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Australia’s Wonderland: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Tasmania

18 March 2021

Tasmania is a dazzling island state of Australia. This stunning place is a perfect travel destination for every globetrotter. 

Want to explore the local culture and observe Australian wildlife? Tasmania is home to the renowned Museum and Art Gallery and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Is your soul longing for adventures? Tasmania is a splendid destination for hiking, kayaking, and exploring gorgeous waterfalls. It’s also a great place for gastronomic tours. The authentic taste of Tasmania reflects in wasabi cheese, scallop pies, freshly shucked oysters, apple cider, and wine. 

To help you draw up a plan for your perfect journey, we’ve come up with this travel guide. Here you’ll find the list of the best restaurants, the most comfortable hotels, and the most remarkable places to visit in Tasmania

Tasmania - plan for perfect journey

Where to Go in Tasmania?

If you want to come face to face with the local wildlife and observe the endangered animals of Tasmania, stop by Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Tasmania is home to numerous unique species that can’t be found anywhere else, like the Tasmanian devil, the red-bellied pademelon, and such birds as the forty-spotted pardalote and the Tasmanian native hen.

Every animal at Bonorong has its own story, so you can take a tour and listen to all of them. The Tasmanian devils, wombats, koalas, Eastern quolls, echidnas, forester kangaroos, tawny frogmouths—it’s just a part of the animals you can meet there!

Besides observing the fascinating wildlife, you can also visit a shop to get some snacks and drinks, arrange a picnic, and book a BBQ area. Have fun, but don’t share your food with the furry inhabitants! 

Animals of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is an original combination of the art gallery, herbarium, and museum, so if you want to learn more about the local culture, don’t miss out on a chance to visit the TMAG. The museum’s primary purpose is to collect and preserve the unique pieces that reflect the culture and history of Tasmania. 

There are many gripping displays, but we recommend visiting the exhibition ningina tunapri, which means “to share knowledge and understanding.” You’ll get a splendid chance to embark on a journey through 40 000 years of Aboriginal culture of Tasmania. 

Each display tells a story about a particular aspect of the Tasmanian culture and history. Have a look at a local canoe and a hut, observe hunting tools, listen to Aboriginal people’s songs, and explore the interactive timeline that showcases all the generations of Tasmanian people and their achievements. 

Tasmania’s tourism industry is thriving, but what about spending your Saturday morning like a local? Head to Salamanca Market located at Salamanca Place in Hobart. You can find literally anything here, as the market includes over 80 stallholders. Coffee, homegrown fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, and lots of handmade items like silver jewelry and leather goods are at your disposal every Saturday from 8.30 AM to 3.00 PM.

Visiting Salamanca Market is a great way to see how creative the locals are and immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of one of the best markets in Tasmania.

Salamanca Market - one of the best markets in Tasmania

The Best Restaurants to Savor Tasmanian Cuisine 

This luxurious restaurant with a mesmerizing view of the vineyards is one of the best places to go in Tasmania to get acquainted with the local cuisine. This restaurant’s whole menu is stunning but make sure to savor the mushroom arancini, the pork belly, the oysters, and the honey parfait. 

Besides these delicious dishes, wine tasting is also available here. The cool Tasmanian climate is just perfect for winemaking, so we recommend trying the local wines—their fruit aroma and fresh, natural acidity will definitely impress you!

Frogmore Creek - delicious dishes of luxurious restaurant in Tasmania

Treat your taste buds to one of the best seafood restaurants in Hobart. This family-owned restaurant with an unforgettable maritime atmosphere has been operating since 1979. The restaurant is popular with both tourists and locals so don’t forget to make a reservation.

The Drunken Admiral offers a wide range of excellent dishes, and we recommend trying the fried scallops, the Tasmanian salmon steak, the prawn linguine, and the chipotle calamari. The menu for kids is also available, so it’s a perfect place to have dinner with your little ones.

What’s more, if you want to celebrate a special day at the Drunken Admiral, you can choose one of the delicious, made-to-order cakes—a lemon tart, a chocolate truffle cake, a cheesecake, or a hazelnut tart. You can even bring your cake that will be sliced up and garnished with Tasmanian ice cream.

Drunken Admiral - treat your taste buds in Hobart

Novaro’s restaurant represents an extraordinary combination of Australian and Italian cuisines. They mix local produce with Italian elements to create a stunning experience for all guests. A cozy dining room with a bar, red walls, and posters will make you feel at home. 

A mouth-watering mixture of Tasmanian seafood and Italian cheese, olives, and carpaccio makes it tough to choose a perfect dish from a menu. We recommend starting your unforgettable experience with the crayfish and scallop raviolo, the Tasmanian wallaby fillet, and the Caprese salad. Make sure to try their desserts—the tiramisu and the vanilla bean pannacotta are just flawless!

Novaro’s Restaurant - combination of Australian and Italian cuisines

The Most Comfortable Accommodations in Tasmania 

Are you looking for a perfect place for your romantic getaway? Then, this award-winning hotel is just what you need. They call themselves a storytelling hotel as the local breeze carries lots of gripping stories from the times before us, and now this lush place is longing to share these stories over food and accommodation. 

You can choose one of 114 comfortable rooms and enjoy a nap on a king-size bed, keep your valuables in a security safe, spend time near a fireplace, a private balcony to observe jaw-dropping waterfront views,  enjoy breakfast, and valet parking. 

If you are a bit tired after your outdoor activities in Tasmania and feel like staying in the hotel, there is still a splendid chance to arrange a stunning date here. 

Old Wharf Restaurant offers such exquisite Tasmanian dishes as curries, scallop pie, Bruny Island oysters, and shrimp cocktails. The Story Bar serves the iconic beverages of Tasmania—gin, whiskey, cider, and beer. 

Iconic beverages of Tasmania in Old Wharf Restaurant

If you want your journey to be stylish and stress-free, the Henry Jones is a perfect option. The walls of this award-winning hotel are lined with over 500 Tasmanian artworks. Friendly and helpful service, mesmerizing views of the port, and complimentary valet parking will make your stay unforgettable.

Each room in this hotel is unique—from the standard ones to the Oriental Suites and the Peacock Terrace. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a room with views of the waterfront and city, harbor and mountain, or the beautiful internal courtyard. The rooms are also equipped with original Tasmanian artworks, king-size beds, large bathrooms, and coffee machines. 

Explore Tasmania with Ragnar

What about spending your journey in the untouched Tasmanian wilderness? Cradle Mountain Hotel is located in the heart of the beautiful alpine forest so you can enjoy the mountain air and meet lots of charming animals like wallabies and wombats.

The hotel also offers you such attractions as Cradle Mountain hiking, a night tour to encounter the Tasmanian devil, horse riding tours, and breathtaking helicopter flights

To regain your energy after such thrilling activities, head to the Altitude Restaurant. A wide range of local dishes and a broad wine list will make your stay as pleasant as possible. We recommend trying their tempura mushrooms, the preserved lemon & mint risotto, and the lime curd tart.

Treat yourself to the Split Level King Room to relish a private balcony, a king-size bed, a study area, a minibar, and a sunken lounge. It’s a perfect place to admire gorgeous views and relax after a beautiful day of exploring Tasmania. 


Explore Tasmania with Ragnar

Are you ready to catch the relaxing Tassie vibes? Now when you are aware of the most comfortable accommodations, top travel destinations in Tasmania, and the best restaurants to savor the local cuisine, your journey is going to be unforgettable! Embark aboard Ragnar to explore the most coveted travel destinations around the world

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