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Top 5 Sailing Schools for Adventure Lovers

15 October 2021

Sailing is one of the rare yet exceptional skills to have! If you are an ardent traveler, having sailing certification opens new opportunities before you. You can take your family and friends to sail along the coast or charter a yacht to go on an extended voyage to the distant islands of your dreams.

Below we describe the top five sailing schools that can help you become the true master and commander of the seas. Each school offers courses for both beginners and those with sailing experience looking to get additional training.

1. Miramar Sailing

The Caribbean, Antigua 

The Caribbean is one of the most intriguing and beautiful places for everyone willing to train and be at the helm of a yacht. Miramar Sailing is a modern sailing school that operates in Antigua, teaching its students to navigate yachts in the azure waters of tropical paradise. The school is also certified by the Royal Yacht Association, so each student is assured of getting the best sail license training possible. 

All aspiring yachtsmen can undergo complete maritime training starting with introductory courses and advancing to Yachtmaster status should they choose so. The basic training courses include Competent Crew programs and mile-building sessions to achieve an entry-level knowledge of yacht navigation. Upon compilation, students will receive an international sailing certificate indicating their bareboat readiness. 

Miramar Sailing school operates various yachts that allow the school to prepare students for all eventualities. 

  • Volvo series. The school has two racing yacht types in its flotilla. These boats are perfect for training courses and for competitive sailing that tests newly-acquired skills of adventurous students.
  • Grand Soleil series. These universal full-sail yachts are exceptionally good for learning sailing basics and mastering advanced skipper skills. 

In addition to the full-fledged training, Miramar Sailing also offers day sailing for those just wishing to take the role of the yacht captain for one day.

2. White Wake Sailing


White Wake Sailing yachting school is a great place to learn sailing if you want to obtain your sailing license in Croatia. This sailing and training school is certified by the Royal Yacht Association and provides standardized yachting lessons. 

The range of lessons and training programs includes basic competent crew training, skipper training, and short-range radio certification. Most of the courses can be taken either in a group or privately, making it easier to get the best learning experience possible. 

White Wake Sail also offers students who had previous experience sailing on monohull boats an opportunity to muster catamarans and receive a corresponding certification. 

The school operates an all-sail Neda-1 yacht as its leading boat, where most practical learning activities take place. The ship comes with two steering wheels, modern navigation equipment, and extended sails.

3. Nautilus Sailing 

Tahiti. French Polynesia

The Nautilus sailing school is a part of the big Dream Yacht family and offers courses across the world. The school operates in several regions, teaching its students to navigate all sorts of marine environments. Whether you choose Tahiti or Carrebeans as your desired destination — the instructors will do the best job possible to make you the master of the sea. 

The students can enroll in either monohull or catamaran sailing courses to master respective vessels. For each vessel type, there are several categories to master depending on the length of the hull. 

  • Beneteau Oceanis 41. Is a nimble all-sail yacht ideal for learning the basics of navigation.
  • Lagoon series catamarans. Nautilus Sailing has many models of these modern and steady catamarans that are great for learning advanced sailing skills and relaxation.

Upon completion, graduates receive a certificate recognized in most countries. Moreover, there are special sailing trips for alumni who want to try their sailing skills while traveling with like-minded people. It is possible to sail with a whole flotilla guided by the school’s instructors or to charter a yacht and go on a personal adventure.

4. Offshore Sailing


Offshore Sailing School offers all levels of sail certification to its students. The school operates in the water of the Pontine archipelago, offering one of the most picturesque and inspiring locations to master sailing techniques. 

Students enrolling in Offshore Sailing yacht training courses can master a wide range of sailing specializations. In addition to the standard training course devised for people of all levels of experience, there are also Marine Radio Certification and Coastal Yachtmaster programs. 

There are three standard yacht courses for those just starting their sailing journey: Competent Crew, Day Skipper, and Coastal Skipper training. All classes are certified by the Royal Yacht Association — a globally renowned sailing institution. 

Members of the Royal Yacht Association are eligible to undertake advanced certification programs. Yachtmaster preparation training and Cruising instructor certifications are among the advanced courses available at the sailing school.  

Offshore Sailing has a flotilla of Elan 40 yachts. This modern sailing yacht is one of the best boats to train on. With comfortable accommodations and exceptional performance in open waters, Elan 40 is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

5. SimpleSail School 


SimpleSail is a regionally renowned school in Montenegro that offers three levels of qualification for aspiring sailors. Those without any sailing experience can undergo a Competent Crew course that covers the essentials of yacht navigation and maintenance. The Bareboat and Yachtmaster courses provide internationally recognized sailing certificates upon completion.

Those considering to learn sailing at Simple Sail School have the opportunity to do this on a wide range of vessels. Both sailing and motor yachts and catamarans can be chosen for training courses. 

  • Sailing yachts. The school has a flotilla of Beneteau Oceanis, all sail yachts that range from 12 meters to 14.6 meters in length. 
  • Sailing catamarans. These boats are represented by a line of modern Fountaine Pajot models that have all the accommodations for a comfortable learning experience. 
  • Motor catamarans. Built by the same company, the line of all-motor catamarans offers an alternative experience for those looking for a simpler learning curve. 

Upon successfully completing training courses, newly established skippers can charter a yacht or a catamaran and go on a sailing cruise along the magnificent shores of Montenegro.

 Learn to sail the oceans with our list of top 5 sailing schools that offer internationally recognized certificates. 


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