the last frontier as we’re used to thinking, but it’s “the most connected land on the planet.” Millions of animals migrate to this land every year for nesting and rearing their young, but the issues such as resource wars and global warming may affect the Arctic in a tragic manner. 

“Caribou Migration I” - Arctic artwork

“Late Summer, Antarctica” by Frances Walker

Another artwork that celebrates the mesmerizing beauty of the Arctic is a Frances Walker painting “Late Summer, Antarctica.” Frances Walker is one of the artists who have experienced life on the ice, and she transfers her worries about this land on canvas. 

In “Late Summer, Antarctica,” you observe very realistic images of enchanting Arctic ice, sky, and ocean. But deep under these quite amazing images, the possible tragedy is lurking. The matter is that global warming issues are becoming more and more urgent, and this arctic painting reminds us of the beauty we have to preserve. 

Walker has visited many arctic locations, and it inspired her to give her impressions vent in her artworks. It happens that “Late Summer, Antarctica” is one of the most outstanding works in her career. We can now admire this fantastic piece of art and have insights about the timeless beauty of this vast desolate region.

“Marie Rexford 2015” by Brian Adams

“Marie Rexford 2015” is one more photograph on our list. It focuses not so on the beautiful arctic environment but the life of indigenous tribes. When Brain Adams came to the Iñupiac village of Kivalina in Alaska, he was looking for a person to portray in his artworks, allowing them to choose how they want to be portrayed. In such a way, Adams managed to preserve the unique voice and story. 

Marie Rexford is a woman who lives in Kaktovik. In this stunning photo, you see her preparing muktuk for the Thanksgiving Day feast. Muktuk is a traditional Inuit meal, which is made of frozen whale skin and blubber. 

Since the photo has this dim, cold color spectrum, it perfectly emits the traditional Inuit lifestyle’s atmosphere and beauty. 

“Marie Rexford 2015” by Brian Adams

After seeing some of the Arctic artwork, are you ready to go see the land with your own eyes?

Is it possible to be inspired by the vast land of internal ice and snow? Of course! Maybe, when you hear the word “Arctic,” the first association that pops up in your head is “cold” and not “art” for sure. But this land of timeless beauty inspired a lot of artists on their wowable arctic artworks. 

Nevertheless, seeing the Arctic in the paintings or photos is no doubt cool, but seeing the magnifying beauty of this land for real is a much more jaw-dropping experience. Pack your bags, get on board Ragnar and join us in the Arctic expedition

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