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Top 5 Tropical Destinations for Your Amazing Birdwatching Vacations

30 June 2020

Imagine waking up in the morning, opening your window, and … all you hear is the sound of wind somewhere far away. Or imagine rambling with your friends or your dog through the park and you hear only the crispy rustling of leaves. Something is missing, right? Yes, this image seems to be lacking the melodic sound of birds chirping and singing. This natural sound that we often take for granted strengthens the vibes of nature and makes us feel balanced and relaxed. We sincerely understand that. This is why we try to nurture the culture of avian tourism, aka birdwatching, by organizing tropical birding tours. 

So if you can hardly imagine your life without seeing new birds every day or listening to their enchanting songs, believe us, you owe it to yourself to visit the Tropics. The diversity of colorful and unique birds will touch your heartstrings with its glory.

We know you’re aching to enquire about the best birdwatching vacation destinations. Therefore, we have prepared a short list for you. 

Destinations for Amazing Tropical Vacations | Ragnar

Panama – The Land of Palm Trees and Tropical Adventures

Whether you are into birdwatching or not, Panama is a great place to visit. Its rainforests and national parks endow you with an adventurous detective mood. The moment your feet step into the tropical rainforest, be prepared as you might find yourself catching Indiana Jones or Lara Croft fever. 

As you wander into the jungle, you’ll find yourself surrounded by many bird species. Over 1,000 bird species reside in Panama; and in the evening, you’ll have a chance to see thousands of tropical birds cover the darkening sky, which can be a rather somber sight. Many birds tend to lurk behind the dense tree cover, but our guides, who have learned the ways of bird watching, will help you fill out your birding bucket list. You’ll be lucky if you visit Panama after the rainy season, since that is the quality time for birdwatching.

Check out this list of the birds you’ll likely spot in Panama: 

  • Golden-headed Quetzal, 
  • Flame-throated Warbler, 
  • Red-headed Barbet, 
  • White-fronted Tyrannulet, 
  • Scintillant Hummingbird, 
  • Crested Eagle, 
  • Rufescent Tiger-heron, and many others. 
Visit Panama for bird watching | Ragnar

Guatemala – The Land of Diverse Natural Zones

Another tropics destination for devoted birders can be found in Central America and hosts more than 700 spectacular exotic bird species. Most of them you’ll spot near the lakes. Be ready for an exciting boat trip along indigenous towns and reserves similar to Los Tarrales—the land where the Pink-headed Warbler resides. 

Guatemala boasts a vast range of exotic habitats. What is more, it’s quite easy to spot the various birds because the country has nine different biomes, and particular species reside in each of them. 

Because of this, there is a long list of species you’ll see in Guatemala, including: 

  • Resplendent Quetzal (the national bird of the country), 
  • Giant Wren, 
  • White-bellied Chachalaca, 
  • Violet Sabrewing, 
  • Scaly-throated Foliage-gleaner, 
  • Hairy Woodpecker, 
  • Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush, and so on.
Exotic birds in Guatemala | Ragnar

Dominica – The Land of Enchanting Rivers 

Dominica will impress you with exotic tropical birds and spectacular sights. The sky-blue seaside of fabulous beauty and snow-white beach sand will chase you like a phantom during the entire cruise. 

But after you break away from the magnificent seaside, the tropical jungles of Dominica will strike you to the core of your essence with all its diversity of habitats. We bet you will be disarmed and allured by the unusual look of its birds.

Overall, Dominica has 365 rivers, 12 waterfalls, and about 306 indigenous bird species. The Sisserou Parrot in particular attracts birders who seek the rarest bird species, as it is one of the oldest parrot species in the world.

But along with the Sisserou Parrot, you’ll meet: 

  • Hispaniolan Woodpecker, 
  • Palmchat, 
  • Bay-breasted Cuckoo, 
  • Hispaniolan Crossbill, 
  • La Selle’s Thrush, 
  • Ridgway’s Hawk, 
  • Grey-crowned Palm Tanager, and more.
The Sisserou Parrot - one of the oldest species in the world

The Bahamas – The Land of Pink Birds 

The Bahamas give an avid birder no end of lands filled with gorgeous species. Its territory consists of more than 700 islands and a large part of the ocean (about 180,000 square miles). You can imagine the number of tropical island birds the Bahamas host. In fact, there are only 300+ species (compared to other tropics destinations), but their population is overwhelmingly vast. 

So be ready to be showered with emotion when you see the eye-catching birds of the most mind-blowing shapes and colors. A hallmark of the Bahamas is the glamorous-looking flamingo. Here you can see both American Flamingos and West Indian Flamingos. But flamingos are not the only reason why the islands are worth visiting. 

Some other species you’ll also spot: 

  • Snowy Plover, 
  • Inagua Woodstar Hummingbird, 
  • Bahama Parrot, 
  • West Indian Woodpecker, 
  • Bahama Warbler, and others. 
The glamorous-looking flamingo - a hallmark of the Bahamas

Sri-Lanka – The Land of Buddha

Sri Lanka is another heavenly place on this birdwatching list. While there, expect to be cloaked with tropical humidity and the almost hypnotic sounds of nature. The whole place produces such meditative vibes with its magnificent statues of Buddha, cliffs and leveled hills, vast plantations of tea, peaceful and slow elephants, and the diversity of beautiful tropical birds. 

Sri Lanka is a natural home for 30+ species of indigenous birds, but in general, there are 450+ species residing there. One of the species holds a peculiar place in this island nation: the Frogmouth. This bird has a unique appearance since it looks like a pretty frog with plumage. 

You’ll find more unique birds in Sri Lanka such as: 

  • Spurfowl, 
  • Bush-warbler, 
  • Scimitar-babbler, 
  • Blue Magpie, 
  • Parakeet, 
  • Hornbill, 
  • Mynah, 
  • Flycatcher, 
  • Drongo, and so on. 
Unique birds of Sri-Lanka | Ragnar


The Tropics are teeming with fabulous and rare birds. It is high time for you to decide where you want to go and then embark on a cruise to fill out your birding bucket list with new species. Not only will the exotic tropical birds make this trip memorable, but the exciting atmosphere of the jungles and beaches will make you feel like you are on the road to paradise. 

Come join a cruise to tropical lands and see these unique birds along with the equally impressive natural beauty of their homes. Take your best equipment for birdwatching and embark on your journey today.

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