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Meet A List of the Most Unusual Tropical Fruits You Should Try

22 October 2020

Bananas, coconuts, oranges, pineapples are these familiar tropical fruits we may see every day in the local supermarket. But don’t think that the list of tropical fruits is limited by the assortment of a supermarket. The number of delicious exotic fruits from different angles of the world is far more prominent. 

Consisting of a number of vitamins and dietary fiber, exotic tropical fruits are what you should eat every day for your health. But don’t be limited by only several fruits, when the world offers you a number of them. Let us introduce the top tropical fruits you have to try. Check it out!

Top tropical fruits | Ragnar

Buddha’s hand

Hailing from the Himalayan region, Buddha’s hand is a tropical fruit of odd shape. It’s a yellow tropical fruit that is reminiscent of a hand with fingers. That’s how its name was coined. Despite being a citron, Buddha’s hand typically has no pulp or juice. 

It tastes like a non-bitter lemon peel and has a lemon blossom scent. Inside you’ll see a white juiceless and seedless flesh. Eating it is an unusual pleasure. However, in Japan, people believe it’s a nice decoration and a good luck totem.


This exotic tropical fruit is famous for its strong pong of rotten eggs or sweaty socks that can fill the whole apartment, but it tastes really good. If you can ignore Durian’s stick, you’ll enjoy its truly delightful taste. Its creamy flesh inside the shell tastes sweet and delicious. 

This Southeast Asian delicacy is not commonly used in restaurants and hotels because its smell may scare all visitors. It’s quite popular in Asia and can be eaten in different ways (raw or adding to soup), but its price is quite high —  up to $50 dollars per fruit. It’s because the Durian tree bears fruit only when it reaches 15 years old.

Durian -  exotic tropical fruit


Rambutan grows in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and South Vietnam. It looks like a small sea urchin with this thin skin covered in tiny pink hair that looks like needles. You likely heard about lychees. Rambutan and lychee are similar. Both have a white and pinkish fresh, which is very juicy and sweet. There are a variety of ways you can eat it: fresh, canned, in salads, or even in cocktails. In whatever form you’ll consume it, Rambutan will nourish you with calcium, phosphorus, phenolic acids, and vitamin C.

Rambutan - tropical fruits


This yellow tropical fruit that is reminiscent of a star when you cut it into pieces. That’s why it’s often recalled a star fruit. Having Indonesian and the Philippines origin, Carambola won tons of adorers around the world. 

Its bright yellow color instantly makes you salivate. When Carambola is ripe, it becomes crunchy and juicy. It’s a bit tricky to describe its flavor because it’s a combination of grape, citrus, apple, and pear with the tart aftertaste. Can you just imagine it’s taste for a second? You should try it at least once to get that experience. 


As you see Mangosteen, it impresses you with its funky look. This odd fruit has a tangy and sweet taste at the same time. Once it’s peeled from the tough outer skin, a snow-white flesh that looks like a garlic clove appears. It takes a bit of effort, but it’s addictive sweet, creamy, and moreish flavor is worthy of it. But remember not to eat seeds that have a bitter taste.  

Next time going on a vacation, you should taste Mangosteen not only because of its fantastic taste but also its impressive health benefits. It consists of fiber, protein, vitamin C, Magnesium, and many others. We recommend you to visit Thailand or any country of Southeast Asia to find this unique fruit. 

Rambutan - tropical fruits Mangosteen - odd tropical fruit

Dragon Fruit

One more exotic tropical fruit you should taste is Dragon Fruit. This bright pink tropical fruit looks as delicious as it. However, don’t expect that it’ll burst into your mouth with a variety of flavors. It has a rather subtle taste. It’s described as sweetish with a little sour, and it somehow reminds the combination of kiwi and melon.

To eat it, you have to cut down the middle, pull out the fresh, and eat it fresh or in juices, or add to a fruit salad. If Dragon Fruit isn’t sweet enough for you, you can sweeten it into its creamy texture. 

Where can you find this tropical fruit? Head to Vietnam or any other Southeast Asian country. Dragon fruit is very popular in this region. 

Dragon Fruit - exotic tropical fruit you should taste

Travel to the Tropics and Get an Amazing Experience! 

Now you know which exotic tropical fruits to taste and where you can find them. Tropical fruits, as well as any other fruits, are vitamin cocktails you have to eat every day. But if you get tired of a supermarket’s assortment, it’s high time to taste some new ones. Get onboard Ragnar and travel to the Tropics! Try exclusive exotic fruits, rest on the best beaches and make your trip incredible. 

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