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The Five Wonders of the Arctic That You Definitely Need to See

4 June 2020

The Arctic is one of the least visited places on Earth. Hardly have you found a person from your inner circle who can boast of such an experience. Nevertheless, there are some cities and towns that lie within the Arctic Circle and their citizens can observe the nature of the permafrost all year round. But what about others who can’t have the luxury of living in the land covered with ice? Fear not. Get on board of a luxury yacht, and you will be able to see the great wonders of the Arctic.

1. Gargantuan Icebergs and Glaciers

There’s a difference between these two. Glaciers are big and vast chunks of ice in which rivers that are like veins entwine its stone-cold surface and fall back into the oceans. Icebergs are giants that were splintered off from the bigger glaciers and now are serenely floating in the freezing waters. When you break through pack ice and sail through the magnificent icebergs of various shapes and sizes, you can feel nature’s both calm and brutal force. You’ll be mesmerized by the colors— blues, whites, and greens, which will be the prime pallet of the icescapes.

These Cyclopian ice entities are so far away from our mundane lives that we hardly think about their importance for humanity. Almost 70% of the world’s fresh water is held in glaciers and icecaps. That is why it’s so important for us to preserve them. Arctic glaciers and arctic icebergs are full of tremendous vitality. Arctic Gargantuan Icebergs and Glaciers

2. The Explosion of Colors — Aurora Borealis 

If you haven’t seen Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights in the Arctic, you’ve missed quite a wonder. The combination of various colors from blue, pink, red, green to yellow and white is a real treat for people who appreciate beauty. 

The complicated chemistry and physics behind the phenomenon left our ancestors wondering what the light was. A battle between the Nordic gods or a bridge that led to Valhalla? Now, we know that it was just their minds that were trying to have a logical explanation to such a phenomenon. But even if we know that there’s nothing god-like or mysterious about Aurora Borealis, still we freeze with wonder every time we see it. 

Northern Lights - Wonders of the Arctic

3.  Majestic Arctic Animals — from Bears to Whales

Human activity has almost left no place for animals to strive in their natural habitats. But the Arctic weather has provided them with the safe icy haven. Even though the human impact can be felt even in the most northern part of the world, animals here can still live here in a relatively peaceful environment. 

What can be more endearing than observing a white polar bear with her clumsy little cub hunt for fish? Or a white fox trotting its way somewhere? Or a huddle of walruses idly biding their time on the white “shores?” The Arctic has many wonderful species of animals not only on land but also in freezing waters. You can safely whale watch while onboard the yacht. Your journey has never been so peaceful and safe for animals at the same time. 

Bears - Majestic Arctic Animals

4. Days and Nights of the Arctic 

Have you ever seen the pure and bright daylight during midnight or when your day is just pitch-dark? If no, you’ll be surprised that for the Arctic, it’s totally fine. Depending on the latitude you’re in, the length of the day can vary during summer and wintertime. For instance, 90°N (North Pole), you’ll find no sunlight at all in some days during fall and some days will always be sunny. This experience with days and nights of the Arctic can become quite memorable.

Days and Nights of the Arctic

5. The Floe Edge — When Ice Meets the Water

You’ve probably used to various landscapes — when a sea meets the sky, or when the sky meets the land. But when water meets ice, it is a rare phenomenon. But it even has a name to it — the floe edge, which means “the line of life”. This is the place where you can observe the wildlife of the Arctic — where animals such as walruses, bears, or seals gather together. Also, you can observe whales swimming in the openings of the floe edge.

If you want to have outstanding photos or just observe the animal kingdom, you will definitely like the place. 

Arctic icebergs and glaciers, the northern lights, bright nights and dark days, the floe edge, and living creatures on the icy lands and in waters are real wonders that can be found in the Arctic. You can read and marvel at them from a cozy place in your home. You can set off for a journey that can prove to be the most unforgettable experience of your life. 

Ragnar offers you a comfortable luxury yacht that can undertake the journey to the coldest part of the world.

Floe Edge — Ice Meets the Water


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