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Top 10 Songs to Fire Up Your Tropical Vacation

22 October 2020

Ah, the tropics! There is so much to see there. From white-bone beaches to out-of-this-world nature – we can marvel at such spectacular splendor countless times. This way, many of us decide to set out on a thrilling tropical adventure and gaze at the above-mentioned wonders. 

But nothing can create the best mood for your journey like a playlist of upbeat songs. Performed by many world-leading musicians like Bob Marley and Ritchie Valens, Ragnar picked up top 10 tracks for you. Read it and stay tuned!

Popular tropical songs for cruise | Ragnar
  1. “La Bamba” – an Energetic Chord

Whenever you plan to cruise around the Caribbean islands, this song performed by a US singer of the 1950s – Ritchie Valens – is for you! Upbeat, cheerful, and uplifting – that is “La Bamba.” Originated from Mexican folklore, this popular tropical song became a real adornment of all beach parties. So if you’d like to attend a mind-blowing celebration, “La Bamba” will be a perfect accompaniment to have crazy dances, laughter, and fun.

  1. “Could You Ever Be Loved” – a Joyous Tune

Cruising around tropical islands is definitely a memorable experience. Gentle kisses of sea breeze, sun-soaked beaches, and awe-inspiring views will accompany you throughout your trip. But nothing can set the right mood for your journey as light-hearted songs. And “Could You Ever Be Loved” authored by Jamaican reggae band – Bob Marley & the Wailers – is among them. Joyful, sunny, and relaxing – that’s what this lively song brings to us. 

  1. “Kokomo” – a Sunny Tropical Music Song

When you set your mind to travel to the Caribbean islands, choose “Kokomo” for your tropical playlist. Performed by an American rock band – The Beach Boys, this inspiring tune will guide you through Jamaica and the Bahamas. Thus, if you’ve never been there, listen to “Kokomo” and enlighten your tropical adventure with sunny beams of happiness and delight!

  1. “Beyond the Sea” – the Best Cruise Song

Beyond the Sea” is a heart-pleasing jazz tune that will light up every yacht party with joy. This fantastic song was written by the US songwriter – Jack Lawrence – in 1946. Elevating, touching, albeit nostalgic – that’s what you may suddenly feel once you’ve listened to “Beyond the Sea”. 

  1. “Surf City” – an Excellent Song for Adventure

Catching a big sea wave is a long-awaited dream for every passionate surfer. If you’re one of them and look for a suitable music chord that will help you realize your surfing ambition, “Surf City” sung by a US band – Jan & Dean – must be a handy option. Whenever you happen to travel around the tropics, add this peppy song to your playlist and be ready to conquer giant waves!

  1. “Island in the Sun” – an Upbeat Traveling Song 

“This is my island in the sun.” – That’s how a song performed by an American-Jamaican musician – Harry Belafonte – begins. Romantic, idyllic yet beautiful – “Island in the Sun” – invites us to find a remote shelter, kick back and observe how the sun rolls down the horizon somewhere in the tropics. 

  1. “Feeling Hot Hot” – a Great Party Song 

Yeah, a little party never killed nobody – we all know that! Whether you want to have sheer folly on a beach or a yacht party, “Feeling Hot Hot” is what you need. Sung by a music band from Barbados – The Merryman – this amazing track will cheer you up and soothe your soul with colorful rays. 

  1. “Vamos a la Playa” – a Lovely Beach Song

Vamos a la Playa” (“We Go to the Beach” in English) was a famous track that exploded all European charts in 1983. Recorded by two Italians from Turin – Stefano Righi and Stefano Rota (they both created a duo band – Righeira) – this adventure-seeking song will undoubtedly motivate you to dance as you’ve never done before. 

  1. “When the Sun Goes Down” – an Adventurous Kick-Start 

Among all the beach songs out there, such a jolly chord like “When the Sun Goes Down” will make everyone fall in love with. Created by Robin Schulz, a renowned German DJ, this encouraging track may help you enrich your tropical adventure with many memorable experiences!

  1. “Margaritaville” – a Cheerful Song for Your Tropical Playlist 

No worries, no rush – that’s the main idea of “Margaritaville” – a tropical song for cocktail lovers. Performed by a US singer – Jimmy Buffett, this powerful track may cause a wide range of feelings: from blissful pleasure to romantic nostalgia. So if you desire to spend your cruise vacation with a Margarita cocktail – consider adding this merry music tune to your playlist. 

Top 10 Songs to Fire Up Your Vacation. Tropical Playlist | Ragnar

Cruise with Ragnar Around the Tropics!

Nothing can make you feel fresh and fly like uplifting music. It doesn’t matter where you’re going to travel – Fiji or Bahamas – we hope that our list of top 10 songs will create the right mood for your tropical adventure. 

On board Ragnar you’ll not only live in a sumptuously decorated yacht cabin but also indulge yourself savoring lip-smacking dishes and classy wine. Reach out to our agents, and get most out of your tropical cruise with us. 

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