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Trip to the Caribbean on Board a Superyacht

7 January 2021

Suppose you are a person who enjoys the pleasant touches of the hot tropical sun while gazing at mesmerizing views of ocean waters. In that case, you’ll definitely find our trip to the Caribbean joyful. With countless white sand beaches, magnificent bays, and tropical forests, the Caribbean produces unforgettable impressions. Now imagine that you go there on a luxury superyacht. You can expect nothing but paradise. 

But to dive into really memorable impressions, be sure to choose a proper, cozy way to get to this stunning tropical destination. We recommend that you direct your attention to luxury charters. Traveling on board a luxury yacht is what will stay in your head as a pleasant and bright memory for a long time. Let’s find out why!

Trip to the Caribbean with Ragnar

Yachting on a Luxury Charter: What is It Like?

As one of the most popular places for cruising and spending your vacation, the Caribbean enchants tourists from all over the world with its stunning scenery, fun activities, delicious food and drinks, and tropical climate. It’s a perfect destination for you if you’re looking for a place to spend the winter and hide from the cold, since here it is eternal summer. Best of all is the opportunity to visit the Caribbean on a superyacht. 

Visit the Caribbean on a superyacht | Ragnar

What is a superyacht? 

A superyacht is a large, stylish, well-equipped, and professionally crewed sailing or motor yacht. The size varies from 40 meters to 180+ meters. On board, you can find a swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, bars, restaurants, and even helicopters, and much more. Besides, the crew is ready to indulge any of your fancies at any time. All of it boasts comfort, providing you with a life-changing experience.

During any season, a superyacht can pick you up and get you right to the Caribbean within quite a short period of time. You can choose to cruise all the areas in this region, visiting the most vibrant and exotic places in elegance and style. Being on board a luxury yacht is delightful, but what else can you do in the Caribbean?

Cruise to the Caribbean on board a luxury yacht | Ragnar

Top Activities During Your Trip to the Caribbean 

When visiting the Caribbean islands, you’re likely to expect some fun, and you can be sure you’ll get it. The range of activities this place offers will keep you restless—but in the right way. But don’t think that it’ll be an exhausting all-day, all-night adventure. It can be a chill and calm experience. Anyway, if you prefer relaxing on the yacht or a beach, no problem; either option is excellent. But if you’re one of those who like exploring and having an active holiday, the Caribbean getaway will pleasantly surprise you with the number of activities available.

Check them out:

– Swim in crystal clear waters or enjoy the touch of the tropical sun on the snowy-white beaches;

– Take a stroll along beautiful coral reefs, across a number of national parks, or through lush forests;

– Observe the nature of Grenada;

– Partake in watersports such as diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and so on;

– Socialize with your companions: visit local shops, restaurants, or beach clubs and enjoy the Caribbean nightlife while drinking cocktails;

– Dive into the vibrant culture of the area while meeting people from all over the world and attending festivals.

The range of activities in the Caribbean

Best Things to Do While Traveling to the Caribbean Islands 

If you’re still mulling over what you can do while visiting the Caribbean on a superyacht, let us help you with the following list of the best ideas for your Caribbean holiday. Here we go! 

  • Enjoy the Vibrant Life And Delicious Cuisine in Saint Martin

A luxury charter needs a luxury destination to complete the cruise and make it one of the best experiences in your life. Saint Martin is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit. You’ll be in awe of the luxurious resorts and fantastic restaurants of these places. For sure, here you’ll receive one of the best dining experiences in your life with the diversity of the fruits of the sea and the masterful hands of French chefs. 

Saint Martin - Caribbean islands to visit
  • Go Shopping in Saint Barths

If retail therapy is what keeps you relaxed and happy, Saint Barths, which is known for its prolific shops, striking restaurants, and exciting nightlife, is your paradise. It’s a duty-free and tax-free place, which makes Saint Barths perfect for shopping. Visit Gustavia, and you will find such famous brands as Louis Vuitton or Hermès. But the local market is also a wonderful place to buy decently priced jewelry, perfumes, clothes, or wine during your Caribbean trip. 

  • Dive into Nightlife And Party in Anigua 

What kind of holiday is it without a nice, solid party? The best spot for attending such festivities is Anigua. You shouldn’t miss it, especially if you’re a party lover. Many excellent bars, nightclubs, and restaurants give you a pool of choices, but whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a lot of fun and a fine dining experience. Dance all night and sip delicious cocktails; you’re allowed to do everything when you explore the Caribbean!

Nightlife in Anigua
  • Go Hiking in Gros Piton (Saint Lucia) 

Let’s not forget some healthy activities. We recommend you visit Saint Lucia for hiking. It’s one of the most stunning Caribbean islands to visit. You’ll find it fascinating just walking along charming shores, massive volcanoes, and Gros Piton. Such spectacular views are worth walking even 1,000 kilometers, and it’ll be an incredible accomplishment on your list after traveling to the Caribbean. 

Saint Lucia - one of the most stunning Caribbean islands to visit
  • Enjoy the Mesmerizing Beauty of the Baths at Virgin Gorda

The Baths at Virgin Gorda is one of the most alluring and fascinating Caribbean places to travel. The impression of such a place is genuinely unforgettable and profound. Visiting the Baths will leave you feeling submerged in tranquility. These geological formations are so unique and picturesque that you’ll be afraid to blink so you won’t miss any details.  

Virgin Gorda - alluring and fascinating Caribbean place to travel

Ready to Explore Vibrant Mediterranean Life Onboard Caribbean Yacht Charters?

Just imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean, heading to a fantastic place such as the Caribbean. Luxury yachts, mesmerizing views, incredible people around you, white sands, crystal clear waters, delicious food, fun activities: this is not even the whole list of what you may expect. 

This life-changing experience will fill you with overwhelming energy and, at the same time, amazing calm, allowing every cell of your body to relax so you can enjoy all the Caribbean goodies. Join us on this incredible trip to the Caribbean! 

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